Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 781 - The Prince Is Well (30)

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Chapter 781: The Prince Is Well (30)

Before the plot could start, it was shattered by Ming Shu.

Ji Xun felt that if you wanted to play with her, you must be able to handle a lot of excitement. You needed to at least be a master at it.


Luckily, I am smart. I chose to woo her.

Although it was difficult, it was better than being played by her.

You need to have the foresight to be a genius!

[Hatred Points for Song Yunjiao are full.]

The system announced this to her as Prince Six wore a cold face and ordered people to take Song Yunjiao away.

Ming Shu gave a smile to Song Yunjiao, who was looking at her hideously.

Thank you, snacks coupon.

On the other hand, it became Ji Xun’s problem. How was he supposed to go to the Imperial Clan Court, destroy the bug, and then come out again?

Was he supposed to act stupid and run in to kill her?

I can’t do it!

I cannot give up! Keep calm, I can win this! There must be a way!

Prince Nine saw that his scheme was exposed and pushed all the blame onto Song Yunjiao.

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He expressed that he was cheated too.

However, the highly skilled physician was real.

Prince Six and Prince Nine knew what the other was thinking. Ming Shu knew it too. If you didn’t have a certain amount of status or power, you would never be able to get someone out of the Imperial Clan Court.

However, this was not the time to offend Prince Nine.

For safety’s sake, Prince Six rejected the highly skilled physician provided by Prince Nine.

Prince Nine left the mansion. After his carriage had traveled for some distance, he threw the cup on the ground as though he was venting his anger.

The people outside kept as quiet as cicadas in late autumn.


They didn’t know who Prince Nine was scolding.

The subordinates in the carriage shivered in fear. “Your Highness, it was all because of that princess consort.”

“Princess Consort… Qin Wu…” The Qin family was gone but nothing happened to this woman at all.

“Your Highness, I think that what Song Yunjiao said might not be true. Prince Six has been crippled for so many years. How can he still have such ambitions? There is almost no one supporting him in the imperial court…”

Prince Nine sneered. “Dogs that don’t bark bite people.”

He had suspected his brother for a long time, but he didn’t have any evidence until Song Yunjiao found him.

If he focused on fighting with Prince Three, the person that would benefit at their expenses would be this cripple.

His subordinates agreed. “Your Highness, what should we do now?”

“Find someone to test him.”

The subordinates understood what this test meant and agreed.

Prince Nine added, “Go and punish Qin Wu for me too.”

Lord Yi’an woke up in the middle of the night from the noise outside. He sat up and put on his clothes.

“What are they doing outside?”

The servant ran over hurriedly with a lantern and stammered, “Lord, there were”

“Were they caught?” Lord Yi’an had no reaction.

The servant looked at the calm lord in surprise. “Ye… yes. The princess consort caught them.”

When he remembered how the were beaten until they couldn’t get up, the servant shivered in fear.

On normal days, the princess consort was so gentle and her smile was so warm.

Why is she so violent when she beats people…

“Is the prince all right?”

“Fi… fine.”

“Ask them to stop making such a commotion,” Lord Yi’an said. The servant thought that he wanted to go out and handle the situation but Lord Yi’an just went back and continued sleeping.

The servant: “…”

Lord!! There were!!

Ming Shu was not the only one that met the Prince Six met them too.

Ming Shu told Prince Six her thoughts about the and gave him a solution. “Kidnap Prince Three and Prince Nine.”

Prince Six: “…”

They are trying to kill you. Why are you still talking about principles to them?

Prince Six said, “You are being too simple. The power behind Prince Three and Prince Nine is complicated.”

“You are thinking too much,” Ming Shu said. “Forget it, it is none of my business anyway. I handled Song Yunjiao already.”

Prince Six raised his head. “You helped me because of Song Yunjiao. Why?”

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He investigated them before. They had no grudges between them.

“Why did you go out again?”

“Buy, a lot, food,” Ji Xun said. “Give to wife.”

Lord Yi’an: “…” You never bought any for me!!

Two wastrels!!

So angry!!

Lord Yi’an walked away furiously.

Ming Shu hugged her snacks and went back to her room. Ji Xun jumped around her.

Ming Shu’s gaze landed on him. At that instant, time seemed to have stopped.

He is really very good.

So good—

She didn’t want to bother with what intentions he had and what intentions they had.

Let it be.

Prince Nine disappeared.

This caused a huge commotion in the Capital. A prince actually disappeared suddenly. The emperor ordered his people to find Prince Nine.

The first person Prince Six thought of was Ming Shu.

And in actual fact, Ming Shu really did this. Who asked him to dig his own grave and try to kill her?

That crazy person, Ji Xun, took this opportunity to pester her for a few days and interrupted her personal time with her snacks.

This is unforgivable!

Her revenge had no timing.

She would just take it whenever she got the chance to.

As for where Prince Nine was—

On a merchant ship somewhere in the sea…

Prince Nine was lying in a dirty cabin. His limbs were tied and he was gagged.

Before he could understand what was happening, he was thrown onto a deserted island.

There was no one he could call for help.

By the time he managed to return to the Capital, Prince Six had already been on the throne for two years.

The world was peaceful and the country was safe.

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