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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 775 - The Prince Is Well (24)

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Chapter 775: The Prince Is Well (24)

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In the middle of the night…

A sneaky figure ran into the old temple. Someonce was already waiting at the dome. The other party saw someone coming in and immediately went forward.

Before the other party could say anything, the person that came exploded first. “I asked you all to Prince Six, I didn’t ask you to poison him. Are you trying to kill me?”

Song Yunjiao only heard that there was poison on the’ swords after she left.

The that came to meet her frowned. “We followed your orders. We didn’t put any poison on anything.”

“If you didn’t put the poison, why was that lady poisoned?” Song Yunjiao wore a shawl over her face and she lowered her voice. Her voice sounded a little deep.

The said, “Are you trying to repudiate your debt?”

Song Yunjiao sneered. “Repudiate my debt? Why don’t you go and find out for yourself if I am talking nonsense or speaking the truth!”

She suddenly rejoiced a little that she didn’t go and block that attack.

If she did, the one that was dying now would be her.

The saw how certain Song Yunjiao was and started to doubt himself.

The today was a loss to them. A lot of his men didn’t make it back.

The sent a letter and asked someone to inquire about it. This issue just happened so news about it was everywhere.

The got his reply very quickly.

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The that caused all this was dead so they didn’t know why this happened, either.

“No matter what, you still need to pay the remaining sum to us. After all, so many of my brothers died.”

Song Yunjiao: “You still have the face to ask me for money?”

The said coldly, “The information that you gave us was wrong too. You didn’t tell us that there would be so many covert guards around.”

Song Yunjiao choked.

Her understanding of Prince Six was still too little.

Prince Six just showed his crippled body to the public. He didn’t portray himself as a stupid person. Thus, it was reasonable for him to have covert guards.

The said again, “Miss, we made a mistake in this order so you only need to pay half of the remaining sum to us.”

Song Yunjiao felt stifled in her heart. “You almost killed me and you still have the face to ask me for money!”

The looked at her coldly.

Song Yunjiao looked at the sword in his hand and suddenly felt anxious.

These people were outlaws.

Song Yunjiao didn’t want to pay the money, but from the stance of the, they might kill her if she didn’t pay them. She had no choice.


Who wanted to harm her?

Or rather, harm Prince Six?

If no one blocked that sword for him, the one that was hurt now would be him.

Qin Wu…

Qin Wu?

She grabbed her and prevented her from going over.

It must be her!!

“The second lady is here.”

Song Yunjiao heard the voice and her heart started pounding furiously. She looked around her and tried to find a place to hide.

However, there was no one on the streets now. Before she could find a hiding spot, the people from the Song Mansion appeared in front of her.

They grabbed her and took her without saying anything.

Song Yunjiao couldn’t resist at all. She was dragged back to the Song Mansion.


Mother Song slapped her on the face and pulled a long face as she scolded, “How dare you still run away, you b.i.t.c.h. Why don’t you look at what you are now?”

Song Yunjiao’s face stung from the pain. An iron taste spread in her mouth.

She glared fiercely at Mother Song.

“How dare you still stare at me. Lock her up in the woodshed. If she runs away again, you will all be punished.” Mother Song pointed at the servants. “Don’t give her any food. Let me see if she will still have the energy to run away.”

The servants didn’t dare to disobey Mother Song so they hurriedly dragged Song Yunjiao to the woodshed.

“I’m so angry.” Mother Song said with a sarcastic face. “Everyone is giving me trouble. Have you found the first young lady?”

“Not… yet.”

“It is already late, but she is still outside.” There was no concern on Mother Song’s face. “Go and look for her again. If not, the master will say that I am not showing her enough love.”

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Mother Song only had one daughter. That was the youngest daughter of the Song family.

“Song Yunjiao, antidote.” Prince Six’s patience was almost gone.

“I… it wasn’t me. I don’t know any antidote. It wasn’t me…”

Song Yunjiao started spouting nonsense.

“ a prince means a death penalty.” The bodyguard threatened her at the side. “Miss Song should hurry up and give us the antidote. His Highness will spare you on behalf of your relationship with him in the past.”

Death penalty…

She couldn’t die.

She didn’t want to kill him, either.

She just…

“It was Qin Wu…” Song Yunjiao suddenly raised her head. Her eyes were filled with hatred. “It was Qin Wu, she did it, it must be her… that day…”

Song Yunjiao admitted that she hired the, but her motive was not to kill him.

It was Ming Shu who stopped her.

She must have done something.

Prince Six frowned deeply. Song Yunjiao didn’t apply the poison.

Who else could it be?

The that came to kill him were all dead. This one that he caught was useless. Hence, there was nowhere they could start to investigate who placed the poison.

Is it really that woman?

“Go to Yi’an Mansion,” Prince Six said.

“Your Highness… Your Highness, I know my mistake…” Song Yunjiao looked really pitiful. “Your Highness, I just didn’t want to lose you. I don’t want to hurt you.”

Prince Six face was really cold. “Persecute her according to the crime she committed.”


“Your Highness…” Song Yunjiao widened her eyes. She screamed even louder, “No, Your Highness…!”

Prince Six was shortly pushed out by someone. Song Yunjiao was left inside.

She watched as Prince Six’s wheelchair disappeared in the sunlight.

Song Yunjiao fell onto the floor without any energy left in her. Her face looked hideous as hatred and hopelessness appeared on it. a prince…

Death penalty.

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