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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 777 - The Prince Is Well (26)

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Chapter 777: The Prince Is Well (26)

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The next day, Lord Yi’an noticed that his son was in low spirits.

He seemed weak and lay on the table tiredly.

Ming Shu was gone.

“Xun-er, what happened?” Lord Yi’an asked worriedly.

Ji Xun turned around and faced Lord Yi’an with the back of his head.

Who asked you to talk nonsense to her? Last night…

The moment he thought about what happened last night, he wanted to strangle Ming Shu.

Lord Yi’an: “…”

Ji Xun ignored Lord Yi’an for the entire day. Lord Yi’an didn’t know what he did wrong. He almost went into depression.

What happened to his son?

Ming Shu went to Yunxi Pavilion to inherit the chef and brought the chef back. From then on, she idled her life away.

When you couldn’t find her, she would definitely be in the kitchen.

The chef was nervous: “…” The princess consort is always hovering around me. Does she like me!

Prince Six’s people had retreated from Yunxi Pavilion. Ming Shu was too lazy to care about the Yunxi Pavilion so she threw it at those three foppish lords.

The lords were dizzied by the windfall.

Hence, they swore that they would manage Yunxi Pavilion well and never be rich and useless people again.

The most profitable business of Yunxi Pavilion was the buying and selling of information. However, without the information provided by Prince Six, the lords were at a loss.

No one told them that they had to look for information themselves.

Hence, they changed Yunxi Pavilion into an entertainment district. Buying and selling of information? Not doing it, not doing it!

They felt that they should just continue to be rich and useless.

The only thing they inherited was the evil merchant nature of Yunxi Pavilion.

Ming Shu had many hopes for them. For the sake of entertaining themselves, they might invite a good chef again.

“Princess Consort, Prince Three is back. The imperial palace is organizing a banquet. You can go with Xun-er.” That day, Lord Yi’an came to find Ming Shu immediately after he came back and gave her this news.

“Prince Three is back?” Ming Shu blinked. “Whole?”

“…” Lord Yi’an felt that his daughter-in-law’s words were quite scary sometimes. What did she mean by whole? If he didn’t come back whole, should he come back in pieces?

“Of course he came back whole. Don’t talk all this nonsense.”

“Father, the fight for the throne is starting. Whose side are you on?”

Lord Yi’an, who was planning to leave, suddenly stopped.

He walked back and sat down. He drank a cup of tea and said softly, “Princess Consort, I remember that the Qin family supports Prince Three, right?”

“What does the Qin family has to do with me?” Ming Shu placed her hand on her chin. “Am I not a member of Yi’an Mansion now?”

Lord Yi’an sized up Ming Shu. “It will be best if you think of it this way. No matter who sits on the throne in the end, it has nothing to do with Yi’an Mansion. Princess Consort, I said before that you only needed to treat Xun’er nicely. You would not lack anything at all.”

“If I don’t treat him nicely?”

Lord Yi’an put down his teacup and gave Ming Shu a look of great significance. Then, he left without saying anything.

The imperial banquet happened three days later.

Lord Yi’an, for some reason, rejected the invitation, saying that he was sick.

Ming Shu brought Ji Xun along to attend the banquet.

Lord Yi’an didn’t want to attend the banquet, but he let her and his dear son attend it. She didn’t understand what he was trying to do.

The moment Ming Shu entered the palace, she saw many familiar faces. Even Gao Bin, whom she hadn’t seen for a long time, was there.

Gao Bin didn’t want to see Ming Shu at all. The moment she came, he changed his seat and walked quickly to the other side of the room.

Those lords that got punished by Ming Shu and Lord Yi’an had almost the same reaction as Gao Bin.

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Although they hated her, they didn’t dare to provoke her.

She sobbed and called, “Your Highness…”

It is such a waste that these people are not in the entertainment industry.

The whole world owes you Oscars.

“What happened?”

Prince Three was always on the battlefield so he had an oppressive aura that could only be gained on the battlefield. When he stood there, he could shut everyone up.

“I came to greet my little sister but she attacked me for no reason.” Qin Si explained before Ming Shu could say anything.

There were not a lot of people here just now so no one knew what happened.

When they looked over, Ming Shu was already twisting Qin Si’s wrist.

Prince Three looked at the person opposite him.

Ming Shu held onto Ji Xun and smiled faintly. She looked so harmless and gentle.

“Princess Consort?” When Ji Xun got married, Prince Three was not here. Hence, he didn’t recognize her.

However, he knew that Ji Xun married the concubine’s daughter of the Qin family, Qin Wu.

Was it this person in front of him?

“Prince Three, do you want to stand up for her?” Ming Shu tilted her head. “You have to think properly. She spoke insolently to the prince. If Lord Yi’an knew about this, she would not just have a twisted wrist.”

Her voice was really light and it didn’t sound like a threat.

However, anyone could tell that it was a threat.

Everyone knew that Lord Yi’an always stood on his own people’s side.

“I didn’t…” Qin Si denied it. “I was just greeting you and the prince.”

“If I say you did, you did. Do you think that Lord Yi’an will listen to you, or listen to me?”

Qin Si: “…”

Prince Three: “…”

Everyone: “…”

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