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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 745 - Master Of Photography (22)

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Chapter 745: Master Of Photography (22)

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Wen Xiaqing’s manager mentioned entering the entertainment industry to Wen Xiaqing, but he was rejected.

The manager was puzzled so he asked Ming Shu to help to persuade him.

Wen Xiaqing was still young. He had a long road ahead of him.

The modeling industry was too small for him.

Wen Xiaqing was really lucky to have such a manager.

As Wen Xiaqing’s friend, after the manager pleaded with her many times, she could only call Wen Xiaqing to come out.

“It is so rare that you call me like this.” Wen Xiaqing came in from outside and patted Ming Shu’s head. He turned his body and sat down opposite her. “Do you have something to ask me?”

“Your manager asked me to persuade you to enter the entertainment industry.” Ming Shu was not someone who liked to beat around the bush.

“I knew that he would look for you.” Wen Xiaqing was not surprised at all.

Ming Shu past him the menu. She had finished her orders.

Wen Xiaqing opened the menu and said, “I don’t want to go into the entertainment industry. It’s too tiring.”

He had many friends around him who were in the entertainment industry, but when he looked at them, they all seemed so tired.

They would be surrounded the moment they left their house.

This was not the kind of life he wanted.

“Young people should work hard.”

“Oh?” Wen Xiaqing raised his eyebrows. “Young person, why are you not working hard?”

Ming Shu smiled confidently. “Whether I work hard or not, it’s the same.”

Wen Xiaqing understood the hidden meaning behind the sentence. He choked. “Qiaoqiao, why didn’t I notice that you were so narcissistic in the past?”

“It’s not too late now.”

Wen Xiaqing smiled faintly. He called the waiter over and ordered his food.

After ordering, he drank a mouthful of water before saying, “Qiaoqiao, I have decided what I want to do in the future. I do not want to enter that industry.”

“I will not persuade you. I just did what your manager asked me to. You will make your own decision.”

Wen Xiaqing laughed heartily. “If he heard what you said, he would be so angry.”

Ming Shu shrugged. “So don’t let him know.”

This issue was thus resolved.

“Oh right, have you thought of what to shoot for your theme for the compet.i.tion?”

“I will save some money this month and go out next month to take a look around.” In order to take good shots, it was necessary for a photographer to travel around.

Travelling meant money.

I am very poor.

“If you have any work, introduce me. I will only take one job for famous people.”

Wen Xiaqing had the money, but he didn’t say that he would sponsor Ming Shu.

He just smiled and agreed to her request. He expressed that he would introduce good jobs to her.

Wen Xiaqing was very reliable. When Ming Shu went back, she immediately got a job and it was for a king of the entertainment industry who had been around for quite a while.

This king was a really casual and funny person. However, he had a lot of thoughts when he was shooting so a lot of photographers get a headache when they shot for him.

Photographers had their own sense of beauty, but he just wanted to give his opinion and in the end, it made him look weird.

Which photographer could handle this?

“Little Qiao, come, come. Do you think that I will look more handsome if I wear a scarf?” The king took a scarf and waved at Ming Shu.

“Your neck is short. It is not suitable for you.”

The a.s.sistants that were surrounding them: “…” Luckily, their king had a good temper.

The king turned to look in the mirror and felt that Ming Shu made sense. He threw the scarf away.

He gave up on the scarf and started fiddling with the hat, and then the He fiddled with all the props available.

Ming Shu sighed. This kind of model is looking for death!!

Finally, they managed to finish the shoot. The king suddenly winked at Ming Shu. “Little Qiao, I heard that you are quite close with Ji Jin?”

“Who told you that?”

“Hoh, little girl, I have my principles.” The king suddenly gave a serious face, but it didn’t last for more than two seconds. “What is your relationship with Ji Jin?”

He almost died from laughing when he heard Ji Jin’s news that time.

“If you must say that we have any relationship, we are enemies.”

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Jim: I think that you are very suitable. You are like an angel.

Little Qiao of Jiang family: Not interested.

Jim: Why are you not interested? This is made for you!

Little Qiao of Jiang family: I am afraid that if I show my face, people will start to fall crazily in love with me.

Jim: …

Ming Shu didn’t take this matter to heart. She was working hard to earn money so that she could buy her snacks.

With the king as her signboard, more and more people started to look for Ming Shu. Her price also got higher and higher.

However, those that looked for her for the second time were all rejected. She meant what she said. She would only shoot for famous people once.

At the end of the month, she went for her last job.

Ming Shu found the place based on the address on the letter. It was a wealthy boss and he didn’t have many requirements. Hence, the shoot ended really quickly.

Ming Shu finished shooting and came out. She asked her a.s.sistant to bring the things back.

She stretched and walked out. Before she could take two steps, messy footsteps sounded behind her.

Someone ran toward her.

After that, a scent floated over.

A girl ran past her toward the road in the distance.

Ming Shu felt that the back of the figure seemed a bit familiar.

A few people chased her and stopped the girl. They dragged her without any explanations toward a car that was driving over.

s.n.a.t.c.hing a civilian girl in broad daylight?

Are you acting?

Something flashed across Ming Shu’s mind.

… Yu Xiaohan!

Yu Xiaohan was dragged away and was currently being pushed into the car. She grabbed the door of the car, but the people pried her fingers loose. Her fingernails broke because of the force.

Someone save me!

Heaven seemed to have heard her plea and a pleasant voice said, “Hey, what are you all doing?”

Yu Xiaohan was wearing a mask, but she was not wearing She looked over with eyes that were filled with tears.

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