Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 753 - The Prince Is Well (2)

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Chapter 753: The Prince Is Well (2)

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“Princess Consort, where do you want to go?!”

A powerful voice with great anger sounded from below.

Ming Shu sat on the wall, lifting her dress, and gobbled half a steamed bun.

The sunset’s glow was shining in the remote sky, reflecting on the girl’s pretty face. Her eyes were dyed with a layer of orange light, glittering and fetching.

The speaker was none other than the mansion’s owner—Lord Yi’an.

Who was also the fool prince’s father.

Her father-in-law.

Ming Shu took the steamed bun out of her mouth and responded, “The view is nice up here, so I came up and enjoyed the view.”

“Get down!” Lord Yi’an revealed a black face. “You’re the imposing princess consort, how can you climb on the wall! Look at you!”

Ming Shu took a look at the servant girl standing beside Lord Yi’an. It must be this girl who had reported her.

She met this servant girl just now when she came over here.

What was her name… Cui-er, that’s right.

This servant girl was not simple. She dared to show a cold face to the Host just a few days after the Host was married here.

“Father, I’m trying to look for the prince.” Ming Shu smiled. “Perhaps he has left the mansion? I’ll come back when I find him.”

“Get down!” Lord Yi’an didn’t want to listen.

Ming Shu: “…”

I’ll fight him then run away… But I’m hungry and don’t have the strength to fight.

Ming Shu jumped off the wall. Anyway, she didn’t know where to go if she left the mansion.

She would be sent back if she returned to the Qin family. So she should just stay here for now, and eat and drink.

Lord Yi’an was apparently dissatisfied with his daughter-in-law’s behavior and his tone was unhappy. “Cui-er said she told you to watch the prince, what did you do? Where is the prince right now?”

Ming Shu touched her own hair in a bun and looked up, showing a beaming smile. “Cui-er is responsible for the prince’s daily life, so she should follow the prince closely. Father, don’t you think it’s a little indecorous for a servant girl to order the princess consort to do things?”

Lord Yi’an frowned.

He didn’t like this daughter-in-law or the Qin family’s people.

But the marriage was Her Majesty’s idea, and if he refused, it would disobey the imperial edict.

But …

She behaved herself well these days and never talked back, why did she become a little strange today?

Lord Yi’an worried more about his own fool son right now, so he turned to look at Cui’er. “Cui-er, what were you doing today?”

Cui’er’s expression already changed, and she explained in a weak voice. “Lord, I was cooking soup for the prince.”

Ming Shu was surprised. “I went to the kitchen but didn’t see any soup there, did you eat it all?”

Cui-er: “…”

Lord Yi’an frowned even more heavily.

Cui-er was the butler’s daughter, and he had trusted her all this time, so he let her take care of the prince.

“Lord, I cooked in the small kitchen.” Cui-er moved her eyes and changed the topic immediately. “The prince is missing, Princess Consort, why did you go to the kitchen?”

“Didn’t you say the prince is missing? I went to look for him.”


Ming Shu smiled at Cui-er.

Lord Yi’an scolded in a low voice, “Enough. Find the prince first. Get down and continue looking for him!”

The last sentence was said to Ming Shu.

“You’ve almost turned the mansion upside down yet didn’t find anyone. It looks like he has been kidnapped, or burrowed underground.” Ming Shu looked at Lord Yi’an smilingly. “Father, which one do you think it might be?”

Lord Yi’an felt his blood run cold while hearing that “Father” from her mouth.

But the girl before him had a shallow smile on her face, eyes tender, and looked so innocent and harmless.

Then Lord Yi’an captured the word “kidnapped” slowly, and his expression changed. He shouted, “Guards!”

Because of what Ming Shu said, Lord Yi’an began to search the whole city.

But they also kept searching in the mansion. After all, who would kidnap a fool.

All the mansion was looking for him, so Ming Shu had to join in the action.

The kitchen had apparently been searched and was much more chaotic than when she came in before.

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But there was still no one in the kitchen now. The people in the kitchen were also sent to look for the prince.

“It hurts…” The prince looked up with broken light shining in his eyes. “It hurts.”

The smell of blood in the air was strong. Ming Shu took a bite of the carrot.

The prince stared at her carrot with glittering eyes now. “Hungry.”

Ming Shu took a few steps back in a rush. “It’s not even enough for myself.”

“Hungry.” The prince didn’t seem to understand her. “It hurts… I’m hungry…”

He began to repeat these few words.

Ming Shu finished the remaining carrot in a few mouthfuls, then spread her hands out to him.

It’s finished!

The prince stared at her. Tears began to gather in his bright black eyes, and it seemed he was ready to cry out aloud at any time.

Ming Shu: “…”

WTH? You can’t do that!

…She didn’t have any food, whatever, just cry.

She held Little Beastie and walked around the s.p.a.ce.

It was a very limited s.p.a.ce, only about ten square meters. It was irregular, but there was no other way out.

Up there seemed to be the only entrance.

“It hurts… I’m hungry…” The prince’s wronged and weak voice reverberated through the s.p.a.ce.

I am also hungry!

It hurts me, too!

I am also hungry!

Ming Shu touched her belly. She didn’t know if the falling just now had affected her, but she felt uncomfortable right then.

“Stop crying.” Ming Shu walked back to him. She lowered her head to measure him, but really didn’t see any wound on him. “Where does it hurt?”

The prince lifted open his clothes unhandily and pointed at his own waist.

His coat covered the inside, but when he lifted it, Ming Shu saw the clothing had been drenched in blood. The blood was also streaming out.

No wonder there was so much blood on the ground.

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