Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 80 - Gorgeous Doctor (27)

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Chapter 80: Gorgeous Doctor (27)

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Qing Chen was like a fly. He just had a finger in every pie.

At this time, Qing Chen was standing in front of several “corpses.” The moonlight sprinkled his face, lending a silvery halo to his outline. He looked like a night elf, and was even more fascinating and intriguing.

But Ming Shu felt that kind of strange pure breath again.

In a brief moment of stillness, that feeling disappeared without a trace. There was only the seductive procurer standing before her eyes. The procurer smiled and said in an intoxicating voice, “Miss Zhi Po, you are too careless. Look, so many people have sneaked into the house and you didn’t know.”

Ming Shu looked beyond the “corpses.””Where’s Liu Feng?”

“I let him rest for a while.” Qing Chen dragged his long dress and walked to stand in front of Ming Shu. He leaned forward slightly, and the strange scent gradually became stronger. “Miss Zhi Po, the moonlight is very good tonight. It’s perfect for healing, what do you think?”

WTF? Psychopath!

What does good moonlight have to do with healing?

Ming Shu relaxed her wrists and, in the antic.i.p.atory eyes of Qing Chen, she put on a light smile. “I think it’s more suitable for beating you.” The next second, she clutched Qing Chen’s collar and maneuvered him into a neat overarm throw. Then Qing Chen was flung to land together with several dead bodies.

Qing Chen lay on the corpses helplessly.

Is she a woman?

Is she even a woman!

Do you think that Qing Chen will give up like this?


He was a persistent person, and he wouldn’t give up until Ming Shu agreed to treat him.

But Qing Chen was also a smart person. He always appeared at the right time and would never annoy Ming Shu, sometimes he even gave Ming Shu a hand. However, Ming Shu didn’t buy his “kindness.” Every time he would be either thrown out or driven out, which made the entire Drunken Flower Pavilion lose fac.

Qing Chen almost became skeptical about life.

May 9th.

The emperor’s birthday. Many big shots were invited to attend the celebration.

Somehow Ming Shu also received an invitation. After her “fierce” temper was revealed to the public, for this period, apart from Qing Chen who still dared to hara.s.s her brazenly, the rest had all kept silent.

Even those rebellious disciples of Death Valley didn’t show up.

Actually, these people of Death Valley shouldn’t be blamed. Usually when someone was betrayed, they would be very angry and anxious, but this didn’t seem to apply to Ming Shu. She didn’t respond with any ferocity to the whole thing, and her behavior basically said, “It’s okay if you want to rebel, just don’t bother my eating.”

This totally confused the rebels from Death Valley, and they didn’t dare to take any action.

“Miss, are we really going inside?” Hui Xue was a little hesitant as she gazed at the majestic palace gates.

Ming Shu ignored the little beastie’s resistance and put it inside her sleeve with the egg. “We’ve arrived at the doorway. If we leave now, we’ll be laughed at by them.” It might be fun.

“But…” Hui Xue tried to persuade Ming Shu. “Hey, Miss, wait for me.”

Ming Shu entered the palace with the invitation.

Before walking too many steps, Ming Shu was blocked by Bai Yanran. Her face had recovered and a Death Valley disciple stood beside her. Seeing Ming Shu, the disciple’s head bowed with guilt.

“Yi Ming, you…” Hui Xue pointed at the disciple disbelievingly.

Bai Yanran proudly held her head high. “Zhi Po, have you slept well lately? Well, it would be a good thing if you hand over Death Valley, so you won’t have to suffer anymore.”

Ming Shu smiled at her meaningfully.

After a few seconds…


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Bai Yanran’s screams drew everyone’s attention.

She then turned to avoid the whip. Bai Yanran had poured so much Qi into the whip, the air seemed to become tight and awful because of it.

Kill her.

I’m going to kill her.

Bai Yanran waved the whip quickly and poured more and more Qi into it. The long whip dropped from above, leaving Ming Shu nowhere to hide.

It seemed the whip would fall on Ming Shu any minute, but Ming Shu grasped its other end with her bare hands, pulling in a rush. The whip tightened.

Blood rushed out of Ming Shu’s palms, but she still maintained a light smile. Then with one fierce tug, Bai Yanran staggered and was pulled down to the ground.

Ming Shu drew the whip to circle around Bai Yanran and tied her up easily.

Bai Yanran struggled, but the barbs plunged deeply into her body, causing her no small amount of suffering. She screamed, “Zhi Po, you b.i.t.c.h, let me go!”

“What did you say?” Ming Shu picked her ears as if she didn’t hear the words clearly.

“b.i.t.c.h! Let go of me. I am the young Miss of the Bai family. How dare you do this to me. I’ll let you die. Are you deaf? Save me!” The last sentence was shouted to Yi Ming.

Yi Ming wanted to help, but he was scared of Ming Shu and Liu Feng, so he remained motionless.

“I don’t care who you are. Even if you’re a G.o.ddess, I’ll teach you a lesson today.” I’m not the kind of person who will be kind to women.

Bai Yanran’s voice was altered because of the pain. “How dare you!”

“Yes, I dare.” Ming Shu smiled happily and pressed hard with her hand. The whip wrapped tighter, such that Bai Yanran couldn’t speak due to great pain.

I wasn’t responding to you, so you a.s.sumed I’m easy to bully?

“Zhi Po, stop it!” Father Bai arrived with many followers, and the surrounding people made way for them one after another. His expression was both tense and angry. “Release Yanran.”

“Why should I listen to you?”

“What do you want?” As Yanran was in Ming Shu’s hands, Father Bai didn’t dare to provoke her even though he was furious.

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