Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 798 - Hunting at Dawn (14)

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Chapter 798: Hunting at Dawn (14)

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Just as Su Tai expected, there was a jam.

This was the shortest road to the southern base. An army that was searching for survivors were right ahead. The cars behind all followed the army.

By the time they realized that there was a jam, the cars were in a long line so reversing the cars would take a long time too.

Although reversing the cars required some time, it was better than staying in the jam.

Just as they were reversing the cars, the owners of the cars behind told them that the other road was blocked too. They came over from the other road.

Hence, they could only organize themselves and clear the abandoned cars.

There would definitely be a jam on the way to a base.

Nothing wrong with this occurrence in a zombie novel.

There were all kinds of people on the road. All kinds of obscene words flew in the air.

Hao Zi and Huang Zheng came back after taking a look. “There is still a very long stretch of road which hadn’t been cleared. I don’t know when we can start moving.

“Ask them to get off the car and move around,” Su Tai said. “I will make some food for her.”

If they didn’t feed the zombie king well, they would have a hard time.

Ming Shu smiled brightly as she got off the car. When she pa.s.sed the last car, she patted the body of the car and signaled the zombies inside to be quieter.

The zombies sat in the car pitifully.

There is so much good food outside!!

They waited for an entire day. The news only came in the afternoon of the second day, telling them that the road would be clear soon.

The little zombie’s green skin was almost the same color as a human’s skin. He could appear in front of humans now.

However, the little zombie didn’t like human food. He kept looking at the people around him intently.

He couldn’t control his basic instincts.

“Who wants your fake kindness!”

A woman’s shrill voice suddenly rang out. Ming Shu looked back. Ye Xiangsi was pushed onto the ground and a woman was scolding her while pointing her finger at her.

Ye Xiangsi tried to explain herself, but the woman got even more agitated.

The survivors around them started to look over.

“Why are you the one leading the team? Who do you think you are?” The woman’s finger was almost in Ye Xiangsi’s face.

Fights between women always started so strangely. However, it was interesting to watch.

“I just did it for the good of everyone.” Ye Xiangsi felt wrong too. What did she do wrong? She just reminded them to eat less. She exchanged all these supplies using her fruit. There was not a lot to begin with.

They didn’t know what the situation would be when they reached the base.

“Who wants you to be good to us? I think that you want to eat all this yourself.” The woman sneered.

“Xiangsi, forget about it.”

“Isn’t there a lot left? What is wrong with letting everyone have more? No one knows what will happen tomorrow.”

“No one said anything. Why are you caring so much?”

Ye Xiangsi felt stifled. In the end, it was her fault? They didn’t say anything because she was the one that got these supplies.

“Are you okay?”

Someone grabbed Ye Xiangsi’s elbow. The hand was very cold.

She looked up and saw a pair of smiling eyes. Ye Xiangsi was dazed for a moment. During Doomsday… it was really hard to see such a smile now.

“I’m fine.” Ye Xiangsi got up.

Ming Shu pulled Ye Xiangsi behind her and looked at the bunch of angry women. “You all can leave now.”

“What?” The women didn’t quite get it at the start. After a while, they shouted shrilly, “Why?”

“You promised to send us to the base.”

“You can’t go back on your word!!”

The women gathered. The children saw this and started crying loudly. The situation was a mess.

“The army is right ahead. You can look for them for help. They are going to the southern base too.” Ming Shu smiled calmly. “My team does not welcome you all.”

“You are not the leader!!” The women were not convinced. “Brother Su, say something. What right does she have to ask us to leave!”

Su Tai’s mouth corners twitched slightly.

He should just pretend to be dead.

The army was near anyway and they were looking for survivors. Hence, they were safe now.

Su Tai and his friends were kind, but they were not blindly kind. They knew when to stop.

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Cook food cook food cook food.

“Roar, roar, roar.”


“What did he say?” Hao Zi was curious too.

“Make them fatter. More delicious,” Ming Shu translated.

1Hao Zi: “…” Impressive, impressive. I can’t provoke him. Take it as I never said anything.

Ming Shu rested after she finished eating. The little zombie took a paper board and fanned her.

Although Ming Shu was not hot, she could still feel the heat in the air.

Her body’s temperature would drop on its own.

A commotion suddenly came from outside.

A few imposing officers brought the women back and stopped at Ming Shu’s side.

The officer looked at the people outside the car and talked to Su Tai instinctively. “h.e.l.lo, are they from your group?”

The officer waited for Su Tai to reply, but a voice came from somewhere else.

“No, I don’t know them.”

The officer glanced at Ming Shu. This girl… was too clean.

“Cough… but they say that they are from your group. We have no cars to put them in. If they are really from your group, it will be better if you can take them. It is not easy for everyone.”

Ming Shu glanced sideways. Her mouth corners lifted slowly. “Yeah, not easy. Why should I help them for nothing?”

“Didn’t you bring them here…”

“I don’t want to help them anymore. Can I not change my mind?”


In this world, morals were trampled upon. They couldn’t force anyone to do anything.

“How about this,” the officer said. “Once we reach the base and enter the city, we will take you in. That will save a lot of trouble and you would not need to give up any supplies, either.”

“We are not going to the base.”


There was no way he could continue this conversation.

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