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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 747 - Master Of Photography (24)

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Chapter 747: Master Of Photography (24)

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Someone uploaded a photo of Ming Shu when she was working onto the “Finding the prettiest photographer” topic on weibo.

Jiang Qiao immediately was sent into the top ten of the ranking.

When Ming Shu learned about this, she was already on the train.

Wei Xu wanted to get the first place since she was really quite pretty and had a few good works to showcase. This helped her gain some fans.

Wei Xu looked at the name that was catching up to her. Her face turned hideous from anger. Why must she always take part in whatever she did?

She shifted her gaze and looked at another website.

International photography compet.i.tion…

At first, she wanted to take a photo of Jiang Qiao, but she could never find her. Also, that woman was weird…

What she was most worried about was the fact that she knew about her secret.

She couldn’t use her work.

“Jiang Qiao will definitely partic.i.p.ate in this photography compet.i.tion. I must get first place…” Wei Xu muttered.

This “prettiest photographer” was just an empty t.i.tle. She shouldn’t waste her time on this. As long as she got first place in the photography compet.i.tion, she would climb up in status.

Once she figured this out, Wei Xu felt much better.

However, what should she do to get first place?!

Wei Xu thought of something. She got up and packed her stuff. Then she bought a train ticket and left that night.

Half a year later…

Ming Shu was invited to attend the final award ceremony of the photography compet.i.tion.

The photographers who got invited were all people who were shortlisted. The rest were the judges, industry experts, and some big bosses from the business world.

The location was at a gallery which was normally used to hold art exhibitions. It was a really big place.

The work of every photographer was displayed individually. Of course, not all of them were on display. Only a small portion of them were.

Before the final judging started, everyone went to admire the works displayed outside.

“Senior Sister.”

Ming Shu turned her head. Su Nanfeng was holding Yu Xiaohan as they walked toward her.

Yu Xiaohan released the news that she was dating Su Nanfeng a month ago. Although a lot of fans rejected their relationship, they managed to persevere and survive through it.

As compared to the last time she saw her, Yu Xiaohan looked like a delicate flower that was carefully taken care of.

“Congratulations.” Ming Shu smiled and nodded her head.

“It is because of you.”

If Ming Shu didn’t call him that time, he would not have gotten together with Xiaohan.

“Miss Jiang Qiao… I haven’t had the chance to properly thank you for your help last time.”

Yu Xiaohan was a little shy. Her voice was soft and really pleasant to the ear.

“Su Nanfeng had already thanked me.” Ming Shu didn’t really bother with it. “However, if you want to treat me to a meal, I will not reject you.”

“Erm…” Yu Xiaohan was stunned for a moment. “Let me treat you later then.”

Ming Shu didn’t ask Su Nanfeng how he solved Yu Xiaohan’s troubles, but since they were the main leads, they must…

“Su Nanfeng, who asked you to take Xiaohan away!”

A man that looked totally out of place strode over with long strides. His voice was really loud and the people around him all turned to look at him.

The man scanned his surroundings. The group of people got deterred and shifted their gazes away.

Su Nanfeng’s expression turned dark. He pulled Yu Xiaohan toward his chest and protected her. “Why are you here?”

Yu Xiaohan seemed a little afraid of this man. She hid behind Su Nanfeng.

“Xiaohan.” The man changed his expression immediately when he faced Yu Xiaohan. He was plaintive. “How can you run away with him! I chased you for so long!”

Yu Xiaohan didn’t say anything. She grabbed Su Nanfeng’s elbow.

“Is this the mafia boss that likes you?” Ming Shu raised her eyebrows and asked Yu Xiaohan. The latter nodded her head slightly. “He still looks like a human.”

The man glanced at Ming Shu sideways. He changed his tone. “Jiang Qiao?”

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“Aiyoh, you know me?” Ming Shu smiled brightly.

Why didn’t Qi Yu come to this world?

Who is he?

What are they trying to do?

What is the intention of the Harmony System?

She… should she try finding him?

Ming Shu was frightened by her own thought.

She looked at the photo of the galaxy in front of her. Su Nanfeng stood beside her and explained the galaxy photo to Yu Xiaohan.

Ming Shu suddenly came back to reality.

“Am I crazy?”

“Senior Sister, what did you say?”

Ming Shu pinched her nose and took out a lollipop from her pocket. The sweet taste dispersed the frustration in her heart. “Nothing.”

Su Nanfeng suggested, “Senior Sister, shall we go in first? It is almost starting.”

Ming Shu replied absentmindedly, “Okay.”

Su Nanfeng took a look at Yu Xiaohan. They were both puzzled. Why did this feel so weird?

The three of them walked into the venue for the awards ceremony.

They met Wei Xu at the entrance.

Wei Xu glanced at Su Nanfeng and Yu Xiaohan before walking toward Ming Shu. “Jiang Qiao, do you want to make a bet?”

“What bet?” Ming Shu still maintained her standard smile. There was no sign of anything amiss on her face now.

“That I will get first place this time.”

“So confident?” Ming Shu smiled. “I am really antic.i.p.ating it, then… antic.i.p.ating who will be the unlucky one.”

The words that Ming Shu said at the end seemed to have a hidden meaning behind them. Wei Xu’s heart started beating furiously.

She really knew something… But, how much does she know?

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