Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 789 - Hunting at Dawn (5)

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Chapter 789: Hunting at Dawn (5)

Su Tai was university cla.s.smates with these three people. They were from the same course and slept in the same dorm too. Hence, their relationship was really good.

They were really lucky. When Doomsday arrived, they were in their dorm and didn’t turn into zombies.

They stayed in school for a few days and then retreated to the local army base.

In the middle of everything, something happened and Su Tai started looking for someone. He didn’t tell them who he was looking for.

They started from the school and walked toward F province. He didn’t find the person in F University.

The survivors from F province told them that most people retreated down south so they went south.

It was a slow journey.

Until they arrived here.

Yesterday night, Su Tai split up with them in order to lure away most of the zombies.

Su Tai had done this many times before so they got used to it. They believed that nothing would happen to Su Tai.

“I will leave some hints for Su Tai. He can catch up with us one he sees the hints.” Hao Zi said, “Oh right, those people just now… the base that they mentioned just now, what place is it? Do you know them? Did they think that you are human? Are you hiding among humans? Are you planning to attack the base with your zombies?”

They saw many waves of zombies on their journey here.

Small-sized bases would not be able to withstand such zombies waves.

“Do I look very free?”

“…” Are zombies not free? You brought these zombies to destroy a city. Is that not free?

So… she is saying that she will not attack the base?

The three girls ran away because they were scared.

Hao Zi and Huang Zheng still needed to carry Li Jianren so they could not chase them.

They spend the night in a library. The zombies scattered outside and a group of them guarded the library door.

Hao Zi felt that this was the most peaceful sleep he had in a long time.


A painful scream woke Hao Zi up in the middle of the night.

Huang Zheng, who was guarding, had already pressed Huang Zheng down.

Li Jianren was having a convulsion. Weird veins started popping out on his body.

“Jianren, hold on!!” Hao Zi grabbed Li Jianren and shouted to him.

Li Jianren opened his eyes immediately. The two of them saw the blood-red eyes and their hearts froze.

They had seen too many people undergoing the mutation during this one year.

“Hao Zi…” Hao Zi’s eyes turned red. They had gone through thick and thin for one whole year.

Huang Zheng’s expression was not good, either. “Don’t give up until the last minute. Tie him up first.”

Hao Zi went to find things in a flurry.

After they tied Li Jianren up, he went into a deep sleep again.

Both of them were shaking. This was their brother…

Hao Zi took out a box of cigarettes. He took a stick out and placed it in his mouth with shaky hands. He searched around but could not find any fire.


An instinctive vigilance caused Hao Zi to tense his muscles.

A little zombie had appeared from somewhere. It tilted its head and pa.s.sed him a lighter.

The little zombie had changed into clean denim overalls. It was a little boy wearing a baseball cap. If you didn’t look at his face, you could not tell that he was a zombie.

Hao Zi took the lighter.

A small fire lit up the gla.s.s of the library and then extinguished very quickly. Only a small red dot was left.

The little zombie gave the lighter over and then dragged a bag of snacks toward Ming Shu.

The little zombie roared at Ming Shu for a while before stopping.

After that, Ming Shu turned her body and slowly walked out with the little zombie. She brought a bunch of zombies with her.

Huang Zheng stood at the entrance and took a look. The stairs were still guarded by the zombies. They kept looking up but didn’t come up.

“Where did she go?”

“I don’t know…” Hao Zi shook his head. He took the cigarette from Hao Zi’s mouth and smoked it. “Say, why did she become like this?”

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“I don’t know…”

Ming Shu ate a piece and left two pieces. She pa.s.sed one piece to the little zombie.

The little zombie took it carefully and followed Ming Shu. He put the thing in his mouth and chewed.

She didn’t know how the little zombie felt, but Ming Shu felt that its taste was not bad. However, she felt comfortable after eating it.

“Go and see if there is more of this,” Ming Shu ordered the little zombie.

The little zombie ran out happily and roared at the zombies behind him.

They had searched all the units in this area. Besides finding some food and zombies that were locked up in their rooms, they didn’t find any plants like this.

Ming Shu felt that it was reasonable too. This thing must be a rare breed.

Ming Shu put down Little Beastie and asked it to search for the plant.

A city is really big. There might still be more plants like this one at random corners of the city.

After walking around outside, Ming Shu went back with the little zombie.

However, they saw many zombies lying on the street they were at just now. A battle had happened here.

As for the library she chose, it was lit up brightly. There were many shadows in front of the window.

She left many zombies behind, but they were all killed…

Ming Shu asked the little zombie to bring the other zombies to a safer spot. Then, she went up alone to take a look.

“Who is it!” The person guarding the entrance of the library was indeed not a zombie. It was a large man carrying a gun. The muscles on his arms bulged. A green dragon on the left arm and a white tiger on the right. One look and you knew that he was not some good person.

Ming Shu walked nearer. When they saw that it was a human, they immediately started sizing her up blatantly. “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

There was no pretty lady like her in their team.

“She’s our friend.” A person popped his head out from the window and shouted.

The large man looked up curiously. Someone raised their hand and gave a signal. They put their guns down. “Go up.”

Ming Shu walked past them.

“Tsk, we are really lucky today.”

“Hahaha, when we change shifts later, we can also…”

The conversation behind was totally obscene to the ear.

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