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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 763 - The Prince Is Well (12)

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Chapter 763: The Prince Is Well (12)

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“They bullied your son.”

The noisy main hall quieted down because of this sentence. Lord Yi’an looked at the person who walked in from outside.

The girl was in a full bright red dress and walked in slowly.

There was a smile pulling at the corner of her mouth. It was just an ordinary smile, but everyone suddenly felt like they had pins on her bottoms.

There was an aura about her.

An aura that couldn’t be ignored. An aura that no one dared to provoke.

However, when she walked nearer, that aura had disappeared.

All that was left was a young girl smiling innocently.

That feeling just now seemed like their imagination.

“Princess Consort, what did you say?” Lord Yi’an regained his senses.

Ming Shu chose a seat and sat down in front of everyone. “I said that they bullied your son.”

Everyone’s expressions turned ugly.

Although she was the princess consort, their status was not low, either. However, she just ignored them and sat down directly in front of them. She didn’t even greet Lord Yi’an.

Does she have any manners!!

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Of course, Lord Yi’an’s attention was not on this small thing.

It was on the fact that someone bullied his son.

This bunch of people came bright and early in the morning to ask him for an answer as to why the princess consort beat their sons.

However, the princess consort was telling him now that they bullied his son first!!

Prime Minister Gao scolded her with a cold face, “Princess Consort, you have no evidence, don’t talk rubbish.”

Mister Fan followed him and said, “Princess Consort, don’t confuse right and wrong. What is your intention for making such malicious comments now!!”

Ming Shu said, “You all should know if I am confusing right and wrong, right?”

Prime Minister Gao frowned. When he confessed… Gao Bin didn’t tell him that they bullied the prince.

Gao Bin only told him that the princess consort beat them up.

He looked at the other two people.

They appeared very nervous too. They obviously didn’t know that there was this issue too.

Bully the prince…

Are they looking for death?

Who doesn’t know that Lord Yi’an loved this idiot?

Just as the three of them were confused, the girl on the other side smiled. “I did beat them. What do you all want to do with me?”

Prime Minister Gao: “…”

“Lord, look at her. She still looks as though she did the right thing by beating them!” Prime Minister Gao got provoked and immediately turned red in the face. He shouted angrily, “Is the Yi’an Mansion going to allow her to be like this? Does she have any regard for her superiors? The Qin family doesn’t have any rules. Do you not have any rules as well?”

“We can just get a divorce then. Father doesn’t like me anyway. Just as well.” Ming Shu didn’t wait for Lord Yi’an to continue. She continued for him.

Lord Yi’an glanced at Prime Minister Gao and the other two ministers.

Prime Minister Gao shivered for some reason. The other two ministers just sealed their lips.

Lord Yi’an asked, “Princess Consort, are you telling the truth? Xun-er got bullied?”

“There are injuries all over his body, didn’t you know?” Ming Shu placed her chin on her hand and smiled mysteriously at Lord Yi’an.

Lord Yi’an obviously didn’t know. If he did, how would he not care about it?

“Come, let’s go and look for Xun-er.” Lord Prime Minister turned and looked at the three officials. “Prime Minister Gao, a.s.sistant Minister Feng, Minister Fan. Let me find out what really happened and I will give you all an answer.”

The three officials frowned at the same time.

How they wished they could go home now and pull their little b.a.s.t.a.r.ds’ ears and ask them what happened exactly.

The person that went to find the prince came back quickly and whispered something into Lord Yi’an’s ear.

Lord Yi’an’s face turned dark. He asked them to wait and left immediately thereafter.

Ming Shu didn’t leave. Her gaze landed on Prime Minister Gao. She said softly, “I already lifted my hand in mercy when I didn’t beat them to death. What are you all unsatisfied about?”

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Prime Minister Gao: “…”

At least she knew how to protect Xun-er.

On the other hand, Ming Shu…

[Additional Task: Gain Hatred Points from Ji Xun.]

[Additional Task: Treasure, treasure, where are you?]

What the h.e.l.l? How do I know where the treasure is? Where is the hint?!

[Hint: None.]

“Pa! Are you playing with me!”

Ming Shu only remembered where she was after she slammed the table. She looked at Lord Yi’an and smiled calmly. “Father, I will take my leave now.”

Once Ming Shu left, the butler came toward Lord Yi’an. “Lord, do you feel that there is something weird with… the princess consort?”

Lord Yi’an looked outside with a deep and mysterious look. She was not just weird.

“Lord, do you think that there are some dirty deeds involved?” The butler lowered his voice. “What if the prince…”

Lord Yi’an was going to scold the butler, but when he heard about the prince, his eyes froze.

They all saw the changes in the princess consort.

Most importantly, Xun-er suddenly started to pester her…

Lord Yi’an changed his words. “I remember that Priest Yongyan is still in the imperial palace. Invite him over and say that it is to calm the prince down.”


The butler left the main hall and walked to the backyard. When he walked past a pavilion, he saw Cui-er entering a room sneakily. He frowned and followed her.

“Cui-er,” the butler called.

Cui-er jumped in shock. When she saw that it was her father, she heaved a sigh of relief. “Father, why did you suddenly enter? You scared me.”

The butler looked at the box in Cui-er’s hand. “This belongs to the prince?”

Cui-er immediately smiled. “Yes, Father. This is really good. Do you want to try?”

“Take care of the prince from now on. Do not create any trouble. Hurry up and send this back to the prince.”

Cui-er was not willing to do it. Last time, that idiot was not able to finish all these foods. It was all finished by them.

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