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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 764 - : The Prince Is Well (13)

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Chapter 764: The Prince Is Well (13)

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Cui-er didn’t know what happened to her father, but she still sent these things over to Ji Xun obediently in the next few days.

Maybe it was because Ming Shu hit her, but Cui-er didn’t dare to provoke Ming Shu anymore.

She didn’t know how Lord Yi’an inspected Ji Xun that day, but he only saw the injuries on Ji Xun’s body and didn’t see the cut.

Ming Shu suspected even more that Ji Xun was faking it.

However, she didn’t find any evidence at all even after so many days.

“Wife, give, you.” Ji Xun pa.s.sed a really ugly flower wreath to Ming Shu.

Ming Shu grabbed her fruit preserves in disdain. “It is so ugly. I don’t want.”

Ji Xun pouted and pounced on Ming Shu. She got a fright and immediately reached out to catch him.

Ming Shu was sitting at the side of a lake so if she didn’t catch him, he would fall into the water with that pounce of his.

Ji Xun reached out his hand and placed the flower wreath on Ming Shu’s head. He opened his mouth and giggled. “Pretty.”

“Which part of it is pretty? What sense of beauty do you have!” Ming Shu touched the flower wreath with her hand. She suddenly looked at the path on the other side of the lake.

A person that looked like a priest was walking over here with Lord Yi’an.

Lord Yi’an saw them too.

Ming Shu sat at the edge of the lake. Ji Xun was in her arms. He was playing with the flower wreath on her head. The sunlight fell through the branches and formed patterns on their bodies.

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The scene looked really warm and harmonious.

Lord Yi’an realized that ever since Xun-er became closer to the princess consort, his spirit improved.

“Priest, this is the prince and the princess consort.”

Priest Yongyan looked over. Sunlight fell into his eyes and Priest Yongyan almost couldn’t open his eyes for a moment.

This was not sunlight.

It was rich reiki.

He had never seen such rich reiki on a single person before. Even the one on the throne as well as his sons didn’t have such powerful reiki.

However, that reiki seemed a little… how do you put it, not very warm. It was a little stingy. Not everyone could touch this reiki.

It seemed that the girl released the reiki to… nourish… yes, nourish…

“Priest, do you want to go over and take a look?” Lord Yi’an asked.

Priest Yongyan took a deep breath. “Lord, there is no need to go over. With the princess consort around, the prince will be surrounded by blessings. He will live a long life.”

Lord Yi’an wanted to ask Priest Yongyan to come over and see if there was anything wrong with the princess consort, but who knew he would get this reply.

“Wife, I want a kiss.” Ji Xun looked up at her.

Ming Shu smacked him angrily. “I am being taken as a demon and you still want a kiss? Kiss, what kiss. Get up, you are too heavy.”

“Kiss kiss…”


“Kiss kiss.” Ji Xun hugged her neck and leaned toward her.

Ming Shu still had fruit preserves in her hand and she would never give up on food. Hence, she couldn’t maintain her balance and both of them fell into the water.

Lord Yi’an had just turned back when he heard this sound. He looked back and his face turned black.

“Lord Yi’an, you should let go too.” Priest Yongyan stopped Lord Yi’an who was planning to go and save them. “You will not be the one that will be accompanying the prince in the future.”

Lord Yi’an froze.

Priest Yongyan gave a long sigh and left the path.

Under the sunlight, waves formed in the lake. The girl pushed the man up first before climbing up and lying on the banks. She scolded him as she lay on the ground.

Her tone seemed furious, but it didn’t make people feel bad.

The man lay on the banks too and weakly refuted for a while. Then, he took out his hand and made to pull her up.

Lord Yi’an stood there for a moment before turning around and walking away.

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After the priest left, although Lord Yi’an still didn’t like this princess consort who always created trouble in the Yi’an Mansion, he didn’t keep shouting at her anyone. He would close one eye and let things pa.s.s.

“Go and kneel outside.”

Cui-er bit her lip and wanted to refute her. However, she got caught red-handed so she could only go out and kneel.

She felt that this was just a small matter. She would just be punished for a little while. Her father would help her anyway.

When Lord Yi’an came back, the entire mansion was in a mess because of Ming Shu. All the servants were kneeling on the ground.

Besides a few old servants, the rest of them were kneeling on the ground.

Even the butler was kneeling.

“What are you doing?” Lord Yi’an strode over in big steps.

No one in the main hall spoke.

Lord Yi’an looked at the butler. He was holding his chest and there was a footprint on it. He had been kicked.

The butler didn’t say anything. Lord Yi’an could only turn to Ming Shu.

Ming Shu chewed her fruit preserves and smiled. “Father, I really wonder whether you truly care for your son.”

Although Ming Shu was smiling, the sarcasm in her tone was really overt. Anyone could hear it.

“You, tell me. What is going on!” Lord Yi’an pointed at a servant who was standing.

The person took a look at Ming Shu and then stuttered out what happened today.

The cause of all this was the princess consort b.u.mping into Cui-er feeding cold soup to the prince. Then, all the servants were implicated when she found out that they all complied in appearance but opposed in truth.

Cui-er and the butler always stole the prince’s food. Cui-er didn’t take care of the prince wholeheartedly, either. She would always leave the prince alone so that she could run out and talk to other people or do other things.

The rest of the servants in the mansion were either bought over by the butler and Cui-er or threatened by them. They didn’t dare to say anything at all.

“You all really…” Lord Yi’an finished listening to everything and got so furious he couldn’t even finish a proper sentence.

No wonder Xun-er was so unhappy before. With such pretentious people who concealed the truth around him, how could he be happy?

Xun-er’s injuries were evidence too. Even if he couldn’t see, would these people not be able to notice?

He trusted them and that was why he entrusted Xun-er to them…

After a long time, Lord Yi’an shouted in anger, “Send them all to the Imperial Clan Court!”

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