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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 752 - The Prince Is Well (1)

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Chapter 752: The Prince Is Well (1)

#The Mansion Headlines: Qin Wu Wants A Peaceful Divorce Whenever She Is Unhappy#

When Ming Shu woke up, she was lying over a desk with a book before her.

She pushed herself up, feeling a swelling pain in her belly. There were waves of heat coming from the lower part of her body.

The feeling just proved naturally what it was without explanation.

Ming Shu paused for a while. Probably she had lain here for a long time, and ached all over.

She moved her head to look around. It was a room of antique beauty, hung with crimson silk, and the door and the windows were pasted with happy words.

It was very quiet outside and there shouldn’t be anyone around. Ming Shu decided to receive the storyline.

The fake female protagonist was called Song Yunjiao who came here through a crossing. After she came to this world, a system called the Upgrade to the Favorite Concubine was activated.

She needed to find herself an emperor and complete the upgrade.

Among the candidates the system chose for her, Ji Qinghong, the king’s sixth son, had the thickest dragon aura. It meant that he would be the one that took the throne in the end.

According to the basic routine, this Prince Six was disabled and going to die soon. He had three marriages, but the three princess consorts didn’t survive the wedding nights. The rumors said Prince Six would bring death to his wife.

With this kind of setting, he must be the male protagonist.

The person who was originally supposed to marry Prince Six was Song Yunyan, the Song family’s big miss of the direct line of descent, also the female protagonist of this world.

But because of Song Yunjiao’s intervention, she was replaced by Song Yunjiao.

After marrying Prince Six, Song Yunjiao started her path of becoming the favored concubine. With the help of the system, she cleaned up all the obstacles in her way.

Finally she and Ji Qinghong joined hands and enjoyed the world together.

As for the Host Qin Wu…

She was the Qin family’s fifth miss, born of an unimportant concubine in the family and not favored. You could tell this from her randomly given name—Wu was nothing.

When she was a child, she was in poor health, so the Qin family’s formal wife sent her to the countryside for many years.

When the Host reached the marriageable age, she was allowed to return.

But she was still transparent in the Qin family.

The Qin family had always been an obstacle for Prince Six in his way of competing for the throne, yet he didn’t know what to do with the family.

In order to help Prince Six, Song Yunjiao schemed to marry the Qin family’s daughter to the son of Lord Yi’an.

It should have been the Qin family’s formal eldest daughter to marry, but she wasn’t willing to be set up like that. So in the end, Qin Wu, the unimportant daughter, was arranged to marry that young lord.

Lord Yi’an’s son was a fool whose IQ was just like a seven-year-old kid’s.

Shortly after Qin Wu married, Song Yunjiao schemed again to make Qin Wu kill Lord Yi’an’s son in person.

Lord Yi’an only had one son, so even though he was a fool, he was cherished like a treasure.

Now he suddenly got killed and the murderer was Qin Wu, so Lord Yi’an wouldn’t forgive the crime easily.

The Qin family and Lord Yi’an became enemies, so it would be easier for Prince Six to carry on his career.

Lord Yi’an investigated the Qin family and discovered they collaborated with the enemy and sold their own country. Then the Qin family was punished. The men in the family were killed and the women were exiled.

Someone saved Qin Wu on her way to being exiled.

Qin Wu found that Prince Six was the reason why she ended up in such a miserable situation.

So she changed her appearance and ident.i.ty, and returned to the capital again.

At this time Prince Six had taken the throne and become the emperor. Coincidentally, Prince Six was forced to take more concubines, so Qin Wu took the opportunity to get in the palace and planned to Prince Six.

At first, Prince Six only favored Song Yunjiao and Qin Wu didn’t even have a chance to see him.

But when the conflict appeared between Song Yunjiao and Prince Six, Qin Wu grasped the opportunity.

Qin Wu soon earned herself a place in the palace. Perhaps Song Yunjiao also sensed something, and began to notice Qin Wu.

Because of unclear reasons, Prince Six advanced Qin Wu’s position many times.

Within a short time, Qin Wu shared an almost equal position to Song Yunjiao in the harem.

Qin Wu also realized that it was impractical for her to Prince Six. So she changed her tactics and roped in the people in the harem, as well as those connected to the ministers.

Probably because she was the villain, everything went well.

Later Prince Six went missing, and Song Yunjiao left the palace to look for him.

Qin Wu thought she had control of the situation and planned to usurp the throne.

Just as she started the rebellion, Prince Six suddenly appeared with his army.

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She didn’t know until then that Prince Six was just using her, using her to take down all of those who wanted to rebel.

“I don’t know.” Who the h.e.l.l knows where he has gone.

Ming Shu looked around. Where’s the kitchen?

“Princess Consort, if anything happens to the prince, how will you face the lord?” The servant girl continued talking with knotted eyebrows.

“Then why haven’t you gone look for him?” Ming Shu raised her eyebrows and looked at the servant girl. “Since you’re so worried about the prince, what’s the use of talking c.r.a.p here? Are you expecting the prince to come back just by talking to me like this?”

Ming Shu decided the direction and lifted her c.u.mbersome dress, then walked away. “Speaking of this, if anything happens to the prince, shouldn’t you be the first to be punished?”

The servant girl looked at Ming Shu with a bit of dumbfoundedness.

A few days ago, this princess consort was just a pushover that was easy to control, but today…

The servant girl was probably shocked by Ming Shu’s sudden change and didn’t follow her up.

Ming Shu walked through several long corridors and finally arrived at the kitchen.

It was not long after lunch, and no one was in the kitchen. Ming Shu directly pushed the door open and went in.

She rummaged in the kitchen half a day, but most of the food were just half-made ingredients, and she only found several steamed buns…

Daily routine of nibbling steamed buns ×N.


There sounded a strange noise in the kitchen.

Ming Shu turned her head to look at a shelf.

A piece of clothing could be seen vaguely behind the shelf.

Ming Shu stared at it for a while, then left the kitchen with the steamed buns.

Since they came for the same purpose, there was no need to make things difficult.

Because the prince was missing, the entire Yi’an Mansion fell into chaos.

Until Lord Yi’an came back. But still no one found the prince.

Lord Yi’an property wall had been increased in height, so the fool prince was not able to climb over it. The guards at the door were also specially arranged by Lord Yi’an, and they didn’t see the prince leave.

So the prince must be still in the mansion.

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