Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 794 - Hunting at Dawn (10)

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Chapter 794: Hunting at Dawn (10)

After they came out of that city, Ming Shu cleared a village and stayed there.

Hao Zi thought that Ming Shu wanted to set up her own base. However, the moment he woke up the next day, he saw the zombies standing orderly outside the village on an empty piece of land.

Each of them carried a gun. There were targets not far away from them.

“What is she doing?” Hao Zi walked over to Huang Zheng, who woke up earlier than him and squatted next to him.

Huang Zheng was changing Li Jianren’s clothes. Li Jianren had a dazed look on his face. He stole a glance over. “She said that she wants to train them to use guns.”

“Pu… cough, cough, cough…”

Hao Zi almost choked to death.

Train zombies to use guns?

Zombies, by themselves, were already hard to deal with. If they learned how to use guns, how powerful would they be?

Why doesn’t she go to heaven!!

“Is she giving humans any chances?”

“What happened?”

“Su Tai.” Hao Zi jumped up. “Look at her. She is training the zombies to use guns. If she carries on like this, humans will die.”

Su Tai’s reaction was a little calm. “Go and look around the village today. Check if there are any potential dangers.”

“No, Su Tai, she she she…”

Su Tai turned and entered the house.

Hao Zi looked at Huang Zheng and then looked at the door of the house.

Why was he the only one that thought they were going to die?!

Ming Shu chose a few smart zombies and taught them first. Then, she asked them to teach those that were stupid.

A few days later, Hao Zi saw the zombies shooting their guns perfectly. Besides being inaccurate, there was no problem with them at all.

If the humans outside saw this, they would be scared to death.

Even zombies knew how to shoot a gun.

“Su Tai, don’t you think that the little zombie is starting to look more and more like a human?” Huang Zheng came out of the room and walked to the balcony that Su Tai was at. He looked down at the little zombie who was running around.

The little zombie had changed into clean sportswear. His arms and legs were all exposed.

His skin was green and although it looked a little scary, as compared to those rotten zombies outside, he could be considered the child celebrity of the zombies.

“He is evolving,” Su Tai said. “I saw Xia Wei feeding him something.”

Huang Zheng’s heart jumped. He started to get excited. “Will he be able to be like her in the future? Then… Jianren can also…”

“I don’t know what she fed him.” He just saw her feeding the little zombie coincidentally, but he didn’t see what it was he ate. However, the change in the little zombie was obvious.

“She will tell us, right?” Huang Zheng was not certain. “We can get some supplies and exchange them with her.”

Su Tai placed his hand on the balcony. He leaned forward slightly. “Do you think that something that can cause a zombie to evolve will be all over the streets?”

Huang Zheng choked.

However, there was a chance to bring their brother back now. At least they could make him become better and better…

“I want to try,” Huang Zheng said firmly. “I will go and search for supplies in the area tomorrow.”

Su Tai kept quiet for a moment. “Gather at eight.”

Huang Zheng patted Su Tai’s shoulder.


A few zombies ran back from outside the village and roared really loudly. The zombies on the empty field started roaring together too.

“What happened?” Hao Zi ran out hurriedly.

Su Tai observed the zombies’ reaction and said after a while, “Someone is here. Let’s go downstairs and take a look.”

The moment Su Tai and he went down, they heard gunshots outside the village.

Ming Shu sat up slowly from her haystack. She looked in the direction of the gunshots. “Someone is entering the village?”

“Roar, roar, roar!” The little zombie nodded his head below.

Ming Shu jumped down. “You all stay here and hide.”

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The little zombie roared at the agitated zombies. The zombies looked right and left and then went to find a place to hide with their guns.

Su Tai sized them up. These people were all men in camouflage. However, from their stance, they seemed relaxed and didn’t look like army personnel.

“What do you have in your cars?” Su Tai asked.

The leader of the men smiled and said, “Some survivors. These were all collected during our journey. There are some of our family members and survivors in the cars too.”

He seemed so honest as if he wanted them to believe him.

“There is another village a few more kilometers down the road. You all can go there,” Su Tai said indifferently. “You will be able to arrive before it turns dark.”

The man exchanged glances with one another. There was something strange about this village.

“Little brother, we have been journeying this whole time. If we go any further and meet some trouble, we will not be able to arrive before the sky turns dark. We have a lot of people with us. We have women and children too.”

As he said this, one of the men opened the door of the car. There were indeed women and children inside. They looked normal too.

The man bargained with Su Tai. “Look, how about this, we will give you some of our supplies and you will let us stay for the night. We will leave directly the next morning.”

Su Tai wanted to reject him, but a clear voice rang out behind him. “Let them in.”

Su Tai looked back and frowned slightly.

After a while, he turned his head and said indifferently, “Come in.”

The group of men didn’t expect the person in charge to be that girl who arrived later and looked really harmless.

The little girl smiled with the corners of her mouth and looked really harmless.

Su Tai walked to one side and asked them to drive in.

The people in camouflage clothing hesitated for a while before following what Su Tai said and drove their cars in.

“There is something amiss with these people. Why did you let them in?” Su Tai took the chance to ask Ming Shu.

“My zombies are hungry.” Ming Shu smiled. “I lured them in so that my zombies can fill their stomachs.”

If he didn’t stay with her for the past few days, he might really believe what she said.

Although she never stopped the zombies from eating humans, she would never help them hunt for humans.

Thus, there was no way she would lure people in to kill them.

She had other intentions.

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