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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 768 - The Prince Is Well (17)

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Chapter 768: The Prince Is Well (17)

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“I don’t have that much money.”

Miss Xue: “…”

Why are you so proud of that!

What gave you the confidence!

Fine, she was in her hands now, and she could be proud of having no money.

Ming Shu pulled out a bag out of nowhere and stuffed it into Miss Xue’s hands. “Here you are, that’s all I’ve got.”

Miss Xue took the heavy bag and opened it. There was gold, bank notes, as well as some jewelry inside.

“My guest, can you release me now?” Miss Xue negotiated with Ming Shu.

“What if you take my money and run? I am very poor.” Ming Shu didn’t move.


Miss Xue pondered for a while, then gave the map to Ming Shu. “There’re a total of twelve pieces of this treasure map, it’s just one of them, so actually it’s useless to have.”

“It’s useless but you sold it for fifty thousand!” What a profiteer.

“…I’m going to fall!” Miss Xue grabbed the branch next to her.

Ming Shu pulled her back.

Miss Xue patted her own chest. “Fifty thousand is worth fifty thousand, of course. Do you know what this treasure map is?”

Ming Shu shook the map. “What could a treasure map be, isn’t it just treasure?”

Miss Xue rolled her eyes again. “Have you heard of the story of an emperor who sought eternal life a long time ago?”

“Eternal life?” It’s this kind of cliched plotline again. Ming Shu chuckled after a moment. “What’s good about having an eternal life?”

“Don’t you want to be immortal? People live, aging and getting sick, and die in this world, how painful is that. If one could achieve eternal life, who doesn’t want to try?”

“Since it’s so good, why don’t you Yunxi Pavilion people seek it for yourselves?” Ming Shu raised her eyebrows.

“Yunxi Pavilion only does business,” Miss Xue only responded with that. “Can you let go of me first?”

Ming Shu’s hand was a little sore, so she threw away the branch.

Miss Xue watched the branch fall down to the ground and twitched her mouth corners. She couldn’t even fly, but why did it feel like she could take her life at any minute with that branch just now?

“Rumors said that the emperor at that time found a way to live forever, but strange things began to happen as he discovered it. The emperor looked younger and younger, but strange things also happened more and more often. The emperor had nightmares and occasionally shouted in his dreams.

“The emperor was frightened, so he stopped and ordered people to bury this method of eternal life. But the emperor was not reconciled, and ordered to draw the map.

“The emperor was afraid that anyone who knew this would also want to live forever, so he divided the map into twelve pieces kept by different people.”

Miss Xue pointed at the map in Ming Shu’s hand with her chin. “That’s one of them. This legend has always existed, and there are many emperors in history who wanted to find it, but no one succeeded.”

Twelve pieces… When will I get them all?

Perhaps some have been lost forever.

Isn’t it there no plotline for the hidden task?

But wait…

The Harmony System didn’t say I need to find the treasure! My mission is Hatred Points…

Ming Shu looked at the map in her hand and suddenly revealed a bright smile.

Miss Xue: “…” Why is she smiling so slyly?

Song Yunjiao was kidnapped to cure someone’s disease.

The kidnapper was the prince of the state next to Baiqi Country, who was also a secondary male protagonist.

Song Yunjiao’s system not only helped her win the male protagonist’s affection, but also the secondary male protagonist’s. So in the past Song Yunjiao saved this prince.

She was not a real doctor. She had exchanged for medicine from the system, and the effects were great.

This time, when the prince was seriously wounded and dying, his subordinates thought of Song Yunjiao, the miracle-working doctor.

So they kidnapped her.

Song Yunjiao was glad that she had saved some points, which could be exchanged for medicine. She mixed the medicine into the soup for the prince to drink.

Within a day, his royal highness was out of danger.

Miss Xue had left.

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Ming Shu waited alone outside the courtyard. But not all day, she also went back to the city to buy snacks.

“Who on earth are you?” How did she know he was well in health.

“I’m the Yi’an Mansion’s princess consort.”

Prince Six remained silent.

The atmosphere became tense in the carriage.

Ming Shu didn’t seem to notice that, though. She finished the tomatoes slowly.

Then she suddenly leaned over and had the tip of the sword against her chest. She smiled again. “Your Highness, do you want to rebel?”

The imposing manner around Prince Six poured out all of a sudden, and even the people outside the carriage felt it.

“Why do you behave so fiercely?” Ming Shu leaned back a little and touched the tip of the sword with her fingers, then pushed it aside. “I’ll help you take the throne, but I have a condition.”

Ming Shu’s att.i.tude was very casual, but Prince Six seemed so nervous, which put him in a disadvantageous position.

He frowned and put away the sword.

“Do you know what you’re talking about?”

“Right, the word rebel is kind of inappropriate here.” Ming Shu reflected on herself. “It should be ‘inherit the throne.’”


Prince Six took a close look at Ming Shu. Qin Wu’s character had become vague in his memory, but he didn’t think that person was like this.

“Princess Consort, what qualifications do you think you have to negotiate with me?”

“I have beauty and talent.”


Prince Six was silent for some time. “What’s your condition?”

“Simple. Divorce your wife Song Yunjiao,” Ming Shu answered.

Prince Six squinted his eyes. “Won’t you want me to divorce her and then marry you after ascending the throne?”

Ming Shu looked at him gloomily.

Prince Six thought he a.n.a.lyzed it right. A woman asked him to divorce his imperial concubine, wasn’t it because she wanted to marry him?

But what’s that look on her face?

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