Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 772 - The Prince Is Well (21)

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Chapter 772: The Prince Is Well (21)

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The people from Prince Six’s side started plotting their scheme during the next few days. Ming Shu was too lazy to go over. She had said her opinion already so whether Prince Six listened to it or not, it was none of her business.

Ji Xun kept cheating every day by giving her good food when he came to find her.

Do you think that I won’t reject you just because of this?!


I can finish the food and then reject you!

Ji Xun felt very hopeless too. F**k.

When Ming Shu was free, she would go to Yunxi Pavilion and find information about the treasure map. Yunxi Pavilion had much information on this topic.

Whenever she got a map, Ming Shu would destroy it. Yunxi Pavilion was speechless at how she wasted her money.

However, Ming Shu gave them money so they just had to take it.

There were too many pieces of the map. Yunxi Pavilion knew that it was hard to collect them all so it made more sense to turn them into cash.

Also, this was a legend. Who knew if it was true or not?

Yunxi Pavilion knew how to take note of the situation.

She not only destroyed the maps, she even asked Yunxi Pavilion to let out the news that she was the person who destroyed the map.

The bigger the hype, the better it was.

Let the whole world know that she was the one who destroyed the maps.

Lord Yi’an, who got complained to recently, started to realize that people from the martial arts world started visiting his mansion too.

Lord Yi’an looked at the people from the martial arts world flying above his mansion in the middle of the night. They didn’t kill anyone or steal anything. They all just came for a while and then left thereafter.

Some people were cursing as they left.

They would be so agitated, Lord Yi’an couldn’t decipher what they were trying to say.

He was confused.

What are you doing?!

Were there treasures in his mansion?

Lord Yi’an chose to file a report to the authorities. His son was still in the mansion. He couldn’t let anything happen to him.

News in the martial arts world spread really quickly. Soon, everyone knew that Ming Shu had destroyed the treasure maps.

Ming Shu felt that she would gain a lot of Hatred Points this time.

“Wife, look.”

Ji Xun ran in from outside and handed the thing in his hand to Ming Shu.

“What is this?” Ming Shu’s hand was filled with dust.

“Picture.” Ji Xun gave Ming Shu a huge smile. “Very big.”

Picture… very big?

Ming Shu looked at the dusty thing in his hand. It was a scroll painting using goatskin.

She glanced at Ji Xun who was smiling like an idiot.

She hesitated and untied the string that was holding the scroll together.

The string was untied and the goatskin spread out. A map that she saw before appeared in front of her.

Ming Shu: “…”

The treasure map.

The complete version.

What happened to being the only one in the world?

What happened being unique?

Why is there a complete version of the treasure map here!

She wasted so much effort and it was all for nothing!

Where are my snacks!

“Xun-er, did you go to my study room again?” At this moment, Lord Yi’an came in from outside. His gaze landed on the thing in Ming Shu’s hand and he was stunned for a moment. “Where did you get this?”

Ming Shu stuffed the map into the idiot’s hand.

It has nothing to do with me!

Ji Xun, the idiot: “…” F**k, hypocritical woman!

Ji Xun gave a stupid smile to Lord Yi’an. “Study, wife, like, give.”

Lord Yi’an frowned a little. “Princess Consort, you like this treasure map?”

Ming Shu: “…”

Wait, my lord, did you just say it aloud?

It is a treasure map!!

“If you like it, keep it.”

Lord Yi’an was very magnanimous.

He pulled Ji Xun to the side. “Xun-er, let me tell you, don’t randomly go into Father’s study room. Did you hear me? Look at how messy you made it. A lot of those books are the only ones left in the world. If you damaged one, there won’t be another…”

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He didn’t know if Ji Xun understood him or not. The moment he finished speaking, Ji Xun rushed back to Ming Shu’s side.

Did you hear that? You are supposed to take good care of me!!

“Hoh hoh…” What the f**k. I am playing a game looking for a fake treasure, right!

If the people outside knew that this map was not even worth a book to this family, they would probably cry.

A few days later…

Ming Shu brought a rocking chair to the market and pasted a set of ant.i.thetical couplets on it.

First scroll: Looking for the treasure map furiously.

Second scroll: Exchanging snacks for the map.

Horizontal scroll: Let’s find treasure together.

That’s right!

As long as you had snacks, you could exchange it for a treasure map.

“Princess Consort, why are you squatting here?” Lords Number One, Two, and Three walked past and saw Ming Shu at the stall. They ran over happily.

Ming Shu pointed at the ant.i.thetical couplet.

The lords were still uncertain even after seeing the couplet. “What is this?”

“Selling treasure map.” Ming Shu waved her hand. “Don’t disrupt my business.”

Lord Number One’s mouth corners twitched. “Princess Consort, is the Yi’an Mansion abusing you? Do you need to come out and swindle people to make a living now?”

“You won’t understand even if I tell you.” Ming Shu sat on the rocking chair and then got up again. “Are you buying? It is very cheap.”

The lords each bought one set out of respect for the princess consort.

Lord Number One told Ming Shu a piece of gossip. “Princess Consort, do you know that Song Yunjiao is getting married?”

“Didn’t she just get divorced?” Ming Shu threw a fruit preserve into her mouth. “Why is she getting married again?”

Lord Number Two said, “The Song family thinks that she is too embarra.s.sing so they didn’t want her to stay at home anymore. That is why they found a marriage for her.”

Lord Number Three added, “Giving her away was better than letting other people point at her and talk badly about the Song family.”

Ming Shu looked sideways. She gave an evil smile. “What if Prince Six changed his mind and wanted to take Song Yunjiao back?”

The lords widened their eyes. “Don’t you know that Prince Six is going to marry Song Yunyan? The first young lady of the Song family.”

Ming Shu: “…” There is nothing wrong with the male protagonist and female protagonist getting together.

Does the female protagonist in this world know how to cook?

When I have the time, I shall go and ask Prince Six.

The lords squatted at Ming Shu’s stall for a long time and gossiped about things that happened in the imperial court.

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