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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 765 - The Prince Is Well (14)

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Chapter 765: The Prince Is Well (14)

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The Imperial Clan Court…

It was a place that only saw people going in without coming out.

“Lord, Lord, please show me mercy!” The butler was panicked. “Lord, I know I was wrong. I’ve worked hard for so many years for you and your family, please, my lord, forgive me.”

Lord Yi’an couldn’t hold back his anger. “I told you to take good care of Xun-er, is that what you did to him?”


“Take him away.”

“Lord, please spare my life…”

“Lord, we know we were wrong, show us mercy!”

The hall was noisy. Lord Yi’an turned around and waved to have these people taken away.

Out of sight and out of mind.

Waiting until the hall was quiet again, Lord Yi’an sighed and sat aside for a long time.

The rest of the servants stood there looking at each other, not daring to speak.

After a long time, Lord Yi’an made the decision. “Later the princess consort will take over the job of managing affairs for the mansion.”


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Lord Yi’an looked over in a rush.

Other people would fight with all kinds of methods to become the house manager, why didn’t she want it!

“It’ll waste a lot of energy.” Ming Shu smiled and rejected directly. “I don’t want that.”

Lord Yi’an: “…”

Lord Yi’an really wanted to smack the table angrily. You have to do that!

But thinking of his own stupid son, he endured it and snorted, then left the hall.

Lord Yi’an stayed for a long time with Ji Xun before leaving.

He always thought his son would be well off inside the mansion… Who knew that in his own house, such a situation existed.

Guilt and remorse made Lord Yi’an feel very sorry for Ji Xun.

If he had spoken to him more often, and had looked out for the servants, none of this would have happened. They were outsiders, so how could he expect them to treat him like real family.

“What did you say?” Song Yunjiao’s voice was slightly loud. “How could this be?”

The servant girl answered in a weak voice, “I don’t know. All the servants in Yi’an Mansion seem to have disappeared, and there were only some old people left…”

Song Yunjiao frowned heavily. She had everything ready on her side, but Yi’an Mansion suddenly fell out of her control.

“Miss, what do we do now?”

Song Yunjiao took a deep breath. “Yi’an Mansion sent away so many servants, surely they will recruit some new servants, that’ll…”

Song Yunjiao whispered to the servant girl.

The servant girl nodded her head repeatedly. “Yes, I’ll do it right now.”

Yi’an Mansion had recruited many people recently, and the palace that was deserted for a few days finally came alive again.

The newly appointed butler was giving an admonitory talk to the new subordinates.

He told them where they were not allowed to enter. Except for the prince’s courtyard, they were also not allowed to enter the place where the lord lived.

Ming Shu sat outside Ji Xun’s courtyard and watched the servants come and go in the mansion. She was wondering where her treasure was.

Without even a hint, where could she go to find some treasure… Could she dig out a treasure casually?

Yunxi Pavilion!


She didn’t know, but someone must.

Ming Shu rummaged through her dowries frantically and was about to leave the mansion with some valuable things.

“Wife…” Ji Xun popped out from nowhere and blocked her way. He looked at her with innocent eyes. “Accompany, me.”

“Be good, I need to do something.” Ming Shu pinched his face. “Move.”

Ji Xun stopped her unhappily. “No.”

Ming Shu: “…”

An hour later, Ming Shu left the mansion with a little attendant.

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They met Lord Yi’an when they left the mansion, who stopped and scolded her again. He didn’t want her to take the prince out.

She just nodded her head slightly to show she noticed the existence of Ji Xun, politely.

Ming Shu pinched Ji Xun’s hand and leaned half of her body over the counter. She smiled at the girl. “I want to buy some information.”

The girl breathed a sigh of relief. It was good that she didn’t come to fight again.

“If you want to buy information, you can go to the third store in the front. They specially buy and sell information there.” The girl pointed the way for Ming Shu.

“I just want to buy it from you.”

The girl wished she could reveal a cold face, but she couldn’t.

Holding back her emotions, she asked with a smile, “What kind of information do you want to buy, my guest?”

Ming Shu leaned closer, and the girl also leaned forward cooperatively.

“I want to buy information about the treasure.”

The girl didn’t show any strange reaction after hearing this. She just asked, “What treasure’s information?”

Ming Shu raised her brows. “Do you have a lot of treasures?”

The girl just smiled and didn’t say anything.

“I don’t know which one I should buy, perhaps you can sell all of them to me.”

The girl: “…”

Guards! Here comes the troublemaker again!

“Our Yunxi Pavilion has rules about business. The guest can only buy one piece of information about the treasure, so you should decide which one you want to buy.”

Ming Shu: “…” I just don’t know! If I knew, do you think I’d come to you? Profiteer!

“You can give me a hint, my guest,” the girl added.

Ming Shu: “…”

Hint: None.

Ming Shu pondered for a while, and under the smiling gaze of the girl, she said, “Serve me some food first, I need to think about it.”

The girl: “…”

I really think this person is a freak, but she didn’t break the rules by requesting that. The girl had to pa.s.s the menu to Ming Shu.

“Do you sell your cook?” Ming Shu suddenly asked after ordering food.

“I’m sorry, guest, but we don’t.” The girl almost squeezed this sentence out of her mouth.

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