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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 774 - The Prince Is Well (23)

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Chapter 774: The Prince Is Well (23)

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When she met Priest Yongyan before, Ming Shu just felt that this person had some skill in cultivation.

However, after interacting with him closely, she felt that this person was extraordinary as compared to all the ordinary people around him.

Priest Yongyan was surprised that Ming Shu was here. She even looked as though she were here to watch a show.

Most importantly, Prince Six didn’t chase her away.

Priest Yongyan retracted his gaze and started examining the lady. He frowned deeply. “This poison is really fierce. I have never seen it before. From her pulse, she will only live for another two hours…”

Prince Six frowned.

He looked at the lady on the bed.

The lady’s face was totally white and her breathing was really weak. She seemed liable to stop breathing at any moment.

“However, there is a method to keep her alive for a while.”

“What is it? Please say it.”

Priest Yongyan paused. “Sorry to be rude, but what is the relationship between the princess consort and Prince Six?”

This priest had glanced at her several times. Ming Shu felt that there was something amiss. She stood up immediately. “No relationship, no relationship. I don’t know him. The prince is waiting for me to go back and have a meal. I will leave first.”

“Stop!” Prince Six shouted.

The bodyguards outside blocked her path.

Prince Six lowered his voice. “Please say it.”

Priest Yongyan sighed. “If the princess consort is willing to team up with me, we can seal the lady’s poison and keep her alive for now.”

Prince Six’s expression turned weird.

Team up with Priest Yongyan?

Is she a priest too?

Doesn’t look like one…

Ming Shu clicked her tongue. “This means that she will still die, right? So, why do we need to save her? Isn’t it a waste of time…”

Prince Six: “Condition!”

Ming Shu kept quiet for a moment. “How about the throne?”

Prince Six: “…”

Priest Yongyan: “…” Did he hear something he was not supposed to hear? Everything visible is empty. Everything empty is visible. I didn’t hear anything at all.

“Look, this person can’t be compared to the throne. Hence, let’s not save her.” Ming Shu pushed away the people that were blocking her.

To Prince Six, this person saved him, but she was just a stranger. It would be unrealistic for him to give up the throne for her.

But he just felt that…

“Yunxi Pavilion, I will give you the Yunxi Pavilion.” She liked to go to the Yunxi Pavilion. Prince Six didn’t know why he had this thought. He felt that she would agree.

Ming Shu turned back and smiled after a while. “Okay.”

The chef at Yunxi Pavilion was really good!

Priest Yongyan: “…” What just happened? Why did she agree suddenly?

“How shall we do it?” Ming Shu pulled up her sleeves and questioned Priest Yongyan.

Priest Yongyan regained his senses. “Princess Consort, you should have learned Taoism before, you just need to…”

“I didn’t.” Ming Shu mercilessly broke the priest’s illusion.

“…” If you didn’t learn it before, why is there such rich reiki on your body?


Why is there no such feeling now?

Priest Yongyan felt a little weird. He looked her up and down a few times.

In the end, he confirmed that there was no reiki on her at all. Not even on a strand of hair.

That day, everything just seemed to be his imagination.

“Princess Consort, do you know about reiki?” Priest Yongyan was starting to doubt himself. He asked her really cautiously.

Ming Shu flipped her palm. A current twirled around her fingers. “This?”

Priest Yongyan frowned. He saw the current on her fingers but he didn’t feel any reiki.


The air seemed to have exploded. The things in the room started swaying without any wind. They clattered.

Prince Six felt that when the wind flowed past him, his body was really comfortable.

Ming Shu retracted her hand. The wind disappeared.

Priest Yongyan felt it too. This was the reiki… she could even keep and release it conveniently.

This level…

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Priest Yongyan didn’t know what this level was in Taoism. He had never seen it before.

“Look at it first. Maybe you will want to buy it after you look at it?” Ming Shu took out a copy of the treasure map from her sleeve and threw it at him.

Prince Six: “…”

If he didn’t buy it today, she would not stop pestering him, right?

Prince Six wanted to open it and take a look at what bulls.h.i.t was this. However, when he opened it, he froze.

He had a goatskin map too. Although this was a scaled down version, it matched with the map that he had.

Although Yunxi Pavilion had much information regarding this, he only had one map on hand.

“Where did you get this?” Prince Six asked after a long while.

“That is none of your business. Are you buying?” Ming Shu smiled with her eyes and asked him.

“How much?” Prince Six paused. “How many people have you sold it to?”

“Not expensive, not expensive.” Ming Shu listed out some food. “As for how many people I sold it to, this is none of your business too, right? Don’t tell me about buying up all my stocks. I will not sell it to you! I have my principles.”

Prince Six: “…”

“We can discuss…”

“No discussion.” Ming Shu grabbed her things and jumped out of the window. “Send the items to the mansion.”

The next day, Prince Six knew why Ming Shu must make him buy it.

She was going to use him to advertise her stall.

At first, people bought it just for fun.

However, those people that got the treasure map got a copy of Ming Shu’s treasure map too. They just wanted to try it out and see. Anyway, it was just some snacks. It was not expensive.

Hence, after that, the entire martial arts world was in an uproar.

The treasure map in her hands was real.

It matched the broken pieces in their hands.

Besides longevity, there was a rumor that the emperor buried many treasures underground. If they could find that place, even if they didn’t gain longevity, they would become really rich.

Hence, Ming Shu’s map sold really well.

Ji Xun only wanted to say one word with regards to Ming Shu’s action: F**k.

Is this how people play?

Is this how people play?!

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