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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 779 - The Prince Is Well (28)

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Chapter 779: The Prince Is Well (28)

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At Yi’an Mansion…

Just as Ming Shu stepped out of the gate, Qin Si rushed over with two servant girls and blocked her path angrily.

Anger burned in her eyes. “Qin Wu, was it you!”

“What?” Ming Shu was puzzled.

Qin Si’s voice was shrill. “Are you still acting? What are you acting for? Did you talk to the emperor about me and that is why he ordered me to marry to a remote place!”

Ming Shu smiled. “What does your marriage have to do with me?”

After she came back from the banquet, Ming Shu had not left the house for many days.

“I was supposed to marry Prince Three so you got jealous of me. What did you say to the emperor?”

After the banquet, the emperor suddenly gave her an imperial decree and bestowed her to another part of the country. Although she was still going to marry a prince, the place was far away from the power hub. It could not be compared to the Capital at all.

Ming Shu smiled brighter. “Will the emperor listen to whatever I say? Do you think that I am a fairy from heaven? Should I thank you for thinking so highly of me?”


“I what? There are no Hatred Points to gain from playing with you. I will not play with you. Bye-bye.” Ming Shu jumped down the stairs in a few steps and disappeared from Qin Si’s view.

Ming Shu went on the streets and found out about what happened.

The Qin family somehow offended the emperor. The emperor wanted to use Ji Xun to create an issue but was stopped by Ming Shu.

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After exchanging their promises, she cured the emperor’s illness and the emperor would never use Ji Xun to make any issues anymore.

Hence, the emperor gave up on that matter.

However, after a few days, the Qin family still got affected.

Qin Si was bestowed to a powerless and poor prince. All the prince had was a poor piece of land.

This was even worse than marrying a lord in the Capital.

And, this was only the start.

Things started happening to the Qin family.

In the storyline, Song Yunjiao was the one who did this. However, Song Yunjiao had trouble saving herself now so she would not have the time to do this.

So, who did this?

Prince Six?

The Qin family was the most powerful supporter of Prince Three in the imperial court. Once the Qin family was destroyed, Prince Three would lose a capable ally.

However, at the banquet, Prince Three didn’t choose the Qin family, either.

Then… it meant that Prince Three knew something was going to happen to the Qin family and there was no way out of it. Hence, he decided to give up on the Qin family?

If he was someone who understood these situations so well, it would be difficult to deal with him.

Hence, Prince Six should have just kidnapped him at the start.

You will lose out if you don’t listen to your ancestors.

Serves you right.

Speaking of, what has Prince Six been up to lately?

Ming Shu ran over to Prince Six’s mansion.

She didn’t manage to see Prince Six but she saw Miss Xue. The moment Miss Xue saw Ming Shu, she ran off.

“What are you running for? I will not eat you.” Ming Shu grabbed Miss Xue. “Where is your master?”

Since she couldn’t run away, Miss Xue replied unwillingly, “The master is accompanying Miss Yunyan recently. Do you need anything?”

She was not the person in charge of Yunxi Pavilion anymore. Hence, she didn’t need to greet her with a smile.

“Did he forget about his ambition because he has a loved one now? Foolish emperor!”

“…” Is it up to you to decide if Master is a foolish emperor?

Ming Shu asked again. “Has her poison been taken care of?”

Miss Xue shook her head.

How could it be removed? Even Priest Yongyan didn’t have a solution.

“Anyway, she will not die. Ask your master to worry about important matters first.” How can a protagonist die so easily?

Ming Shu threw this sentence down and left.

Miss Xue: “…” Why did she come?

The first snow of winter arrived at the Capital.

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As the snow fell, the Qin family started falling from power. Qin Si was lucky that she married someone outside of the Capital. She managed to save her own life because of this.

“Isn’t the princess consort in the room?” The servant girl didn’t know that Ming Shu ran away. “Let me bring you to the room to find the princess consort.”

“Wife, fly…” The prince pointed at the wall. “Wait, wife.”

The servant girl looked at the high wall. Their princess consort was not a b.u.t.terfly, how could she fly over such a high wall?

Sigh, the prince is sick again.

The servant girl went to call Lord Yi’an. Lord Yi’an couldn’t do anything to Ji Xun, either, so he asked people to call Ming Shu over.

However, the room was empty. There was no sign of the princess consort.

Ji Xun even exaggerated and waved his hands around, telling that that Ming Shu left him behind and flew out herself.

Lord Yi’an: “…”

Ji Xun stubbornly wanted to wait for Ming Shu in the snow. Lord Yi’an walked back and forth around him. This princess consort… really…

He was so angry he could die!!

Ming Shu only came back in the evening. By then, the snowfall got heavier.

Lord Yi’an held an umbrella and stood at the door. Beside him was Ji Xun who was shivering in the cold.

The bright red door was pushed open. Ji Xun looked up. His eyes immediately turned bright. He ran toward Ming Shu and the cloak on him fell down.

“Watch out…”

Lord Yi’an’s words were still echoing in the air when Ji Xun fell.

He landed in a pair of warm arms. He grabbed Ming Shu’s clothes and his eyelashes shook. There were still snowflakes on his eyelashes and they fell as he blinked his eyes. They seemed to have fallen into his clear eyes.

Ji Xun seemed to be frightened. He didn’t move for a long time.

Ming Shu kissed him. She smiled and asked him, “Are my arms so comfortable?”

Ji Xun had totally forgotten that he wanted to take revenge and nodded in a daze.

The next second, Ming Shu’s face changed. “Get up, I’m dying from your weight.”

In order to catch him, both of them fell onto the snow. Ming Shu was on the bottom.

Ji Xun immediately retracted his emotions.

Indeed, she is still so irritating.


Divorce now!!

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