Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 766 - The Prince Is Well (13)

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Chapter 766: The Prince Is Well (13)

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Where’s the treasure!

Ming Shu felt anxious.

Ji Xun came closer to Ming Shu and watched her draw something on the table with water, head tilted.

“The picture,” Ji Xun suddenly said, “big.”

“What picture is big?”

Ji Xun blinked his eyes and revealed a bright smile. “Wife, kiss.”

Is this little demon pretending to be a fool?

“Lord… You’re back.” The girl’s voice suddenly sounded.

The curtain was lifted open and a woman came in attended by a crowd.

Right… It was a woman.

A woman in full makeup, gorgeously dressed, and very beautiful.

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But the counter girl called her Lord.

Why is such a beautiful woman called Lord Ghost!

This is not in line with the plotline!

“We have a guest?” The woman’s voice was very charming, enough to weaken men’s knees.

The girl came out from behind the counter and whispered to Lord Ghost. Then after a moment, Lord Ghost looked over to Ming Shu.

But just one look, then she averted her gaze and went inside.

Ming Shu really worried that she might hurt her waist by twisting like that.

Ming Shu also averted her gaze and looked at Ji Xun. “What big picture did you just say?”

Ji Xun revealed an innocent face. He seemed to have forgotten what he just said.

While the girl and Lord Ghost both went inside, Ming Shu pulled and kissed him. “Now, tell me about it.”

But Ji Xun still had a blank face.

Ming Shu: “…” Are you playing me!

Ming Shu came out from Yunxi Pavilion. Besides having a meal, she didn’t buy any information.

Ming Shu felt strange about what Ji Xun had said, but he didn’t mention it later, as if he was just talking nonsense.

During the next few days, Ming Shu went to Yunxi Pavilion every day to eat.

Lord Ghost only showed up once. Later when Ming Shu went there, she didn’t encounter her again.

At night, Yunxi Pavilion was much busier than during the day.

But Ming Shu found it was particularly busy today.

“What is it, are you having a festival here at the Yunxi Pavilion?” Ming Shu leaned over the counter and chatted with the girl.

People were already coming and going outside the shop, and there were many more people setting up stalls.

The girl was quite idle. “Every month there’s a gathering in the Yunxi Pavilion, and people came here today to make deals because Yunxi Pavilion won’t draw any fee from the transaction.”

Ming Shu understood. This was a large trading market.

Yunxi Pavilion provided the venue for them today.

“Are you that kind?” Ming Shu swept a gaze over the girl. The profiteer organization suddenly began to do good deeds, there must be some hidden intentions .

The girl showed the whites of her eyes.

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows. “Hey, you’re disrespecting your guest.”

The girl: “…”

“Miss Xue, something happened, please come and have a look.” A head popped in from outside and called anxiously.

The girl… namely Miss Xue immediately walked out.

Ming Shu picked up the snacks on the counter and followed her out.

The streets outside were like a lively market. Miss Xue followed the person all the way to a store.

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There were many people surrounding the outside of the shop now and they discussed while pointing about. The people in front made way for Miss Xue, so Ming Shu followed her and also went inside.

Miss Xue pondered for a while. “Young lord, I can give it back to you, but please don’t harm this girl.”

The man breathed a sigh of relief while hearing this, but then he roared again, “Give it back to me now!”

Miss Xue made eye contact with the store head.

The latter hesitated for a moment, then went to take the thing out.

“It’s right here, young lord, you need to let go of the miss first.”

“Give the thing to me first! After I leave the Yunxi Pavilion in safety, I’ll naturally release her!” The man was not a fool.

They fell into a stalemate for some time, but finally Miss Xue compromised and agreed to let him out first.

But he needed to release the girl at the same time when they gave the thing to him outside.

They left the Yunxi Pavilion. Some people were left behind to keep order, so not many people followed up.

Because Ming Shu had been staying with Miss Xue recently, they knew her face, and she was not stopped.

After they came outside, the man immediately pulled Song Yunjiao and walked to a safer place.

“Throw the thing over!”

It was in the evening and the lights were dim. Miss Xue accordingly threw the map but played a little trick—she didn’t directly throw it at the man’s feet, but a distance away from him.

The man was angry, but he could only go forward with Song Yunjiao.

He told Song Yunjiao to pick up the object.

Song Yunjiao bent over slowly. The man paid close attention to Miss Xue and the others, but he didn’t focus on Song Yunjiao then.

Just as the situation grew tense, Song Yunjiao caught the object on the ground in a rush and stepped on the man’s foot, then directly rolled aside.

The man cursed.

“Catch him!”

The fighting noises sounded. Taking the opportunity, Song Yunjiao left the battlefield and gasped. She hid in a corner, spreading open the map in her hand.

It was a sheepskin map.

The map was so detailed that it completely exceeded her knowledge of the world.

Prince Six also held one.

She touched the tear, which should have been irregularly cut off. It was only a part of an intact map.

Song Yunjiao listened to the fighting over there and read the map quickly. She needed to memorize all the content.

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