Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 793 - Hunting at Dawn (9)

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Chapter 793: Hunting at Dawn (9)

When Ming Shu heard the gunshot, she was sitting on a box of supplies. Besides compressed biscuits, there was a lot of rice and flour, vacuum-packed meat, and boxes of mineral water.

I can finally eat something good.

Although… it was all the same to her.

Such a sad topic.

The gunshot rang out and the people in the storeroom looked toward the main gate.

Someone is here?

“Do you all know how to cook?” Ming Shu hugged a few packets of meat and stared at the three humans.

She was not affected by the gunshot outside at all.

They had not come in yet anyway.

Nothing to worry about. We can only have the energy to fight after we fill up our stomachs.

Maybe they got affected by Ming Shu.

Hao Zi regained his senses and shook his head. Hao Zi shook his head too. They didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with them standing so calmly here.

Before Doomsday, they were all the only sons in their families. Why would they know how to cook?

After Doomsday, they kept fleeing for their lives and all they ate were things like compressed biscuits. All the more reason they didn’t know how to cook.

They kept drooling when they looked at the meat in Ming Shu’s hand. They really wanted to eat meat.

Two humans and one zombie looked hopefully at the last person.

Su Tai said after a while, “I can.”

“Hurry, pot!”

For convenience’s sake, Su Tai just made a steamboat. However, there was no soup base. Ming Shu managed to find a bottle of Lao Gan Ma among the rubbish that her zombies got for her.

Three humans and one zombie crowded around a pot and boiled their meat slices, eating it with Lao Gan Ma.

The fight was in full swing outside and they were eating in full swing inside.

Ming Shu kept all her zombies inside. Those that rushed out were the ones who were released just now.

This amount of zombies was enough for them to eat their fill.

Little Beastie smelled the fragrance and came out too.

The three people saw Little Beastie for the first time and felt amazed. “Is this a mutated animal? Why is it colorful… Is it dyed?”

Little Beastie bristled its fur angrily. You are a mutated animal. Your whole family is animals!

“So fierce…”

Little Beastie s.n.a.t.c.hed food from Ming Shu’s chopsticks. It was too lazy to care about the stupid two-legged beasts that were looking at it.

Su Tai went out for a while and said with a frown after he came back, “There are many people outside. They almost killed half the zombies.”

“They only manage to kill half after so long? Their combat skills are not very good.” Ming Shu didn’t care about them. “We will escape out the back later.”


Hao Zi almost spat his food. He thought that she wanted to face them head-on but she was planning to escape.

Huang Zheng looked over too. He said to Ming Shu, “It’s the team led by that woman.”

Ming Shu blinked. “Liang Xuan?”

“I don’t know what she’s called. The one that recognized you at that time.”

That was her.

Snacks coupon is here. I need to give her a welcome gift and gain some Hatred Points!

Ming Shu put Little Beastie down and ran to the back of the storeroom. She carried a box of granite out.

“Huh, you want to help them?”

Hao Zi felt that there was something amiss after he finished his sentence. Even if she wanted to help, there was no need to use the granite.

“Help?” Ming Shu smiled. “Isn’t it too excessive for a zombie like me to help humans? I will, of course, help my own kind.”


Ming Shu called the little zombie over and taught the little zombie how to use the granite. Then, she asked him to distribute to the zombie army outside.

“…” F**k! She is actually teaching the zombies how to use the granite.

As humans, shouldn’t they stop her?

“… I boiled it!!” Hao Zi shouted angrily.

“I took it first.” Huang Zheng quickly put it into his mouth.

“Spit it out!!”

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The sounds of the explosion came in from outside. Hao Zi exclaimed, “These zombies are quite smart.”

“Wait.” Liang Xuan stopped the people that wanted to rush over.

“Is this a trap?”

“What’s inside?”

Liang Xuan looked at a man in the team. “Use your defense ability and go over to take a look.”

The man nodded. He walked over slowly.

The tape on the box was slit open. He opened the box carefully. Then, he reached his hand inside and felt around. “These are all medicine. There is nothing else.”

Liang Xuan went forward and inspected every single box. They were all filled with medicine.

“There are words here.”

When the last box was moved, they saw some words on the floor. They were written with red paint.

“‘I bombed the supplies inside. Are you all surprised and astonished? It’s okay, just be angry. Your zombie king, Xia Wei.’”

Everyone took a deep breath.

Xia Wei!

“What is wrong with this Xia Wei?” someone asked.

“She said that she is a zombie king? What is a zombie king?” At this time, the zombie king was still an unfamiliar term to them.

“In a novel, the zombie king could control all the zombies… she asked all the zombies to chase us at that time, could she really be…”

“Impossible. Isn’t her ability duplication? That is definitely her special ability. She’s human.”


“Liang Xuan, you’re quite close with her, right? You brought her in too. What’s happening?”

“I don’t know.” Liang Xuan shook her head.

How would she know what happened to Xia Wei?

She just suddenly became like this. Did it have anything to do with the evolution last month?

“F**k, don’t let me see that b.i.t.c.h again. She must be playing with us!!”

Liang Xuan didn’t dare to say that Xia Wei was the zombie king now.

If she said it, they would definitely feel that she had evil intentions by bringing a zombie king into the base.

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