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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 771 - The Prince Is Well (20)

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Chapter 771: The Prince Is Well (20)

Ming Shu was brought back by Lord Yi’an.

“Princess Consort, do you know the law? You went to the prince’s mansion to beat people.” Lord Yi’an shouted in anger. “Also, where did you go yesterday? Why was Xun-er bitten by a poisonous snake?”

“The person that I wanted to beat is in the prince’s mansion. If I don’t go there, where should I go?” Ming Shu said. “Your son was not bitten by me, why are you shouting at me. If you have the ability, go and shout at the snake.”

Lord Yi’an: “…”


Where is my cane!

I must punish her properly today!

Princess Consort was confined.

This matter immediately spread through Yi’an Mansion.

Jixun ran to the confinement room and wanted to go in. He kicked up a huge fuss. The people guarding the room failed to dissuade him so they could only let him in.

The lights in the confinement room were really dim. Ming Shu sat cross-legged on the floor. When Ji Xun came in, she raised her eyebrows slowly.

“Are you haunting me!”

“Wife… don’t want, me?” Ji Xun stood there with a worried look.

He missed his old selves. He didn’t need any acting skills then…

This character profile is a little difficult!

“Why would I want you? Because you caused me to be confined here?” Ming Shu clicked her tongue in disdain.

“I accompany, wife.” Ji Xun slowly went over and sat by her side. “Not scared.”

“Who wants you to accompany me. You can’t be eaten.” Ming Shu disliked him even more.

I came here so that I don’t have to be responsible!!

Who wants you to accompany me!!

It was an accident yesterday night!

Ji Xun took out a little bag from his sleeves. He smiled at her sweetly and placed it in front of her as though he was trying to curry favor with her. “Wife, good to eat.”

Ming Shu: “…”

Director, he is cheating!

Ji Xun smiled really innocently.

F**k, I don’t believe that I can’t woo you!

If I can’t woo you this time, I will not be able to go back anymore.

… Going back is the question.

Forget it, this is not important.

Song Yunjiao was cast away and sent to her home.

This was even hotter news than the Prince Six’s other wives dying.

If a lady is cast away in this era, she would not be able to get married again.

The Song family couldn’t accept this and complained to the emperor.

The emperor called Prince Six into the imperial palace and scolded him furiously. However, in the end, he didn’t ask Prince Six to take back his letter of divorce.

Prince Six was just a powerless prince on the surface. He even suffered from a disability. No one would think that he would have a chance to get the throne.

Prince Six’s temper was not very good so it seemed reasonable that he would divorce Song Yunjiao.

Some people said that Prince Six was unhappy that he didn’t manage to make Song Yunjiao die after she married him so he decided to divorce Song Yunjiao and maintain his legend of mourning his wife’s death.

Song Yunjiao was chased out of Prince Six’s mansion right after she was divorced. She didn’t even manage to see Prince Six at all.

She could only go back to the Song Mansion dejectedly.

To the Song family, it was a blemish to their reputation to have someone divorced in their family.

“Yo, older sister, why do you still have the face to come back to the Song family?”

Song Yunjiao glanced at the girl who spoke. She was the youngest daughter of the Song family. She didn’t like her from the start.

Song Yunjiao clenched her fist and didn’t say anything.

“Father, Mother, other people will be talking about us behind our backs from now on.” Song Xiaomei started speaking ill of her in front of her parents again.

Mother Song smiled coldly and mocked her sarcastically, “The daughter is a reflection of the mother. They are both low people.”

Father Song went to court today and was already in a bad mood as other people talked badly about him too.

Now, Song Xiaomei and Mother Song’s words made him even angrier. “What are you standing there for? Go back! Embarra.s.sing thing!”

He was the father-in-law of Prince Six so in order to divorce Song Yunjiao, Prince Six had to give him a reason.

Father Song didn’t expect Song Yunjiao to mess around outside… and even let Prince Six into her while doing so.

If this spreads…

Song Yunjiao suppressed her tears and left in a hurry.

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She lowered her head and walked really quickly. She didn’t notice that there was someone in front of her and b.u.mped right into her.

The reasons got weirder and weirder.

Even the things that happened a long time ago were brought up.

Lord Yi’an was puzzled too. He didn’t provoke anyone recently! Why were these people targeting him all at once?!

The situation in the imperial court was getting tense too.

“Prince Six, the princes that have the highest support now are Prince Three and Prince Nine. Prince Nine seemed to be planning something. He had been moving around a lot recently. Prince Three is already on his way back with his army and will reach the capital in a few days’ time. I think that Prince Three is harder to deal with as compared to Prince Nine.”

Prince Six was having a meeting with his strategists.

They were still on the losing end now.

Those military officers who had military power in their hands were more inclined toward supporting Prince Three.

Prince Six suddenly asked, “Princess Consort, what do you think?”

“Bajibaji…” Ming Shu protected her snacks and said vigilantly, “I am not sharing.”

Everyone: “…” Share what!

Was she listening to them?

Ming Shu was stared at for a long while. She wiped her hands and said, “Catch the snake by its head. Just go and catch Prince Three and everything will be fine.”

Everyone: “…” You said it so easily!!

How to catch him is the question!

Prince Three is someone who learnt martial arts!!

And he has so many people around him!! Do you think that he is a cabbage? You can just grab one whenever you want!

“Money solves everything. Go to Yunxi Pavilion and find someone,” Ming Shu said. “Ask them to catch him. If they get found out, say that Yunxi Pavilion wanted to rebel.”

Everyone: “…” What did Yunxi Pavilion do to you? Why are you targeting them?

“So what if we catch Prince Three?”

Ming Shu said, “The person fighting for the throne is Prince Three. If he is gone, will his people still fight for the throne? If they dare to continue the fight, they are rebelling. Do you know what is rebelling?”

Ming Shu made a chopping motion with her hand.

“…” If it was so simple, why were there so many scrambles for power in history?

“You all just think too much. Why not be more open? Why do you need to beat around the bush so much? Hurry up and catch him. Throw him into a forest or the sea. When he manages to come back, time will have pa.s.sed. Of course, the easiest way is to kill him… it is getting late now, I am going back home to eat my food.”


Didn’t you just eat!!

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