Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 760 - The Prince Is Well (9)

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Chapter 760: The Prince Is Well (9)

“If anyone dares curse and bully him, this is what will happen to them.”

Ming Shu dropped this sentence, then stepped on the b.l.o.o.d.y ground and left.

Everyone looked at her back silently.

Ming Shu came out of the room intact, and the three young lords were all a little terrified.

After Ming Shu had walked a distance away, they followed.

“Are you… all right?”

“Or what?” Ming Shu gave a look to them. “What do you want to happen to me?”

The lords shook their heads at the same time. “No no no.”

Lord Number three asked weakly, “Shall we go now?”

Ming Shu suddenly paused and raised her brows. “You said that everything could be bought here, right?”

Lord Number One was slightly stunned. “Well… yes, they all said this.”

They usually came here for eating, drinking, and playing.

They knew where the fun was, but they were really unclear about other things.

“Which stores can make deals?” Ming Shu asked him.

Hemeasured Ming Shu suspiciously. “Do you have money?”

Ming Shu: “…”

This is really a sad question.


The Host seemed to have dowries! The dowries were originally prepared for the Qin family’s formal big miss, so they were quite something.

Ming Shu said confidently, “I do!”

“…What do you want to trade? Each store can trade different things.”

“I want to get something for nothing, something like that,” Ming Shu answered.

Lords Number One, Two, and Three: “…”

The three lords led Ming Shu past a few stores, then stopped. “Here, go in and ask them.”

The lantern for this store was a little different; it was blue, and it looked even more quiet in the street.

The three lords didn’t want to go in, so they turned to another store.

Ming Shu lifted the curtain and went in. The shop looked like a teahouse, with seats set in the hall.

There were no guests in the hall, only a woman standing at the counter, smiling at her.

Ming Shu walked over. “Do you sell everything here?”

The girl answered with a smile, “Yes, what do you want to buy, my guest?”

Ming Shu also smiled. “How much would a rebellion cost?”

The girl’s smile froze a bit. “Sorry, my lady, but it’s beyond our scope.”

“Didn’t you just say everything?” Ming Shu tilted her head. “You were lying.”

There were false advertis.e.m.e.nts even in the simple ancient times, humans!

The girl: “…”

If they could rebel, how would it be your turn to request that!

This person must be looking for trouble!

The girl retained her smile. “What else do you need, my guest?”

“Oh, nothing else.” Ming Shu shook her head. “You can’t even realize a rebellion, so I’m doubting your professional skills now.”

The girl: “…”

“What’s this place?” The curtain was suddenly opened and two people came in together.

Walking ahead was a strange man, followed by the fake female protagonist Song Yunjiao.

That question was of course raised by Song Yunjiao.

Song Yunjiao saw Ming Shu and was a little surprised. Why was she here?

But the next second Song Yunjiao lowered her head and hid her entire body behind the man.

She turned her head just now, so she shouldn’t have seen me, right?

The man smiled while measuring Ming Shu calmly, then said to the girl, “Is Lord Ghost at home? ”

The girl answered softly, “Unfortunately, the lord is out.”

The man didn’t care much, though. “When will he be back?”

“We don’t dare predict the lord’s wareabouts willfully.” The girl seemed to know the man and pondered for a while. “If you have an emergency, you can leave a note or something. I’ll give it to the lord when he’s back.”

“That’s okay, I’ll wait for him.”

The girl clapped her hands, and soon some people came from the back to lead the man and Song Yunjiao in.

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Song Yunjiao kept her head lowered until Ming Shu was out of her sight. She breathed a sight of relief.

Is there an industrial and commercial bureau in the ancient times?

I’ll complain to them!


Ming Shu negotiated a price with the girl, then dragged a chair while walking out of the store. The three young lords were shocked. “You you you… What are you doing?”

Ming Shu put the chair in the middle of the street. “There’ll be a gang fight later, do you wanna join?”

Gang… gang fight?

Right here?

You must be kidding me!

But… with who?

“Oh, sorry, may I correct that, it’ll be a unilateral beating.”

The food Ming Shu ordered was served soon. Just like the last time, the girls delivered the dishes.

But the man in black also came, followed by a group of hatchet men.

“You’re so rich.” Ming Shu turned her head to look at the three young lords.

The lords: “…” That was their pocket money for a month!

Ming Shu was a little bored while waiting. She dug out a pack of cards from Little Beastie’s s.p.a.ce and gathered the three lords to play with her.

They didn’t know how to play “Fight the Landlord” so Ming Shu had to teach them first.

But they were quite good at such kinds of games and learned quickly.

The four squatted outside the store and played cards interestingly, accompanied by a large group of hatchet men.

People pa.s.sing by couldn’t help but look at them. However, due to the Yunxi Pavilion’s rules, they just took a few looks and then entered the store. They didn’t dare to delay too long.

“Four kings!”

Ming Shu smacked Lord Number Three on the head immediately. “Where did you get four kings, did you produce them by yourself?!”

Lord Number Three covered his head. “Sorry sorry, I was wrong. Continue, continue. Four 2s! This is right! I’m out of cards.”

“Why are you so lucky?” Lord Number One dropped his own cards angrily.

“Hei hei… You are flattering me.”

Ming Shu couldn’t help but diss him. “Fortune favors fools.”


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