Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 795 - Hunting at Dawn (11)

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Chapter 795: Hunting at Dawn (11)

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The cars stopped at the empty field in the village.

There were four military cars altogether. One of the cars contained women and children, one contained supplies, and the other two were for the men in camouflage.

They kept their promise and gave some supplies to Ming Shu.

“Mister Dai, you all can use the houses on this side, however…” Huang Zheng pointed to the other side of the village. “Be careful. Do not walk around carelessly.”

The leader of the men had already introduced himself just now.

“Why?” Dai Zhi asked curiously, “We saw zombies outside the village just now and they knew how to use guns. Why didn’t we see any inside this village?”

He wanted to have more information about those zombies that knew how to use guns.

Huang Zheng didn’t change his expression at all. “That is because you all are unlucky and met zombies that had evolved to demons.”

Dai Zhi: “…”

Huang Zheng packed the supplies and walked toward a small three-story villa.

This village was not backwards at all. Almost all the households were small villas.

The girl that let them in just now was sitting on the balcony on the second floor and staring at them.

Dai Zhi moved. She was not looking at him…

What was she looking at?

Huang Zheng placed the supplies at the side. Ming Shu came in from the balcony. “We will do something big tonight.”

Hao Zi suddenly shivered. “You, you, you… you want to kill them?”

Ming Shu: “…”

What misunderstanding do you all have toward me? Have I killed anyone before? Shallow!

“What do you want from them?” Su Tai was brief and to the point.

“There is a woman in the car. Let’s go and s.n.a.t.c.h her.” The scholar is indeed smarter.


“Why are you s.n.a.t.c.hing a woman. You should s.n.a.t.c.h a man,” Huang Zheng said seriously.

Ming Shu gave a mysterious smile. “That woman has good food on her.”

“…” You can tell that she has good food from so far away? Do you have a dog’s nose!!

“I am just informing you all. I am not putting my hopes on you to help anyway.” Ming Shu waved her hand.

“…” Why was she suddenly giving them the cold-shoulder?

She lay on the sofa and smiled like a flower. “Little Brother Su, are you going to cook?”

Su Tai: “…”

“Women are scary. When they want to eat, they call ‘little brother.’ When they don’t, they just say ‘hey you.’” Hao Zi pinched his nose and imitated Ming Shu. “Little Brother Su.”

Su Tai punched Hao Zi and then went into the kitchen.

He didn’t touch the supplies that Huang Zheng brought over. He used their own supplies and made a pot of meat porridge.

Knock knock…

Someone knocked on the door. The people drinking the porridge looked at each other. Huang Zheng put down his chopsticks and looked down from the balcony.

The sky was already dark so he could only see a person standing below. It was a woman.

“What’s up?”

The woman didn’t expect the voice to come from above her. She looked up in a hurry. “Do… do you all, I… I want to ask you if… if you all have antipyretic medicine? We… we can use… supplies to exchange.”

The medicine that they got from Ming Shu was still with them. Huang Zheng went down and gave it to the woman.

The woman had many things on her.

Although medicine was precious, it was not worth it to exchange so many things for it.

The woman exchanged for the medicine in a flurry and then ran toward the house opposite.

“These people are weird.” Huang Zheng came back. “Supplies are so precious but they don’t seem to care at all.”

“Maybe they don’t lack supplies.” Ming Shu put down her clean bowl. “Why do you all care so much about this?”

Huang Zheng looked through the supplies that the woman gave them. “These things are not easy to store, either.”

Most people would choose to consume things that were not easy to keep.

Su Tai said, “Let’s not touch these things first.”

Huang Zheng agreed.

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They brought back quite a lot of things using the zombies last time. They didn’t lack any supplies for now.


As expected, Ming Shu slept all the way till midnight. Then, she sat at the side and ate some food for a while before regaining all her strength. She stood up.

“How are you planning to save her?” Su Tai asked her.

Ming Shu grabbed Little Beastie and went down. Her tone was lighthearted. “By knocking on the door. I am a polite zombie.”

Female protagonist, here I come to save you!!

1Wait for me!!

Ming Shu ran down the stairs. There was no light below. Just as Ming Shu reached the bottom of the stairs, she heard a soft sound coming from outside.

She stopped in her tracks.

She could hear faint footsteps outside and then, someone knocked on their door.

Ming Shu looked into the dark. Su Tai and the rest of them heard the knock on the door and looked down the stairs together.

Didn’t she say that she would knock on other people’s door?

Why was she knocking on theirs?

However, when they saw that Ming Shu was still at the bottom of the stairs, they exchanged glances with one another.

Ming Shu put Little Beastie into her pocket and paused for a few seconds before opening the door.

The person that knocked was a man in camouflage. There was a flashlight in his hand and he shone it in the room. “One of our children went missing. Did you see him?”

“Probably eaten by a zombie.”

The man in camouflage: “…”

He flashed the light at Ming Shu.

“We don’t have any children here.” Huang Zheng came down as a representative and prevented Ming Shu from saying anything scarier.

The other party looked at Ming Shu with a puzzled expression.

Ming Shu smiled and looked at him. “I want to go over and visit you all. Is that okay?”


Ming Shu had already walked out the door.

“Hey, you…” The man could not be bothered with looking into the house anymore. He chased after Ming Shu. “What are you doing?”

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