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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 748 - Master Of Photography (25)

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Chapter 748: Master Of Photography (25)

Before the awards ceremony, judging was held. The top ten from each category would undergo judging and the top three would be chosen. Then, the awards ceremony would commence.

Su Nanfeng partic.i.p.ated in landscape photography.

Ming Shu and Wei Xu partic.i.p.ated in portrait photography.

Those photos that were displayed outside would not be undergoing the judging. Hence, no one knew what the pieces for the judging were. Besides the theme, no one knew what the photos would be about.

“h.e.l.lo, everyone. I am your host for today, Aisha. Welcome to the international photography compet.i.tion for the year…”

Ming Shu sat down absentmindedly. All that was left of her lollipop was the stick.

The introduction was not too long. The screen started displaying the different works after a short while.

Only the works were shown. The name of the photographer was not displayed.

They would only reveal the name of the photographer after the awards were announced.

The first category was the humanities and doc.u.mentary category. It mostly depicted the lives of people and there were quite a few good works.

The second category was landscape photography. Su Nanfeng chose the night scenes of cities. Night scenes from ten different cities were displayed. Each one of them made you feel like you were right inside the photo.

Yu Xiaohan started tearing up for some reason.

Su Nanfeng hurriedly consoled her in a flurry.

“What happened?” Ming Shu asked Su Nanfeng.

Su Nanfeng patted Yu Xiaohan’s shoulder. “These ten cities are the cities that Xiaohan wants to visit in the future. She told me that she wanted to travel long ago.”

“Oh…” Ming Shu looked at the big screen. “Thoughtful.”

Su Nanfeng sighed. What he wanted to do the most was take her there personally.

So that all these night scenes would have her inside them.

Ming Shu returned to her absentminded state. Su Nanfeng glanced at her a few times before deciding to console his own girlfriend.

“Next up is ‘I have a dream.’ Please appreciate it.”

A child appeared on the screen first. His skin was dark and his body was scrawny. However, his smile was bright and vibrant. It seemed to infect other people and allowed them to feel his happiness.

The works after that revolved around children. Some were happy, some were sad… but no matter what, all the children had a kind of light in their eyes. The light was called hope.

The theme of this work was the dreams of left-behind children.

It was not uncommon to find such themes.

However, in order to shoot such photos, this person must at least be a master.

“Senior Sister, were these taken by you?”

“Why do you feel this way?” Ming Shu tilted her head and looked at Su Nanfeng.

“Not much reason… I just feel that you can shoot such photos. However, if you look at them carefully, they seem a bit different from your style.” Su Nanfeng said, “Senior Sister, what is your theme?”

“A dream-like order.”

Su Nanfeng was curious.

What kind of theme is this?

The next few works were not as good as the ones with the theme “I have a dream.”

“Up next, we have the second-to-last work for portrait photography. The theme is ‘a dream-like order.’ I wonder what the author of this dream-like name is trying to show us through his or her photography.”

When the first photo appeared, it took everyone’s breath away.

Mist wreathed in the air. Only cl.u.s.ters of pine greens sprouted out from beneath the mist. On top of the greens, a lady in white was dancing happily. The mist followed the movement of her dress and twirled around her.

The sun rose up from afar and cast its reflection on the sea.

The lady was very beautiful. Her makeup was clean and her smile was pure. She seemed like a pure and innocent fairy.

This was beyond their expectations.

The pine greens looked like a forest. Based on the entire photo, it was taken from a very high place.

How could this person shoot from such a high place?

Actually, this was just an optical illusion. It was a picture of the ground but some props were added.

The image changed.

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It was the same person.

For the first two categories, photographers from their country and overseas photographers both got awarded. However, the number of overseas photographer awardees were quite little.

“We will move on to our last category. I believe that this is the one everyone is antic.i.p.ating too… first, let us reveal our third place. Please display the work.”

The screen behind started displaying the work.

Once it was done, the host said, “Who will be our winner for third place? Let us have a look… come, please look at the big screen.

The black spot below the work disappeared and a name popped up.

“Congratulation to Mister Lu Xiaohui. Can we invite Elder Fu to present the award for Mister Lu…”

The process of presenting the award was not long. Once Lu Xiaohui came down, the second place was revealed.

The second place was neither Wei Xu nor Ming Shu.

There was only one more slot left.

Wei Xu was confident that her photos would definitely win. After all…

“Okay, only the first place is left now. Let us see who the first place will go to.”

Wei Xu sat up straight. She stared at the big screen.

When the photos were shown, Wei Xu was stunned. How…

It was not her photos.

The photos that were shown now most probably belonged to an overseas photographer.

It was not the breathtaking “a dream-like order” either…

“Congratulations to Mister Eric Jim.”

How can it be…

“Weird, why is it not the photographer for ‘a dream-like order’?”

“Yeah, what are the judges doing? Anyone could tell that ‘a dream-like order’ was much better.”

“Is there something shady going on?”

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