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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 757 - The Prince Is Well (6)

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Chapter 757: The Prince Is Well (6)

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“Over there, did you see her? It’s her.”

Ming Shu squatted at the corner of the street with the three lords. She pointed to a figure not far away.

“Isn’t that Song Yunjiao?” Lord Number One gritted his teeth. “Are you lying to us?”

Nothing happened to Song Yunjiao after she married Prince Six. Hence, she was the talk among everyone now.

Also, Song Yunjiao did many things recently so they all recognized her.

“Why would I lie to you? Am I very free?” Ming Shu took out a stick of candied haws. “I am very busy.”

Lord Number Two asked, “Why would she do this to us?”

Ming Shu bit her candied haws and said in a slightly inaudible voice, “Didn’t you all scold Ji Qinghong just now? Poor memory? If you are sick, you should get cured!”

Lord Number Three scratched his back and muttered, “We did…”

Song Yunjiao was Ji Qinghong’s imperial concubine. If she did this to them because they scolded Ji Qinghong, it made sense.

Song Yunjiao was shopping at the moment. She was preparing to make some nice food for Ji Qinghong to make him happy.

“This and this. Pack them for me.” Song Yunjiao pointed at two things.

The waiter hurriedly packed them for her

Three people came over angrily at this moment. They flipped the stall. “Song Yunjiao, how dare you trick us!”

The owner of the stall hid off to the side in fear. What did they do wrong?

In the capital, there was no lack of rich and useless people.

Song Yunjiao got a fright from this sudden attack. She paused and looked at them. These were the lords that were gossiping about Ji Qinghong just now.

“What are you all saying? Song Yunjiao frowned.

Lord Number One said fiercely, “Still playing dumb? Hurry up and take out the antidote!”

Their bodies were still itching now.

“I don’t know you all. I will call the authorities if you continue to be like this.” Song Yunjiao appeared very calm.

Lord Number Two spatt. “Song Yunjiao, don’t act stupid. Someone saw you sprinkling the powder on us. Even if you call the authorities over, nothing good will come of it.”

Song Yunjiao’s heart jumped slightly. How did someone manage to see her?

She didn’t appear at all and used the wind to carry the powder…

Unluckily for her, Ming Shu was on the wall… as for why she was on the wall, there was no need to bother about this question. Will I say that I went up to pluck some fruit to eat?

I still want my face!

Song Yunjiao frowned. Her att.i.tude seemed even more tough than theirs. “You all said that I put poison on you. Did someone see it? Do you have a witness?”

The three lords pointed at a certain direction.

However, only the audience was there. There was no sign of the girl from just now.

Their hearts started pounding furiously. Did that girl trick them?

“Who are you all pointing at?” Song Yunjiao asked.

Lord Number One suddenly pointed at the wanton stall on the other side. “That girl in green.”

Song Yunjiao followed Lord Number One and looked over.

There was a girl in green sitting at the wanton stall. From her attire, she must be from some mansion… but when Song Yunjiao saw that face, she paused for a moment.

She had a part to play in her marriage to the Yi’an Mansion.

Although she wanted to make the daughter of the wife from the Qin family marry over at the start, the Qin family could be trampled upon easily.

She saw it?

There was no one around her just now, how could she see it? Also, why was she with these rich useless lords?

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Many thoughts flew through her mind. Song Yunjiao felt that these people just anyhow pointed at someone. “Don’t make an unfounded accusation. Don’t just point to anyone and say that she is the witness.”

Yunxi Pavilion was the generic name for the underground street.

The three lords brought Ming Shu down. When they went in, Lord Number One took out something that looked like a pa.s.s and showed it to the other party. The other party only let them go after he saw the pa.s.s.

However, the other party sized Ming Shu up.

“My sister from home. I’m taking her out to widen her perspective,” Lord Number One immediately said.

He seemed really careful and afraid to provoke the other party. The rich, useless aura on him was gone.

The other party stopped looking at Ming Shu. “Go in.”

The three lords hurriedly brough Ming Shu in.

This underground street looked similar to the streets above ground. There were a lot of people walking around, but it was not noisy.

The bluestone road was around three meters wide and there were shops at its side. The curtains were draped in all the shops and they couldn’t see what the shops were selling.

A lantern hung outside every shop. Some were lit while some were extinguished.

However, the ones that were lit up had some differences too. Some were bright while others were dim.

Lord Number One explained, “If the lantern is lit, it means that it is operating. If it isn’t, it means that it is closed.”

Besides these shops, they would occasionally meet people setting up stalls along the road.

These people wrapped themselves up really tightly so you couldn’t even tell their gender.

Lord Number Three said, “Shops have guarantees. They will complete the transaction criteria. However, for those outside… it is all based on luck. Like that girl, she might run away after you buy her. You would lose the person as well as your money.”

Ming Shu looked at the direction the lord was pointing at.

A girl was kneeling on the floor and selling herself. The price was written down properly.

A few lords surrounded her. The girl allowed them to touch her however they wanted. She seemed a little numb.

Ming Shu retracted her gaze and asked Lord Number One, “Who built this place? The authorities don’t care?”

Isn’t this a black market, for goodness sake!

“Care about what…” Lord Number One cut himself off. “You will not understand even if I tell you. I will help you find Gao Bin. When we find him, we are cleared of our debt. However, you cannot tell him that we brought you in. We can’t afford to provoke the Gao family.”

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