Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 756 - The Prince Is Well (5)

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Chapter 756: The Prince Is Well (5)

“What?” Ming Shu looked at Cui-er. “What did I do to him?”

Cui-er reprimanded her with a red face. “You slept with him on the same bed… the prince doesn’t know anything, Princess Consort, how can you do this!”

From her stance, it looked as though Ming Shu really did something to the prince.

“I am not so thirsty.” Ming Shu clicked her tongue.

Lord Yi’an’s expression got worse. He scolded, “You are a lady. How can you say such shameless things? Didn’t the Qin family teach you any manners?”

“They didn’t teach me.” The Qin family totally let the Host grow up by herself. It was already fortunate that the Host managed to grow up properly.

Lord Yi’an remembered this too.

However, his expression worsened. The flame of anger in his heart got bigger.

The heir of Lord Yi’an married the daughter of a concubine.

This was the reason why he didn’t like his daughter-in-law.

When he learned about the subst.i.tution, the person was already at the door.

The Qin family even found a reason that shut the emperor up and made him suffer in silence.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t touch a single hair of your son’s,” Ming Shu said. “Are you done? If you are not done yet, can we talk after breakfast?”


You are still thinking about breakfast now!

Lord Yi’an was almost exploding with anger.

“Although the Qin family didn’t teach you any rules, you need to follow the rules of the Yi’an Mansion since you are here. From today onward, butler, ask two elder ladies to teach the princess consort the rules until she learns them all.”

Just as Ming Shu was going to rebut, a voice came from behind her.

“Wife… noisy…”

The person on the bed might have been woken up by the noise. He was rubbing his eyes as he sat up. His mouth was slightly opened and it was a little pale.

When he breathed, his eyelashes shook lightly like cicada’s wings.

Lord Yi’an’s anger dissipated immediately and he said in a gentle tone, “Xun-er, have we disturbed you? You can continue sleeping. I will go now.”

Lord Yi’an lowered his voice. “Princess Consort, go first.”


I am hungry already!

Ming Shu directly walked out the door.

“Wife…” The prince’s eyes widened. He screamed unwillingly, “I want, wife.”

Ming Shu didn’t stop. The prince got off the bed and rushed out without even putting on his shoes.

Cui-er went up to stop him. “Prince, Prince, put on your clothes first. Don’t catch a cold.”

“Wife…” The prince and Cui-er haggled with each other and fell into a deadlock.

Lord Yi’an’s expression was cold. “…”

What magic potion did she feed his son?

Just one day and he became so close to her.

Cui-er wanted to go forward and change the prince’s clothes but the prince started making a fuss.

He didn’t allow Ming Shu to leave and even wanted to chase Lord Yi’an and Cui-er away.

While everyone was a mess, Ming Shu had finished her breakfast.

She was now leaning against the door outside and looking casually at the messy scene inside.

No matter how Lord Yi’an coaxed him, the prince didn’t listen and wanted to go out no matter what.

In the end, Lord Yi’an came out with blackface. “Princess Consort, Xun-er likes you now so you better take good care of him. If anything happens to him, you can forget about having a good life.”

“So scary…” Ming Shu patted her chest and smiled brightly the next instant. “I am not going then. You can take care of him yourself. I will go to eat… will go and learn some rules. You can slowly coax your dear little son.”

Ming Shu waved at him and walked away.

Lord Yi’an screamed in anger, “Stop!”

Where are your manners!

“Bring her back!” Lord Yi’an got even more furious when he saw that Ming Shu had no intention of stopping.

“Father, if you are angry, you can just make us divorce. I don’t mind.” Ming Shu’s voice came over from afar.

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“Catch her for me! Catch her!!”

Lord Number One scratched himself as he shouted angrily, “Who… who are you? Did you do this?”

“Why would I? Do I look like that kind of person?” The girl’s voice was clear.

“If it was not you, who else can it be? There is no one else here. What do you want?” Lord Number One glared furiously at her.

“Do you know who we are?” Lord Number Two added on.

“Be sensible and give us the antidote!” Lord Number Three shouted in anger as well. “I am so itchy, I can’t stand it anymore, ah…”

Ming Shu pursed her lips and smiled. “I don’t know who you all are but I can tell you who did this. In exchange, you have to answer one question from me too.”

“Stop denying it. What did you do to us!!” They didn’t believe her.

This person suddenly popped out. If she didn’t do it, who else could it be?

So itchy!

They felt that their skin was burning. It hurt a little.

Ming Shu shrugged. She said innocently, “I said that it wasn’t me. Why don’t you all believe me?”

Lord Number One: “If you weren’t you, who else can it be!”

Ming Shu smiled with her eyes. “If you tell me where Gao Bin is, I will tell you who did it.”

Gao Bin?

The lords exchanged glances with one another.

Lord Number Two was puzzled. “It really wasn’t you?”

Ming Shu pointed at her face. “Look at how pretty I am. Trust me, it was not me.”

Lords Number One, Two, and Three: “…”

Who will compliment themselves on their own looks!!


However, they were really feeling itchy. Lord Number One said, “Gao Bin frequents the Yunxi Pavilion recently. He should be there today too. Hurry up and tell us who did this to us.”

“Where is Yunxi Pavilion?” She had walked around the main streets just now already, but she didn’t see such a place at all.

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