Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 746 - Master Of Photography (23)

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Chapter 746: Master Of Photography (23)

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Su Nanfeng panted as he rushed into the cafe. He scanned the cafe, but there was no one there. He went to ask the waiter and then proceed to the compartments on the second floor.

The moment he opened the door, Su Nanfeng felt that his heart was finally calm.

Yu Xiaohan was sitting inside with a cup of coffee in her hand. She was looking down so he couldn’t see her expression.

Ming Shu was leaning against a chair and looking at her fingers. When she saw him coming in, she moved her fingers. “Su Nanfeng, work-related injury, you need to compensate snacks for me.”

Su Nanfeng was really far away so he couldn’t see the injuries on Ming Shu’s finger.

However, he still nodded.

“Okay, I’m leaving.” Ming Shu got up. “You’re really lucky to meet someone like me who knows how to fight. Next time, I don’t know who’s going to save you.”

The last two sentences were directed at Yu Xiaohan.

Yu Xiaohan suddenly grabbed Ming Shu’s hand. “Thank you… Jiang Qiao, thank you.”

“I did it because Su Nanfeng always buys snacks for me. You’re welcome.”

Yu Xiaohan looked at Su Nanfeng and then looked down again as though she got a shock.

Ming Shu walked out. Su Nanfeng sent her to the door. “I will thank you next time.”

“This issue might be troublesome,” Ming Shu said. “Those people looked like they were from the mafia.”

“Will it… affect you?”

Ming Shu pulled up her mouth corners. “Worry about Yu Xiaohan first. I heard that all her schedules are canceled.”

Ming Shu left the cafe and called a taxi home.

When she reached the ground floor of her house, a few people walked out from the shadows and half-surrounded her.

All of them were large and looked really fierce. There were all kinds of weird tattoos on their bodies.

Ming Shu looked back in the direction of the gate for the district…

Bad review.

What happened to the five-star security?

“Jiang Qiao, did you think about the consequences when you decided to be a busybody?” One man walked out from the group and looked at her with a dark face.

Ming Shu turned back and smiled. “What are the consequences? Can they be eaten?”

The man’s expression got worse. “You will know if consequences can be eaten soon. Punish her for me. Isn’t she a photographer? Destroy her hands.”

The people beside the man closed in on Ming Shu.

Just as Ming Shu went to pull up her sleeves and start fighting, someone suddenly rushed in and blocked them.

“What are you all doing?”

The voice was very familiar.

Movie King Ji.

“Hoh.” The man sneered. “Little guy, this is not the time to act like a hero. If you’re sensible, get out of the way. If not, we will torture you too.”

Ji Jin didn’t get out of the way. He turned back and looked at Ming Shu. “How did you provoke these guys?”

Ming Shu didn’t reply to the question. She asked him casually, “What are you doing here? I know that you don’t live here.”

“I… came to visit a friend.” Ji Jin shifted his gaze away and changed the topic. “How did you provoke them?”

“I don’t know. Maybe they want to kidnap me because I look pretty?” Ming Shu talked nonsense with a straight face.

Ji Jin: “…” Although you’re pretty, can you so be so narcissistic?

Look at their stance. Which part of them looks like they took a fancy on you?

They look like they wanted to kill you.

“I will handle them later, you can run first,” Ji Jin said.

“Oh, okay.” Ming Shu pulled her sleeves back down.


She just… agreed?

“You really are not afraid of death. Don’t blame us then.” The man was already getting impatient. He walked toward them himself.

Ming Shu ran off immediately.

Ji Jin almost didn’t manage to catch his own breath.

“Chase her!” the man shouted coldly. He looked hideously at Ji Jin. “Look, this is the person you’re trying to save, tsk tsk.”

“Hoh, woman!” Ji Jin said. “Let me catch her for you all!”

“Do you think that I’m stupid?!” The man was furious. “Beat him.”

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Ming Shu didn’t really run away. She subdued the few people that chased her and dragged them to the security.

The latter pushed him away and stuck the key into the lock. She turned her key slightly. Kacha. The door opened.

Ji Jin watched the door closed silently.

The corridor was silent and cold…

He slowly held onto the wall and let out a deep breath.

Just now, in the darkness, he felt fear.

Ji Jin swallowed. He left the building and walked out of the district. The coldness around him started to dissipate only after he walked out of the district.

How did this kind of person get distributed to the conquest department?

Ji Jin opened a screen in the air. The task progression was displayed on the screen: 0%.

A sense of frustration struck him and he felt a sense of danger too.

He heard that… a lot of people failed their missions at the conquest department… would it be because of the same person?

1He placed his finger over the quit mission b.u.t.ton for a while.

[Do you wish to quit this task?]

Ji Jin looked back at the brightly lit district. He could vaguely see the apartment.

He didn’t know if it was his imagination, but he felt that the building seemed really eerie.

He took a deep breath and pressed yes.

[Quit task. Deducted 5000 points. Please enter your ident.i.ty number.]

[Verification success. You managed to quit the mission successfully. Do you want to be transported back?]

[Transporting, please wait for a moment…]

[Transportation failed.]

Ji Jin: “…”

What the h.e.l.l is it doing?

[System under repair. Please try again later.] The screen displayed this sentence ruthlessly.

Ji Jin: “…” Of all the times you can be under repair, you are under repair now? Are you kidding me?!

F**k, shouldn’t maintenance be done when no one is doing a mission?

Something is going to happen!

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