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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 784 - The Prince Is Well (Complete)

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Chapter 784: The Prince Is Well (Complete)

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Little Beastie jumped out. Its colorful fur erected into a hedgehog’s spikes, and its dark round eyes were wide open.

Ming Shu said, “I have to get it back.”

Luo Yan’s attention was drawn by Little Beastie. He gasped, still with a smile, and said with great interest, “It can talk.”

Ming Shu also looked at Little Beastie. Little Beastie then grunted and fell silent again.

It roared at Ming Shu in its heart, but Ming Shu didn’t intend to change her mind.

It was so angry that it wanted to jump up and stab her to death.

Little Beastie jumped on Luo Yan’s chest.

p.o.o.p-picker, are you really going to choose him?

“I don’t need your help…” Ming Shu said.

Little Beastie snorted and its claws directly sc.r.a.ped at Luo Yan.

Without any extra ceremony, it just tapped down.

The noise of something breaking sounded to Luo Yan’s ears, and the gold coin dropped down from nowhere.

Except for the gold coin, there were also many other strange things, falling to the ground with rustling sounds.

Ming Shu picked up the gold coin swiftly and put it into Little Beastie’s s.p.a.ce.

Little Beastie’s fur had smoothed out, but it was not as glossy as just now; Little Beastie held Ming Shu’s wrist a little spiritlessly.

I was just able to speak again!

Now it’s gone again because of my p.o.o.p-picker!

I don’t know when I can speak again!

So angry!

Ming Shu picked it up and went toward the bed quickly, then she picked up the person in the bed and jumped out through the window.


The whole house collapsed.

She seemed to see Luo Yan standing up slowly as it did.

The light in his eyes was not anger, nor rage, but an almost pathological interest.

It wasn’t the only house that collapsed, the buildings nearby were all falling apart.

Cracks scattered all over the ground, and lights poured out from within; the whole world was filled with such lights.

The buildings were engulfed in the lights, and the screaming and shouting suddenly stopped.

Ming Shu entered a vast expanse of whiteness, and when she opened her eyes again, she was in the cloud room.

She clenched the gold coins secretly.

It seemed the Harmony System didn’t notice, or it didn’t care, or just didn’t want to speak it out.

Ming Shu didn’t trust the Harmony System.

“Did that world collapse just now?” Ming Shu asked.


“What are those lights?” She felt that there was life in those lights, and it was not like something that should emerge in a collapsed world.

[I don’t know, it’s none of my business,] the Harmony System answered frankly. [Guest, our goal is just Hatred Points.]

“Didn’t you say before that you’re going to maintain the normal progress of the world?” Ming Shu smiled. “Why doesn’t it matter now?”

[…] The Harmony System was silent for a while. [Have I said that? I don’t think so, Guest, you must remember wrongly.]

“Heh heh.”

It is indeed the Harmony System.

As shameless as expected.

“I’m curious why you need to collect Hatred Points.” Ming Shu sat on the cloud. “What’s the use of them to you?”

She knew that people wouldn’t do things for nothing. If it was really useless to the Harmony System, why would it make all-out efforts to give suggestions and teach her to gain Hatred Points?

The Harmony System didn’t answer but directly showed the information.

Name: Ming Shu

Hatred Points: 450000

***: *****

Additional Task: Failed.

Hidden Task: Completed.

That’s great.

Very harmonious.

The Harmony System is good at playing a mute.

If it weren’t for that little demon, I would have quit the job.

…Can it be the Harmony System’s trick to make me stay?

Otherwise why did it always instigate me to fall in love with someone?

It didn’t comment on that little demon, either, as if he was no different from the others.

She didn’t believe the Harmony System didn’t notice it…


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Waiting for Qi Yu to leave, the head immediately ran upstairs to the director.

“Has he come back?” the blond-haired director asked.

“Yes, he doesn’t look abnormal,” the head answered.

“What about the memory?”

“It seems to be lost.”

“Seems?” The blond-haired director was clearly dissatisfied with this answer. “I want a certain answer.”

The technical department’s head wiped off his cold sweat and hurriedly took out the data just now to check.

[Memory removal succeeded.]

Reading this, he breathed a sigh of relief. “Confirmed.”

The blond-haired director continued, “Watch him closely these next two days, and find a chance to examine him. Don’t let him in without permission.”

The technical department’s head was helpless. “This… I can’t stop him.”

“The repair department is very busy recently. Transfer him over.”

“Are you serious, director?” The repair department’s people would definitely kill Lord Nine.

The blond-haired director: “…”

Finally, the blond-haired director dropped the idea and just let the technical department’s head watch Qi Yu.

After the head left, a projection appeared out of nowhere.

A man leaned on the sofa lazily, his clothes casually open, revealing his perfect abdominal muscles and V-line.

His hair was dripping. He probably had just come out of the shower.

The blond-haired director glanced at him. “How was it?”

“She took away the thing.”

Blond-haired director’s face darkened.

“Don’t get angry, I’ve brought this back.” Luo Yan moved his fingers, and soon something as thin as a cotton swab appeared in his palm. “It has no core and can’t be started.”

Blond-haired director’s expression became better. “We must get it back. Qi Yu also has one in his hand, find a chance and take it back.”

“Do you want me to grab his things?” Luo Yan raised his eyebrows. “Are you making a chance for him to kill me? Director, even if you hate me, you don’t have to send me to death this way, right?”

“That thing is like a time bomb in his hands. We haven’t heard anything from that side yet, if it gets lost again, or he uses it for other purposes, even if we find it in the end, what’s the use of that?” the blond-haired director said leisurely.

“Then why did you give it to him in the first place?” Luo Yan was curious.

The blond-haired director was silent for a long time.

The projection in front of Luo Yan suddenly disappeared. In the last moment before it did, he heard the man whisper over, “It was originally his.”

Luo Yan stroked aside the hair on his forehead and murmured lightly, “That is enviable.”

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