Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 769 - The Prince Is Well (18)

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Chapter 769: The Prince Is Well (18)

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“Your Highness, I think you should fix your brain. If you take the throne like this, you’ll definitely be a fatuous and self-indulgent ruler.”


“I am the Yi’an Mansion’s princess consort, how can I marry you? Your Highness, you’re thinking highly of yourself, do you think anyone could marry me?”

“That fool Ji Xun?” Prince Six sneered.


The procession stopped in a rush, and everyone looked at the carriage where the sound came from.

It was quiet for a while, then the girl jumped off the carriage. She lifted her c.u.mbersome clothes and kicked the horse in the a.s.s fiercely.

The horse was startled and neighed, then ran ahead wildly.

Everyone: “…”

“Your Highness!”

“Stop the carriage!”

Prince Six covered his forehead while staring at Ming Shu gloomily. The other people around them didn’t even dare to breathe.

The chief culprit was completely unconscious, though.

“Princess Consort, how dare you!” Prince Six’s guard scolded.

“He cursed that fool.” Ming Shu leaned against the carriage.

“…” Aren’t you cursing him yourself?!

Now that they were in the wilderness, Prince Six’s people thought there would be no problem with killing this princess consort, and just awaited Prince Six’s order.

But Prince Six covered his forehead and went into the carriage without saying anything.

In the following journey, Ming Shu and Prince Six didn’t communicate anymore.

They arrived outside the village. Ming Shu told them not to enter the village like that.

Seeing Prince Six wanted to use the wheelchair again, Ming Shu directly dissed, “Your Highness, who are you going to show off for? Will they fly in the sky while holding you and your wheelchair later?”

Prince Six’s movement froze and he stood up with an unhappy look.

This woman…

If she dared play him, she would be doomed.

Ming Shu led them into the village without a sound.

When they arrived in the vicinity of the courtyard where Song Yunjiao was in, Ming Shu stopped. “Someone’s watching over there, but I think you can go and have a look silently with your ability.”

Ming Shu pointed at the courtyard nearby. “Here’s a complimentary message for you, the person in the yard seems to be the crown prince from the neighboring country.”

Prince Six didn’t delay and walked straight over there.

About fifteen minutes later, Prince Six came back, but Ming Shu was no longer in the same spot.

His men looked for her everywhere and finally found her in a tree.

The tree gave a good view of the yard…

So why did she make him go over and have a look?

Ming Shu didn’t know what Prince Six had seen, but his expression was very gloomy now.

Prince Six sat in the wheelchair and marched outside the village.

“You’re leaving? Won’t you go in and catch them?” How should I gain my Hatred Points?!

The male protagonist just reacted like this after learning that he was cheated on?

Shouldn’t he break in and make a scene? Even if not, shouldn’t he break in and kill them all?

Before Prince Six walked far, he heard the noises come from the courtyard behind him.

He turned his head to see Ming Shu run over quickly while lifting her dress, chased by several people.

Ming Shu shouted as she ran, “Prince Six ordered me.”

Prince Six, who was completely innocent: “…”

Since it developed to this stage, Prince Six had to stop; the people chasing her also stopped, and the two sides confronted each other.

Song Yunjiao also ran out when she heard Ming Shu’s voice. But seeing Prince Six was really here, her expression changed.

Why was he here…

With Qin Wu?

Right, she was missing, so he came here to find her, right?

But how would she explain this…

“Your Highness…”

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“Take the imperial concubine back.” Prince Six looked indifferent. Without listening to Song Yunjiao’s explanation, he looked at those people who ran over. “Liang Country’s Crown Prince, what brings you to our Baiqi?”

But it only made Prince Six’s expression gloomier.

“Take her away.”

The guards didn’t dare delay longer and went up to take Song Yunjiao away.

“Your Highness, please listen to me, there’s nothing between him and me, don’t listen to Qin Wu…” Song Yunjiao was really a little scared.

She was pulled out of the room and just saw Prince Six’s indifferent expression.

Prince Six looked at Ming Shu who was struggling with a fruit tree and held back the impulse to beat her.

“Princess Consort, tell me now, what do you want to do?”

“Eat fruit.”

“Princess Consort!”

Ming Shu picked up the fruit fallen on the ground. “Your Highness, you’ve lain low for so many years, do you need me to teach you about patience?”

Prince Six: “…” It was all because of you!

In so many years, he had never met such a difficult person to deal with.

“Without patience, how can you get good food?”

Prince Six: “…” It was really a historical miracle that he didn’t kill her now.

Ming Shu wiped the fruits and put one of them into her mouth. She asked while chewing, “Is this thing edible?”

Prince Six: “…” You’ve already eaten it. Don’t you think it’s a little late for you to ask that?

Prince Six felt he had used up an entire year’s mental strength today.

The girl turned her head and smiled in the backlight. “I’ve told you my condition, Your Highness, you really need to fix your brain.”

She said the unfriendly words in a tender tone.

“What can you give me? Why should I cooperate with you?”

“Oh, whatever. I was just suggesting it. Whether you agree or not actually won’t make a considerable influence on me.” At the worst, I may need to gain Hatred Points from one more person.

I can do it!


Guards! Guards!

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