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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 761 - The Prince Is Well (10)

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Chapter 761: The Prince Is Well (10)

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Prince Nine and Song Yunjiao stepped out of the shop together. Once they stepped out, they heard the door closing loudly behind them. It sounded as though the person closing it was in a hurry.

A group of large, muscular men was standing in front of them. When they saw them, the other party had already rushed toward them.

Prince Nine: !!!

Song Yunjiao: !!!

Prince Nine didn’t expect to be attacked at Yunxi Pavilion. He was taken by surprise.

Although Song Yunjiao had the Favorite Concubine system, she didn’t manage to buy any combat abilities yet so she was just a weak person now.

Those people managed to catch the two of them easily.


Two black curtains fell from the sky and formed a part.i.tion in the middle.

The three lords looked up in a daze. The service of Yunxi Pavilion… is so thoughtful!

The three of them took the pa.s.s in front of them and each hugged a portion of it to their chest.

This thing was really fun to play with. They… didn’t want to give it back anymore.

Just take it as they bought it with their bank notes!!

Prince Nine knew some martial arts, but he didn’t resist. He let those people catch him.

He looked past the bunch of large people and saw the person sitting at the back.

“Princess Consort, how did I provoke you?”

The large men moved a little and let Ming Shu be shown.

She lifted her legs up while tapping her finger on the arm of the chair. “You didn’t. You were just implicated by that cute lady.”

Prince Nine glanced at Song Yunjiao from the corner of his eyes. He said, “How did she provoke you then?”

Ming Shu smiled. “She made me marry an idiot. She destroyed my future. Is this considered irreconcilable hatred?”

Song Yunjiao was stunned. She…

How did she know?


She didn’t make an appearance in this matter at all. Even if you investigated it, you wouldn’t be able to link this matter to her.

Song Yunjiao was agitated.

Prince Nine said, “You must be joking, Princess Consort. The marriage decree is given by the emperor. If the daughter of the wife didn’t want to marry and forced you to take her position, it is the Qin family’s fault. How can you push the blame on other people?”

“I want to! Can you care about me?” Ming Shu smiled brightly. “What are you waiting for? Are you all still going to beat her?”

The men heard her say this and immediately surrounded Song Yunjiao.

Prince Nine wanted to resist, but before he could act, his body went weak and he was held to the side by a large man.

How could Song Yunjiao’s small body take so much abuse?

By the time Ming Shu came back to Yi’an Mansion, the sky was already dark. She climbed the walls of Yi’an Mansion and took her dowry to pay her debt.

She got caught by Cui-er just as she finished throwing those things out.

“Princess Consort, where did you go?”

Ming Shu looked at her. “What does that have to do with you?”

“You are the princess consort and yet, you went out for one whole day. Do you still follow any rules?”

Ming Shu walked over to her and under Cui-er’s angry gaze, she grabbed her and flipped her over her shoulder.

She leaned down and stared at Cui-er’s face which had turned hideous from the pain. Her voice was still gentle. “Whether I follow any rules or not, you have no right to tell me off. Stop pointing your finger at me. Be a good girl.”

Cui-er looked at her in fear.

She only felt that this person seemed a little different before, but now, this person was completely different.

This person… is not the princess consort.

A cold wind blew. Gooseb.u.mps appeared on Cui-er’s body.

Ming Shu felt that she was a little unlucky today. She just managed to subdue Cui-er and Lord Yi’an came over hurriedly.

“You still know how to come back? Do you still remember your status? You went out for the entire day…” Lord Yi’an remembered the important thing and suppressed his anger. “Hurry up and follow me to find Xun-er. He has not eaten anything the whole day.”

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“Would it be of any use if I go over? What can I do? Help him eat?” Ming Shu opened the doors of her room.

Was his thinking too obscene?

He felt awkward for a moment. However, as a lord, he still needed to maintain his stance. He said with an angry face, “Xun-er hasn’t eaten anything for the whole day. I will ask them to make him some food again. You will coax him to eat it.”

Lord Yi’an left the room after he finished speaking. When he was closing the door, he warned her again, “Don’t do anything to Xun-er!”

If I really want to do something to him, can you stop me? Naive!

The prince sat on the chair obediently. He stared at Ming Shu with his bloodshot eyes. There were still tears in his eyes.

“Wife, don’t want, me?”

“No, you are so dirty.”

“Not… not dirty,” the prince said in a crying tone. “I wash… wash wash, clean.”

“I still don’t want you.”

Ming Shu lowered her head and took off his clothes. The wound had split open again which resulted in more blood seeping out.

This wound looked strange for some reason.

If it was acquired during a fall, there wouldn’t be so much blood.

However, from the surroundings at that time, it really looked as though it was caused by a sharp rock. He made a fuss for a whole day so… it would be reasonable that so much blood flowed out.

Ming Shu applied medicine for him and took some clean clothes for him.

Ming Shu raised her head and looked at the prince. He was still wearing that pitiful look. He grabbed his clothes and looked so sad you would have thought that he was abandoned.

Ming Shu pressed him against the chair and suddenly kissed him.

Their soft lips entangled together and there seemed to be a warm stream flowing between them. It flowed into their bodies and then gathered at their hearts. The feeling was ambiguous.

The prince’s eyes widened. He had forgotten to breathe.

But besides this, there was no other reaction.

No, wait.

But… the person is right.

Ming Shu pecked him on the lips a few times and then let him go. She stood up.

The prince looked up at her with a red face. “Wife, like, kiss kiss.”

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