Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 800 - Hunting at Dawn (16)

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Chapter 800: Hunting at Dawn (16)

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The zombies were restless.

There was so much delicious food in front of them.

However, their king didn’t agree so they could only look at them in despair.

The other party didn’t move at all. They all seemed to have paused when they saw a bunch of zombies looking at them greedily with guns in their hands.

Ming Shu opened the car door and got off. The car door was impacted by the force. The windows that were cracked shattered and the gla.s.s fell onto the ground. Huala—

Ming Shu: “…” Can’t it shatter after I get off? This is not befitting the atmosphere at all.

The zombies retreated to the back of the car after she got off.

The people who were on their guard looked at Ming Shu with fear. She can control zombies? Or was she a zombie?

Ming Shu was thinking if she should make an announcement now. That way, she would gain some Hatred Points.

“You… these zombies, they… why did you…” The person that spoke didn’t even know what he was trying to say.

The shock was too great.

“Do you still want to kill them?” Ming Shu smiled.

Everyone stepped back together.

An officer shouted, “Who are you!”

“I forgot to introduce myself.” Ming Shu smiled and said in a polite and gentle tone, “My name is Xia Wei, I am sorry, I am not a human… being.”

I seemed to be scolding myself when I say that I am not human.

“You are not human?” The people on the other side were stunned. “What are you then?”

“I am…” Ming Shu purposely dragged out her words. “A zombie king.”

The crowd was eerily silent for three seconds.

Then, uproar.

Some people didn’t know what a zombie king was, but since there was the word zombie and they knew that king always meant the leader and ruler of somebody, they could understand what it meant based on the words.

She was a zombie.

Everyone stepped backed simultaneously again.

“How is it possible. She looks the same as us. How can she be a zombie?”

“If she is not a zombie, how can she control them?”

“Is it some special ability? Maybe it is her special ability…”

“I have never heard of such special abilities.”

“The special abilities are all so weird. It is possible that one of them is controlling zombies.”


The survivors were split into two teams.

One team was certain that Ming Shu was not a zombie. She could control zombies because of her special ability.

The other team was certain that she was a zombie. There was no such special ability.

The officers looked at each other. They heard that high-level zombies could order other zombies around, but they never saw a zombie king before.

And this zombie king was no different from a human being.

“You… you were the one who did all those things just now?” someone in the crowd shouted.

“You are thinking too much.” Ming Shu lifted her chin. “My zombies are not so rubbish.”


They looked at the zombies which they could faintly see at the back. Although those zombies were not in any uniforms, they were really clean.

They were totally different from those who smelled like rotten corpses.

Don’t think that just because they are clean, they are not zombies anymore!!

The army sent out a representative. “What do you want?”

“Be reasonable, you all were the ones who wanted to look at my zombies and now, you are asking me what I want?”

“…” What the h.e.l.l? You bought so many zombies with you, how can we not ask?

“You just need to remember me. My name will leave a deep impression on you in the future.” Ming Shu finished her speech. “Okay, stop looking at my zombies. They will not like you.”

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“Roar, roar, roar!!” They like, they like!!


Hao Zi glanced at Ming Shu. She had finished half of the dried meat.

Fine, this person was not even listening.

“But there is no need for a zombie to plan something so complicated. If they want to kill someone, they can just go up and bite them,” Hao Zi said doubtfully.

Huang Zheng and Su Tai looked at Hao Zi simultaneously.

“What? Did I say something wrong? Have zombies learned how to think up schemes now? Are they letting humans live…” Hao Zi groaned.

There were even zombies that could use a gun. Zombies which could think of plans… were not that impossible after all.

“Xia Wei,” Huang Zheng called Ming Shu.

Ming Shu chewed a piece of dried meat and looked at them with a puzzled expression. “Yes?”

Huang Zheng pa.s.sed her a bottle of water and took the opportunity to ask, “What do you think?”

“Nothing. It has nothing to do with me.”


True. They a.n.a.lyzed so much but what the h.e.l.l did it have to do with them?!

However, other people didn’t think this way. The commanding officer of the army brought a special task force over. They were equipped with items on their bodies and they looked like they were going to bomb a castle.

They suspected that what happened just now had something to do with them.

“The zombies must be destroyed. You all will come back with us and undergo investigation.

They didn’t know if the commanding officer didn’t hear about the fact that Ming Shu was the zombie king or he didn’t believe it.

Either way, when he talked, he was really confident.

Su Tai looked at Ming Shu. He asked her with his eyes, what should they do?

Their path was blocked by the cars behind them so they could not retreat either.

“Fight then.” Ming Shu whistled. “Other people have already started bullying us at our doorstep. If I don’t punish them, they will not know how to hate me.”

Su Tai didn’t really understand what the last sentence meant.

Why is this script not the same as the normal ones?

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