Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 78 - Gorgeous Doctor (25)

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Chapter 78: Gorgeous Doctor (25)

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“When I kept my word, you treated me like a servant. Now you are asking me to continue the so-called agreement. Miss Bai, you are so funny.” The Host was a silly girl, do you think I am also a fool? Stupid!

“This is what your master owed to my mother.” Bai Yanran remained unconvinced. “If it hadn’t been for my mother, your master would have died long ago.”

“That’s what happened between my master and your mother. Does it have anything to do with me?” Ming Shu raised an eyebrow and laughed. “If you want to argue, talk to my master. I can’t convey your message to him.”


Bai Yanran never expected that Ming Shu would be so indifferent and act so outrageously!

Bai Yanran had to throw the handle after the blade. “If you don’t want to be universally condemned for your ungratefulness, cure my face! Or I will ruin your reputation.”

“Oh, I have offended so many people, I don’t care about offending a few more. Whatever you like.” It’s become so comfortable to gain Hatred Points, the more the better.

Bai Yanran’s face twisted under the veil and she gritted her teeth, saying, “Zhi Po, fine, just you wait.”

She turned around and got ready to leave. But Liu Feng took out his weapon, blocking her way.

“Zhi Po, what do you want?!” Bai Yanran looked at Ming Shu, alarmed.

What do I want? I’m going to kick your a.s.s!

What else? Are you expecting me to invite you for dinner?

What kind of place does she think my house is? The vegetable market? Anyone just comes in and out at will?

The key point is… she disturbed my meal!

Ming Shu rolled up her sleeves. “Well, if you’re going to spread rumors, I’ll certainly help you. It will be more persuasive when you have some ‘evidence’ on you, won’t it? So I’m going to offer you some evidence now. Don’t thank me so much. I just can’t stop helping others.”

… What?

Bai Yanran retreated subconsciously. Her little maid had already been frightened with cold feet. She didn’t dare to breathe now. She’d told the Miss that they shouldn’t come here.

“No, don’t come over…”

“Don’t be afraid, it will only take a little while.”

“Zhi Po, if you dare hurt me, my father will not let you off,” Bai Yanran shouted with a broken voice, expecting that Ming Shu would hesitate to disrespect Lord Bai. Right now she really felt terrified of this woman in front of her.

Ming Shu curled her lips.

Then Hui Xue and Liu Feng witnessed a cruel one-sided a.s.sault.

Hui Xue even found it a bit unbearable to watch. The Miss had become more violent compared to before. She didn’t show any mercy to women now…

Meanwhile, Liu Feng’s expression remained unchanged. He even wanted to join in.

After Bai Yanran was fiercely beaten by Ming Shu, the Harmony System immediately sounded with a pop-up message, showing that the Hatred Points had all been gathered.

Ming Shu pondered quietly for a while. The Harmony System didn’t know what she was pondering, but it was certainly not something good.

Now the last mission was to collect full Hatred Points from the fake female protagonist.

But the question is… Where’s Xiao Rufeng? Since no one knows where she is, how should I obtain Hatred Points?


She’d better take time to eat some food.

A few days later, Ming Shu heard that Feng Cheng took Xiao Rufei away from Xiling City to seek medical treatment. Without Xiao Rufeng, although they still made slow progress, things were finally going smoothly.

Maybe I should go irritate Feng Cheng and complete an additional task , Ming Shu couldn’t help thinking.

However, before she had time to put the idea in practice, Ming Shu was overwhelmed by public opinion from the entire city.

It was Bai Yanran’s revenge.

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Not knowing how, Bai Yanran successfully incited those people, who had offended her before, to uniformly accuse Ming Shu of being ungrateful and indifferent. They said Ming Shu had no benevolence as a doctor. Someone like this was absolute sc.u.m, the dregs of society, and she wasn’t worthy of being the master of Death Valley, and many more similar discussions.

During the period of Death Valley’s internal strife, many people chose to side with the rebels. Ming Shu was denounced by the united people, and they asked her to get out of Xiling.

Outside her house, people gathered together to shout slogans all day long. They tirelessly repeated the same sentence, broadcasting the same 3D show excitedly.

“These people are so boring. Why can’t they change to a new sentence?” Ming Shu couldn’t stand it any longer.

Beside Ming Shu’s hand lay a colorful little beastie. It was the same size as a little puppy, and also looked like a dog. Its short tails were wagging restlessly and the eyes were so watery. Anyone who saw this adorable little beastie would want to touch and pet it.

Its furry little paws were fiddling with the colorful egg, the surface of which had lost its previous l.u.s.ter and become dark.

Hui Xue stood beside it and was eager to touch it, but this little beastie was not kind at all. It didn’t allow anyone to touch, even the Miss was no exception.

She didn’t know where the little beastie came from. It just suddenly followed Miss in one morning. But Hui Xue found that the color of this little beastie was the same as the dark colorful egg. And ever since it appeared, the egg ceased to move.

Hui Xue thus suspected it was a divine beast coming out of the colorful egg.

But the cla.s.sification was still unknown…

Ming Shu was totally impatient and tired of the shouting outside. She unhappily took a look at the little beastie, who was interestedly playing with the egg.

Sensing the gaze from Ming Shu, the little beastie stopped and stared back.What are you looking at?

Ming Shu reached out and tried to catch the little beastie. But before she got any closer, the hair on the little beastie suddenly rose, a deep roar emerging from its throat.

Pa . Ming Shu pushed it ruthlessly. The little beastie was too small and it dropped down into the gra.s.s with the egg in its arms. The gra.s.s engulfed its entire body.

But it jumped out of the gra.s.s immediately, arguing. Although it was only some strange mumbling, Ming Shu understood its meaning.

You hit me again!

Its small arms and legs were so cute.

Ming Shu harrumphed. She rolled up her sleeves, getting ready to play fight.

Just as her sleeves were rolled up, a breeze blew past her. Then a familiarly strange scent floated before her nose.

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