Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 791 - Hunting at Dawn (7)

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Chapter 791: Hunting at Dawn (7)

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The large men were really quite good at killing zombies.

Many of them had special abilities and they were all very unique. In other words, they had a really messy bunch of special abilities.

They used all their abilities on the zombies.

Just now, they were attacked suddenly so the team was a mess. Once they achieved momentum, they quickly gained the upper hand.

The man was the closest to Ming Shu. He saw mirrors appearing around Ming Shu. The mirrors were all diamond-shaped and they spun slowly in the air.

There was a zombie in every mirror.

Ming Shu smiled brightly at the man. The mirrors disappeared and the number of zombies in the room suddenly doubled.


The shrill cries woke the man up and he immediately stepped back. Cold sweat formed on his back.

This person…

20 minutes later…

The large men were surrounded by zombies. They covered their heads with their hands and squatted down.

Ming Shu sat among a pile of books and threw them into the fire burning in the metal pail. The flames instantly rose higher. Light shone on her smiling face.

“Is this good enough?”

“Do you know who we are? If you dare to touch us today, I will make sure that…”

“Seems like it’s not enough. Continue hitting them.”

The zombies started beating these people up furiously again.

They had seen zombies eating people, but they never saw zombies beating people up!

“They… they are from the Poison Spider,” one of the ladies in the corner said softly.

Ming Shu casually flipped through an encyclopedia about animals. She raised her eyebrows when she heard the girl’s voice. “You know them?”

The girl looked at Ming Shu. Although this girl had a bunch of zombies with her, she was much better than these people.

She saved them thrice.

If they didn’t run away due to their fear of the zombies, they might not have been tortured a second time.

The lady said in a crying voice, “People from the Poison Spider have tattoos on their arms. They act in a tyrannical manner, killing and s.n.a.t.c.hing things whenever they want. The people from the southern base know about them.”

[Hidden task: Human Halo.]


Why is the t.i.tle of the mission so normal this time?

[Hint: Please try to gain as many Hatred Points as you can from the humans. Different species oppose each other. One of them has to die. Guest, jiayou!]

Ming Shu remained silent for a while.

Since the task is about gaining Hatred Points from humans, why is it not called Zombie Halo?

[Hidden task. Zombie Halo.] The Harmony System immediately changed the name.

Ming Shu: “…”

Impressive, Harmony System.

[As long as you are happy. I am always at your service.]

Ming Shu was too lazy to bother about this Harmony System, which was getting crazier and crazier.

The Hatred Points from the hidden task were always very high. After all, it was from the Ming Shu felt that she could do it.

“Is the Poison Spider really so powerful?”

Ming Shu’s tone was a little excited. The girl got scared and didn’t dare to say anything.

“Since you know that we are from the Poison Spider, hurry up and stop it! Don’t think that… ah…”

“You still have the energy to talk? Hit him properly. You, you, don’t slack off.”

“Roar!” He didn’t slack. He was moving his legs.

“Enough enough, stop hitting.” The leader of the men could take it anymore. He shouted, “Lady, we failed to recognize you, please let us go.”

This woman could control zombies and even made zombies appear out of thin air.

If they knew about this at the start, they would not look for death like this.

“Don’t worry, I don’t kill people,” Ming Shu said.

The leader heaved a sigh of relief. He said hurriedly, “We can give all our supplies and weapons to you. Please just let us go.”

The leader heard her voice saying, “However, I don’t know if they will kill humans.”

“Roar, roar, roar, roar!” Eat, eat, eat, eat!!

The zombies replied enthusiastically that they eat humans.

The leader: “…”

“How can you let us go?” The leader was already shivering in fear. He didn’t look anything like the arrogant and powerful person from just before.

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“I will allow you a head start of 30 seconds. Whether you all can run away or not, it is up to your luck.” Ming Shu smiled. “Oh, right, please remember my name, Xia Wei. Xia as in summer and Wei as in future. Do not remember wrongly. If you want to take revenge, look for me. Don’t find the wrong person.”

Xia Lai?

Ming Shu spent a lot of effort to get this person out of the Host’s memory. He seemed… to be the Host’s brother.

Xia Wei, Xia Lai.

“He is dead,” Su Tai said.

Ming Shu nodded and expressed that she knew about it.

There was still some memories of this person in the Host’s mind. He should be someone important to her.

However… this was not important now.

Su Tai kept quiet. The other two people kept quiet too.

After a silence, Su Tai seemed to make a decision. He said to Hao Zi and Huang Zheng, “I will follow her from now on. The southern base is not far from here. You all can go there.”

“Su Tai, what are you saying? She…” Hao Zi was slightly agitated. “You’re not coming to the base with us?”

She is a zombie!

… Although this zombie was a little weird.

But she is still a zombie!

Even if it’s for your friend, do you have to risk your life?

“I owe my life to Xia Wei,” Su Tai explained. “When he died, I made a promise to him.”

If she had become a normal zombie, he would not have cared.

However, she didn’t…

She was no different from a normal person.

“If you are not going, why will I go?” Huang Zheng said with a serious face, “Su Tai, we are brothers. We went through thick and thin together.”

Su Tai kept quiet for a few seconds. He reminded them, “It will be really dangerous from now on.”

After all, they were following a zombie. No one knew what would happen.

Hao Zi hesitated for a moment. “If it was not for her, we would be dead too. No matter what… don’t think about leaving us behind!”

“Hey, I have not agreed. Aren’t you all acting on your own now?” Who wants to bring along a bunch of burdens that will s.n.a.t.c.h supplies from me?

Did I agree?!

Did my snacks agree?!


Ming Shu’s opinion did not matter to Su Tai. He only needed to make the decision himself.

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