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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 785 - Hunting at Dawn (1)

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Chapter 785: Hunting at Dawn (1)

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#Zombie Headlines: Xia Wei Goes Crazy Whenever#


As soon as Ming Shu opened her eyes, she came face to face with a zombie.

The zombie was missing half its head, and she could even see the dead brain tissue inside.

Releasing a low roar, the zombie clawed at her with its evolved claws.

Ming Shu consciously stepped back.

With the sudden weightlessness, the zombie above turned into a black dot.

She saw there was another person standing beside the zombie faintly. As she fell, the person moved to the other side, and the zombie also moved with a roar.

The hot wind brushed her cheeks constantly like a knife.

Ming Shu realized that she was falling rapidly.

I’m going to die, I’m going to die!

It’s the zombie world again, what should I eat!

[…] Guest, is it really the right time to consider what to eat? You’re going to fall to death!


Little Beastie was pulled out and Ming Shu threw it down. There was nothing in the air, but she seemed to have stepped on something and landed safely with a jump.




She fell among the zombies.

Meanwhile, there were also another three people stood in the middle of the zombies, who were back-to-back and resisting the zombies now. As Ming Shu jumped in, all three looked at her at the same time.

“Are you hunting the zombies?” Ming Shu turned her head and greeted one of them next to her. “Just continue!”

“Roar!” the zombies roared with excitement.

Ming Shu: “…”

I’m not prepared yet!

I’m also starving now, what are you roaring about!

Well… Does this body have any skills?

Having not received the memories, Ming Shu didn’t even know how to use the skills… But the zombie world should be pretty much the same, right?

Ming Shu thought for a while and began to activate the skills according to the previous memory.

Countless rhombic lenses suddenly appeared around her, and the zombies were projected onto them…

Then Ming Shu saw the number of zombies suddenly double.

Ming Shu: “…” There seems to be something wrong with the skill.

“Ah! s.h.i.t! What’s this skill!” The three-man team next to her fumed. “s.h.i.t, which side are you on!”

Ming Shu quit the skill immediately while picking up an iron stick from the ground, and explained, “Sorry, I’m too hungry.”

The zombies that were produced by the projection were much like the real ones, even the combat ability was almost the same. The only difference was that after you killed the former, they directly disappeared.

Ming Shu found the special skills in this doomsday scenario… seemed not to be formed by ordinary elements. They were just very strange skills.

For instance, the girl in the three-man team, her weapon was her hair. The black hair was infinitely elongated, hooking the zombies away quickly, or directly piercing through their foreheads.

That scene was… a little too vicious.

The most effective of the three was the girl.

Ming Shu waved the iron stick while measuring the three people with her eyes. But the three were focused on the zombies and couldn’t spare time noticing her.

“Go!” the girl shouted.

She had already made a gap, and the three of them were very tacit, rushing toward it.

As for Ming Shu, they left her alone.

After all, this was a time when it was hard just to protect themselves, who would care about a freak who just doubled the number of zombies?

After the three left, Ming Shu discovered that the zombies didn’t actually attack her. Which was to say, they didn’t attack her at all.

It was because she attacked them, that the zombies reacted with symbolic defiance.

As soon as the three left, the zombies shifted their attention and ran after them.

Ming Shu hefted her iron stick and watched the zombies roar past her.

“…” Hey hey hey, look at me!

Ming Shu studied herself from head to toe… This is indeed a human body!

With an iron stick stained with zombie blood, Ming Shu found a room that looked safe.

She didn’t hurry to receive the storyline, but took out the two gold coins.

The two coins had different patterns on them, and the only similarity between them was that the patterns were disordered.

Both gold coins had a small hole in them.

Ming Shu tried to start the gold coins according to what Qi Yu told her.

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But the gold coins didn’t react.

Such a sad topic.

I might really be starved to death.

Ming Shu left the room depressedly.

Anyway, she was a zombie now, and she wouldn’t be mobbed if she went out.

If she met humans, they would also regard her as the same kind.

So there was nothing to fear.

Ming Shu left. The wandering zombies sniffed her, then wandered off as if nothing had happened.

Can I eat human food?

Will that cause stomach issues…

Better to have indigestion than to starve!

Thinking like this, Ming Shu whistled to the two zombies in front of her.

The two zombies moved slowly, and hearing her voice, they took a long time before turning around.

But the next second, they suddenly ran over like arrows leaving the bow.

“Go get me some human food.”

The zombies tilted their heads tp one side, as if they couldn’t understand Ming Shu.

Ming Shu pointed to the dirty food packaging on the ground. “Eat, food.”

The two zombies looked at each other and then fanned out on either side.

Not long after, the two zombies came back with a bunch of things.

It was quite a messy pile. Ming Shu rummaged for a long time but found no food.

Instead, another zombie held a b.l.o.o.d.y piece of flesh and came to offer it to Ming Shu.

The smell of blood was so strong that Ming Shu felt disgusted and jumped onto the car next to her. “Take it away!”

This is fu*king human flesh!

The zombies were confused. It was their favorite food, but why didn’t the king like it?

Seeing Ming Shu really didn’t want it, the zombies finished the meat immediately.

Ming Shu: “…”

Later she was going to be in the company of these “little cuties.”

I’m starving!

I am going to die, I am going to die…

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