Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 792 - Hunting at Dawn (8)

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Chapter 792: Hunting at Dawn (8)

Little Beastie rolled back and jumped onto Ming Shu. She didn’t know if it didn’t find any plants or if it found some but ate all of them.

Ming Shu picked it up and rubbed it. She felt at ease when she saw that it was in a better state than before.

Trash-picker, stop rubbing me!!

Little Beastie struggled. She had almost rubbed it into a riceball. So irritating!

Ming Shu rubbed it forcefully one more time.

Little Beastie was really angry. However, it couldn’t do anything.

When dawn set in, Li Jianren woke up. However, he had already become a zombie.

He broke free from the ropes and almost bit Hao Zi.

Hao Zi couldn’t bear to kill him so he tied him up with Huang Zheng again.

The few of them stood in front of Li Jianren and looked devastated. They came so far but in the end…


Li Jianren roared.

Ming Shu picked up Little Beastie and walked down the library. The little zombie stood at her side. He was looking at his new friend.

“Xia Wei.” Huang Zheng suddenly called Ming Shu. “Please bring Jianren along.”

At least…

At least he wouldn’t be killed by other people if he followed her.

“Are you all really going to follow me?”

Huang Zheng looked at Su Tai. Su Tai nodded his head really slightly.

Ming Shu looked over and snapped her fingers. Li Jianren immediately turned quiet and didn’t look as hideous as just now. Even after turning into a zombie, Li Jianren was not ugly.

They met another team that was going to the southern base. They couldn’t bring the three ladies along so they asked the team to take the ladies to the base.

After getting rid of three burdens, Ming Shu walked around the city and found another bunch of zombies.

The team was not big but if a small team meet such a big troop of zombies, they could only run away quickly.

“I think that the army zone is in front of us.” Hao Zi pointed to a building not far away. “Our ammunition is running out, we need to replenish it.”

Su Tai took a look at Ming Shu who was walking really slowly at the back as well as the bunch of zombies that could almost form a square array.

He turned back. “We will go and take a look at the army zone.”

Ming Shu looked over at the army zone. The sign that represented the army zone was covered with dust. The main gate was damaged and cars were parked everywhere.

“It’s obvious that someone has been here before. Can you all still get any items?”

“We should still go and see,” Su Tai said.

If Su Tai was in school, he would be a famous character of the school. He was cold, indifferent, and looked handsome. He should be a scholarly leader type of character.

“Oh, let’s go then.” What if they really find something?

Humans… no, zombies need to have some aspirations too.

The army zone was really quiet. However, when they entered a building, Huang Zheng suddenly asked them to stop.

“There are many zombies ahead,” Huang Zheng said.

He only saw the zombies, but he couldn’t see his bearings inside. Hence, he didn’t dare to go in rashly.

Su Tai moved over and took a glance. He came back and said, “This should be the army men that were locked up here when Doomsday arrived. I found a map of this place.”

Su Tai took out the map and laid it out. “The zombies are here. From here, you can go to the armory. Maybe there were too many zombies here so no one went to the armory before.”

Everyone looked at each other. If they could get in, they would not have to worry about ammunition anymore. They might even be able to get some supplies.

“There are too many zombies and the door is specially designed for the army. We can’t go in if we don’t block it up,” Huang Zheng said as he finished looking at the map.

If it was so simple, there would be nothing left for them.

Hao Zi pointed at Ming Shu’s direction with his chin and winked at the other two people.

We have the zombie king!!

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What are we afraid of?

“Weird, why are there so many zombies?” Liang Xuan was puzzled. “I didn’t see so many zombies outside the army zone before.”

“Could it be that they didn’t come out then?” The driver expressed his thoughts. “Or maybe they came later?”

Zombies could move so this reason made sense too.

Liang Xuan looked at it for a while more. Besides the additional zombies, there was nothing amiss.

She took out her walkie-talkie. “Everyone, get off the car. Be careful. There are zombies ahead.”

The cars behind heard the order and took their weapons as they got off the cars.

“Is the information accurate? Are there really supplies and weapons inside?” The people behind crowded over and questioned Liang Xuan.

“The news from the base should not be wrong.” Liang Xuan’a answer was very general. Even if there was nothing inside, the fault lay with the base. It had nothing to do with her.

“I heard that they wanted to build a base here so they stored many supplies and weapons here. However, the whole army was wiped out before the base even got set up.” The person that spoke was someone who came from this city. Hence, his words were credible.

Liang Xuan saw that no one had any questions anymore and started splitting them into different teams. “Please be careful. If you all find something amiss, retreat first. Leave one team behind to reinforce us.”

Liang Xuan took a team and cleared the zombies hovering outside.

They were not sure if there were zombies inside so they didn’t fire their guns.

Just as they almost finished clearing the zombies outside, a gunshot suddenly rang out.

“Who shot it?” Liang Xuan scanned the surroundings with a serious face.

Everyone killed the zombies around them and shook their heads at the same time. They didn’t do it.


Numerous zombies came out from the buildings not far away from them.

Everyone’s faces changed immediately. Why were there so many zombies?

“Retreat, hurry up and retreat!” Liang Xuan ordered.

She didn’t expect there to be so many zombies inside. She didn’t expect someone to shoot, either.

The zombies’ speed was really something. They could not retreat to their cars so they could only climb onto the buildings beside them.

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