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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 776 - The Prince Is Well (25)

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Chapter 776: The Prince Is Well (25)

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At Yi’an Mansion…

Ming Shu sat outside Ji Xun’s room and bathed in the sun. There was a handkerchief laid out beside her. There were fruit preserves and pastries on it.

Someone walked over from the distance.

The servant bowed at Ming Shu and raised her leg, making to step in.

“What are you holding?” Ming Shu stopped her.

The servant bowed slightly and replied respectfully, “This is the medicated diet that the lord prepared for the prince.”

“I will take it.”

The servant hesitated. She didn’t dare to give it to Ming Shu.

If the princess consort took it, would the prince be able to eat it?

However, she was only a servant. Hence, she pa.s.sed the medicated diet food to Ming Shu and left after bowing to her.

Ming Shu put away the snacks beside her and went in with the food.

Ji Xun was writing, although she couldn’t understand what his ghost-like drawing meant.

“Time to eat.” Ming Shu placed the medicated diet beside him.

There were ink stains on his hand. Even his clothes were stained with ink. He leaned toward Ming Shu with his dirty body.

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“Don’t come over!” Ming Shu pointed at him. “I just changed!”

The latter immediately pouted. Tears started swimming in his eyes. He held the medicated diet and moved it toward Ming Shu. “Give, wife, eat.”

Ming Shu: “…”

Ming Shu paused for a little while only, but Ji Xun had already made his way over. He sat beside Ming Shu and left a black palmprint on her clothes.

The taste of the medicated food was not good. Ji Xun never liked eating it.

“Eat it yourself.” Ming Shu pushed the bowl away.

“I don’t like.” Ji Xun felt wronged. He expressed how horrible it tasted with his entire face.

F**k, his body was very healthy. Why were they forcing him to eat this all the time?

“Even if you don’t like it, eat it.” Ming Shu smiled. “If you don’t finish it, you will sleep on the floor tonight.”

Ji Xun: “…”

He looked at the bowl of medicated food hesitantly. It was really horrible. Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d made this for him?

I will just sleep on the floor!

I have morals!

After she falls asleep, I can climb onto the bed again!

Ji Xun just made to put down the bowl when he heard someone reporting that Prince Six was here.

Prince Six? Why is he here? His wife kept going out with Prince Six… Was she trying to make him a cuckold?

F**k, how can this happen!!

Ji Xun turned his eyes and suddenly took the spoon to feed Ming Shu.

He leaned on her with half of his body. He placed the spoon next to Ming Shu’s lips. “Wife, eat.”

Ming Shu glanced at him. He was smiling really innocently. All that he lacked was writing the words on his face “I am very obedient, I give all the good food to my wife.”

Ming Shu opened her mouth. Ji Xun immediately fed her the medicated food.

When Prince Six walked in, this was the “harmonious” scene he saw.

He didn’t know what was so good about this idiot at all. Why was she treating him so well?

“Princess Consort, I have something to ask you.” Prince Six didn’t mince any words and went directly into the topic.

“Okay, ask.”

“Can we talk somewhere else?” Prince Six was very careful.

Although Ji Xun was an idiot, he still felt that he should avoid him.

“He is just an idiot. You can say it.”


Ji Xun held his spoon even tighter. You are an idiot! I am enduring hardships now! Do you know about enduring hardships and gaining success after! You bunch of ordinary people!

He gave a silly smile and then quickly fed two spoonfuls of food to Ming Shu.

Who asked you to say that I’m stupid!

“Stop fooling around, eat it yourself.” Ming Shu grabbed his hand. “If you fool around anymore, you will leave.”

Ji Xun: “…”

She must have taken a fancy to this pretty boy!!

I am not leaving!!

Prince Six: “…” Can you two not take me for an invisible person?

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“Prince Six, what do you want to talk to me for?” Ming Shu pushed Ji Xun and stood up. She smiled brightly.

“I will not send you off.”

Prince Six asked his bodyguard to push him away. Before he left, he glanced at Ji Xun again.

Ming Shu touched her chin and watched Prince Six leave.

Song Yunjiao was not the one that applied the poison. This was a little surprising.

She saw the idiot prince eating his medicated food from the corner of her eyes. Is he targeting my snacks coupon again?

Song Yunjiao planned to make the pretend that they were going to kill Prince Six and then she would come out and block the attack. Of course, she would not be fatally hurt.

If she didn’t stop Song Yunjiao, the one that would be lying on the bed would be her.

Thinking about it, he might really be the one that did it.

Ming Shu went out and asked the servants if Ji Xun left on his own before.

The servants expressed that he didn’t. When she was not in the mansion, he would spend most of his time kicking up a fuss. When he got tired, he would go and sleep.

“Wife, I, wrong?” Ji Xun’s face was slightly red. He spoke awkwardly.

F**k, she has been staring at me for such a long time. What are you looking at? What is there to look at? Come over and sleep if you have the ability!

Ming Shu waved at him.

Ji Xun was on his guard. He walked over slowly. “Wife?”

Ming Shu felt around his body and didn’t find anything.

Ji Xun’s clothes were a mess. He seemed a little angry that he was touched. “Wife…”

“Princess Consort! What are you doing!” Lord Yi’an’s angry shout floated over. “I told you to not do anything to Xun-er!”

Ji Xun picked at his clothes pitifully as though Ming Shu molested him.

Ming Shu: “…” Impressive! The little demon is getting more and more impressive!

“Xun-er is still young. I know that you suffered but you shouldn’t do this to him.”

“I am talking to you. Princess Consort, did you hear me?”

Ming Shu smiled at Ji Xun. I will take care of you tonight!

“Father, let me ask you something.”

“You and Xun-er… what thing?”

“Let’s talk outside.”

Ji Xun: “…”

Why did she smile so prettily just now? Why did that smile seem so eerie?

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