Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 797 - Hunting at Dawn (13)

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Chapter 797: Hunting at Dawn (13)

Because those people got killed and the women and children had nowhere to go, they could only stay in the village.

However, when they saw the zombies wandering in the village, they were still very afraid.

Su Tai explained the rules to them briefly. As long as they didn’t go and provoke the zombies, the zombies would not attack them. They could just move within this area.

Of course, if they were really afraid, they could leave.

Most of these women and children were normal people. No one dared to go out themselves.

Hence, they decided to stay in the village for now.

Huang Zheng, who was planning to leave, collected the supplies from these people and piled them in front of Ming Shu.

He wanted to know what Ming Shu fed the little zombie.

With supplies as an exchange, Ming Shu was really easy to talk to.

This was the first time they heard of mutated plants. They didn’t know that mutated plants could be eaten.

“Can we eat them too?” Hao Zi was very curious.

“If you find one, you can try.” I am not a human, how will I know?

… Why does she sound like she is scolding us?

Hao Zi choked.

Huang Zheng frowned as he thought. “Where did you find it?”

Ming Shu smiled. “Did you see me going out?”

Huang Zheng: “…”

She seldom left their sights along this journey and even if she did, she would appear after a short while.

So, where did these mutated plants come from?!

Huang Zheng felt that he wouldn’t be able to get anything out of her so he decided to search by himself.

Mutated plants were very easy to recognize. All the plants now had withered so only mutated plants would be alive and growing.

As one of their members, Su Tai had to join them in finding mutated plants.

The three of them went out together bright and early in the morning.

Ming Shu watched them leave and walked out of her small villa. She walked to the middle of the empty field.

The people that were caught were still tied up here.

They had not eaten anything for a while and under the glaring sunlight, they were a little dehydrated.

The little zombie pulled a chair over as he ran and placed it behind Ming Shu.

Ming Shu sat down like the boss of a gang.

“What on earth… do you want?” One of the men still had some energy.

“What do you all do?”

“Just kill us.” These zombies kept walking around them. They were afraid that they would pounce on them at any time.

They would rather die than endure this kind of torture.

They wondered what special ability this girl had that allowed her to control so many zombies.

“I am asking, what do you all do?” Ming Shu repeated.

The man spat at her and then glared at her fiercely.

The men didn’t speak at all. Ming Shu asked a few times, but their reaction was the same.

Some women leaned against the window and looked at them. They were curious about what Ming Shu was talking about.

After a few minutes, they heard a shrill scream.

The zombies in the area heard the sound and ran over hurriedly.

“Roar, roar, roar!!” Is it time to eat?

The women screamed in fright.

Although Su Tai told them that these zombies would not attack them, the shadow zombies cast on them couldn’t be removed so easily.

In the end, someone pulled the curtains closed and they didn’t dare to look anymore.

That Su Tai bred so many zombies. So scary.

Since Su Tai was the one that talked to them, they all thought that these zombies belonged to him.

“Eat, eat, eat, all you all know is eating. I am not even full now.” Ming Shu asked these zombies to go away. “Go and find Su Tai. They should be able to find food when they go out.”

The zombies looked at Ming Shu with blurry expressions. The little zombie roared at them and the zombies immediately ran out of the village excitedly.

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Hao Zi, who just drove the car away from the village, saw a bunch of zombies rushing toward them.

The next day…

The next day, Hao Zi saw the woman and children getting in the cars and closing the door.

He then ran to Ming Shu who was directing the zombies to get on the cars. “Didn’t you say that you would not bring them?”

“Someone gave me supplies. Their lives are good, no choice.”

The only person who could give her supplies was Ye Xiangsi.

Ye Xiangsi gave Ming Shu fruit and some fresh vegetables. These were all planted in her s.p.a.ce.

Her conditions were that Ming Shu must bring them along and only leave them when they reached a safe location.

Ming Shu got in the car first. Su Tai and the little zombie was in the car too.

The person driving was Huang Zheng.

Hao Zi drove the car behind them which carried the zombies.

They got people who were bolder from the group of burdens to drive the other two cars in the middle.

Huang Zheng asked, “Where do you plan to go?”

“An City.”

Su Tai took out a map from somewhere. “We should be here now. An City is very far away. We can go round to the southern base and leave them first.”

Ming Shu had no objection to this suggestion.

The cars got on the road. It was very striking.

Some people tried to find them for trouble while some tried to seek help.

Huang Zheng and Su Tai didn’t dare to let Ming Shu reveal herself. If she went down, even if the other party didn’t want to fight at the start, they would be fighting after she finished her statement.

The road was not easy to drive nowadays. Sometimes, they would see cars that blocked the entire road.

After driving for a few days, they didn’t get far.

Ming Shu felt that she would rather get down and walk!

They were on a provincial road now. Starting from just now, there were people at the side of the road. They were either gathering around and talking or standing in front of cars. There were all kinds of people from different age groups.

“Stop driving, the road must be blocked ahead.” After pa.s.sing by the third group of people, Su Tai asked Huang Zheng to stop the car.

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