Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 802 - Hunting at Dawn (18)

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Chapter 802: Hunting at Dawn (18)

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Although these zombies were not hers, she was still the zombie king. These wild zombies would not attack her and seek their own death if they had the choice.

Ming Shu safely revealed her face in the base and took the blame along the way.

Her name spread among the survivors.

Everyone hated her.

Ming Shu was very happy with this result.

At An City…

Before Doomsday, there were troops inside the An City so the defenses were much better than normal cities.

After Doomsday, the place got taken over by humans.

The people that took over An City were none other than the Poison Spider.

It was rumored that before Doomsday, the Poison Spider was an underground organization and didn’t do anything legally.

After Doomsday, they took over An City and made this place their den, dominating the area.

Last time, the southern base and the An City didn’t interact with each other, but now that the base was gone, the high-ranked officers went to An City.

No one knew what deal they made with the Poison Spider, but An City started accepting survivors.

Ming Shu only heard about the situation in An City. She was currently in another city far away from finding items for her zombies.

[Time-limit task: Please bomb this city within three days.] The Harmony System suddenly gave her a task.

“Why?” What the h.e.l.l. You are urging me to do all these evil things again.

[There is no why.] The Harmony System learned well. [For the sake of Hatred Points, for the sake of snacks, Guest, jiayou.]


“Xia Wei, did you notice that there seems to be very few zombies in this city?” Huang Zheng’s voice suddenly sounded.

“Yes.” Ming Shu pa.s.sed the items to a zombie.

From the time they came in till now, they only met a few wandering zombies.

“Did they all run away?” Hao Zi said again. “There were so many zombies outside the base. They must have come from nearby cities.”

Huang Zheng said, “Maybe, but I still think that there is something weird going on.”

Hao Zi asked, “What is weird?”

Huang Zheng answered him seriously, “Intuition.”

Hao Zi said, “… Why don’t you just say sixth sense?”

“Miss Xia, you… can you come over for a moment?” Ye Xiangsi popped her head out timidly and waved at her.

Ming Shu asked the little zombie to handle it himself and walked over.

Su Tai stood outside while leaning against a wall. He seemed to be thinking about something.

Those children were left in the car. From their position, they could see them leaning against the car windows and trying to look out.

The glaring sun baked the earth and heat waves could almost be seen in the air.

“I felt something over there.” Ye Xiangsi’s voice cut through the heat waves and brought a gust of cool wind along with it.

She pointed at a certain direction.

Ming Shu looked into the distance. “What thing?”

“I… I don’t know. But it… felt similar to that.” Ye Xiangsi felt that Ming Shu would understand what she was saying.

She didn’t know how to explain the energy that the fruit gave out.

She could only feel it.

Ming Shu decided to go over and take a look. She had to destroy this city anyway.

Ming Shu didn’t bring Su Tai and his friends along. On the other hand, Ye Xiangsi volunteered to go with Ming Shu.

The human and zombie found a car that could still be used.

“Speaking of which, are you not afraid?”

Ye Xiangsi drove the car. Ming Shu lifted her leg and sat in the pa.s.senger’s seat. She chewed her dried meat.

“What?” Ye Xiangsi didn’t understand her at the start.

Ming Shu pointed at herself.

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Ye Xiangsi understood now.

The red-haired girl didn’t seem to like Liang Xuan. She sneered. “We didn’t see any zombies when we come in. There probably aren’t any inside too.”

Liang Xuan ignored the red-haired girl. “Prepare to proceed.”

“Fake.” The red-haired girl rolled her eyes.

“Don’t talk so much.”

“Why? Why can’t I talk? She was the one that brought the zombie king Xia Wei into the base last time. She even dared to bring a zombie king to the base. She has to take half the responsibility for what happened at the base.” The red-haired girl was really caustic.

“How can you blame Liang Xuan? Didn’t you see the zombie king? She looked totally like a human. If it were me, I would not have realized it, either.”

Someone stood up for Liang Xuan.

The red-haired girl said angrily, “The base fell because someone opened the defenses. There might be a mole among us. Where was she at that time? Everyone was there. She was the last one to come out. If I don’t suspect her, who should I suspect?”

Her voice was a little loud and Liang Xuan, who was in front, stopped. She turned back and said indifferently, “If you have the energy to suspect me, why not hurry up and complete the mission?”

The people in the team saw that the atmosphere was getting out of hand and started mediating between them.

The red-haired girl was very unhappy but she knew that the mission was more important now.

They could not enter the pharmaceutical company from the back so they could only go in from the front.

There was nothing wrong with the front door. It opened as soon as they pushed it.

The bottom floors of the company were empty. There were no zombies at all.

There were quite a lot of bloodstains in the corridor and the offices. There had already solidified and turned dark. A thick layer of dust covered the stains.

The higher they went, the more bloodstains there were. In the end, the entire ground and the walls were covered with blood. Even the ceiling was covered with blood.

The b.l.o.o.d.y scent in the air got thicker too.

When they reached the 15th floor, there were no more bloodstains. There were corpses.

Numerous corpses were thrown and piled on the ground. There were corpses of humans as well as corpses of zombies.

The rotting smell made it hard to breathe.

It was as though they entered an abattoir.

“What the h.e.l.l happened?” someone couldn’t help but ask.

Even though they experienced many things before, this was the first time they saw such a sinister scene.

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