Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 801 - Hunting at Dawn (17)

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Chapter 801: Hunting at Dawn (17)

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The other party didn’t expect Ming Shu to act immediately. The zombies formed a line of defense.

What was more infuriating was, these zombies had helmets on.

They would not be able to hurt the zombies if they hit other parts of their body and now, they couldn’t hit the head.

This is going too far!!

F**k! This is against the rules!

In the end, the people started retreating. They were afraid that the zombies that left would come back and they were afraid that this zombie king would call more zombies over as well.

“Look, bullying the weak and fearing the strong.” Ming Shu gave her opinion after the battle. “Humans.”

Su Tai and his friends: “…”

Ming Shu asked the zombies to clear the battleground themselves and leaned against the car door as she looked up at the dark sky.

Su Tai thought that she was thinking about some important things and didn’t disturb her.

After he finished inspecting the car, he heard the zombie king whispering, “There is a need to find better items for my zombies.”

Su Tai almost kneeled down in front of her.

Su Tai learned later that the person who was hurt was a researcher with the surname Zhong. He was not sure what he was researching but it seemed very important.

The person died that night.

The blame was immediately pushed to Ming Shu… oh, the zombie king.

The survivors told many versions of what happened that night.

The one that spread the most was this version:

The zombies didn’t want them to invent things that could be used to hurt them so they must have heard the news a long time ago and hid among the crowd. Then, they found an opportunity and took action.


Zombies are too insidious!

However, this created a sense of urgency for humans. Zombies had already evolved to a stage where they could use guns and could think up schemes.

If this continued, zombies would rule the world soon.

The most far-off version was the one that said the zombies were created by Ming Shu, who claimed that she was the zombie king.

Whatever the version was, Ming Shu gained her Hatred Points.

Hence, Ming Shu took the blame happily.

She was so happy she ate two more packets of dried meat.

She had Hatred Points. Of course, she would be happy.

I can even eat three packets!

Su Tai and his friends couldn’t understand her train of thought.

“The southern base is right in front.” Su Tai stopped the car along the road and said to Ye Xiangsi, “Miss Ye, you can go to the base yourself. We will not go.”

These children would be safer in the base.

Ye Xiangsi understood this and nodded her head. She thanked Su Tai. “Thanks for your help these past few days.”

“… You are welcome.” That zombie king was exceptionally good toward her.

He couldn’t understand it, either.

Ye Xiangsi wanted to find Ming Shu but she didn’t see her. Thus, she left.

“Where is she?” Su Tai sent Ye Xiangsi away and asked Huang Zheng to find the person… the zombie king.

“She went over there.” Huang Zheng pointed in a certain direction.

Su Tai climbed over the low hill. There was a valley below.

Ming Shu was pulling up gra.s.s that was half the height of a human.

The gra.s.s was very strange too. It wanted to shrink into the ground.

Little Beastie jumped around her.

“Stop being noisy!” Ming Shu glared at Little Beastie. Then, she exerted all her strength and pulled the gra.s.s up.

The thing that came up looked like a human.

Su Tai was stunned for a moment. Ginseng?

Are you kidding?!

He looked around him. Even before Doomsday, no ginseng could grow in this environment.

However, that ginseng looked as though it wanted to run away… maybe it came here itself and unluckily, she caught it.

Little Beastie jumped up and bit the ginseng. Its entire body floated in the air.

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In a blink of an eye, the ginseng was almost half-eaten.

The people on the wall stopped the zombies with their special abilities, but the effects were not good. The number of zombies was increasing.

When one died, another would immediately replace him.

They were human. Each time they used their ability, their stamina would decrease until they had no more energy to use their abilities anymore.

Before the female protagonist, Ye Xiangsi, could think of a solution, the base fell.

Numerous zombies rushed into the base.

The flags in the base slowly fell and disappeared under the waves of zombies.

Ming Shu shifted her gaze from the wall and focused on a car in the middle of the zombies.

After the zombies entered the base, the car turned and drove in another direction.

The zombies didn’t attack the car.

“That car…” Su Tai muttered.

The zombies didn’t attack it. That could only mean that the master of the zombies was in the car.

Was there really a second zombie king?

Su Tai looked at Ming Shu.

“What are you looking at me for?” This thing has nothing to do with me.

“Was there a zombie king in the car just now?” Su Tai frowned as he asked.

Ming Shu clicked her tongue. “Do you think that zombie kings are wholesale? They will place one in every city?”

Su Tai couldn’t find anything wrong with this reply.

There was no wholesale for zombie kings.

This year, he only met Ming Shu and he had never heard of anything like this before.

However, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that something was amiss.

From the time when the zombies retreated after attacking the cars, to the zombies attacking the city, and then to the car that left among the zombies…

There seemed to be someone behind all this.

“Where are you going?” Su Tai regained his senses and realized that Ming Shu was walking down. He hurriedly questioned her.

Ming Shu replied without looking back. “I am going to show my face and take some blame.”

1“…” Crazy!!

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