Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 744 - Master Of Photography (21)

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Chapter 744: Master Of Photography (21)

After that employee left the office, a person wearing a mask and a cap entered.

There were not a lot of photos in Ming Shu’s camera so it was possible to delete all of them within a few minutes.

“Who is this?” Director Shang asked the people beside him.

“This…” This person was covered thoroughly so they couldn’t recognize who it was at all. Also, when this person came and left, the person purposely avoided the surveillance camera. This person was very familiar with the positions of the cameras in the office.

Director Shang called the employee over with a green face and questioned her.

However, what she said was exactly the same as what that a.s.sistant said. The only difference was she told them that she was called out due to an emergency in her department.

This emergency happened suddenly. No one could have instigated it.

Hence, everything was just a coincidence. It created a chance for the person to delete the photos.

Ming Shu looked at the person in the image carefully. The clothes didn’t belong to Wei Xu, but the pants and shoes were the same… If it was done in the spur of the moment, changing clothes would take a lot of time, so she wouldn’t have the time to change her pants and shoes.

Ming Shu noticed that the person in the surveillance camera did not wear any gloves. In order to delete the photos, the person would definitely have to touch the camera. There might be fingerprints left on the camera.

“Call the police,” Ming Shu said.

Director Shang was puzzled. “Will it be of any use if we call the police?”

Ming Shu smiled gently. “The people at the studio and Yu Xiaohan can bear witness for me. There were photos saved on my camera. According to my market rate, Director Shang, I took 60 photos today. Even if only 20 can be used, it will cost you a few tens of thousands. The amount is so big. How can you not call the police?”

Director Shang frowned. He was convinced by Ming Shu and called the police.

Who knew what would happen if this person continued to stay in the company. It was better to find out who this person was.

Ming Shu asked them to not touch the camera. Only her, her a.s.sistant, and Director Shang touched the camera before. If another person’s fingerprints appeared on the camera, it must belong to the culprit.

Xinyu Magazine had been around for so long so they definitely had some contact in the police office. Very soon, someone came over and collected the fingerprints.

Ming Shu’s fingerprints were not on the camera, but the a.s.sistant and Director Shang’s fingerprints were present.

After examining it carefully, the police managed to find a foreign fingerprint that hadn’t been wiped off.

However, a new problem arose.

There were so many people in the company. Even if they knew that it was a female, there were a lot of female employees too.

“Ask Wei Xu to try,” Ming Shu said directly.

“You suspect Wei Xu?” Director Shang was curious. “Why would you suspect her?”

“I don’t like her. Anyway, it is just a test. Nothing will happen. Let her try,” Ming Shu said casually.

She was not the police. She could just suspect anyone she wanted to suspect and the police couldn’t do anything to her.

Director Shang frowned and thought for a while. There were no better solutions now so he called someone to bring Wei Xu up.

Wei Xu saw the police in the room and got scared. “Director Shang?”

Director Shang nodded. “Go and submit your fingerprints.”

“Wh… why?” Wei Xu was puzzled. “What did I do wrong?”

“Verify it first.” Director Shang was afraid that if it was not Wei Xu and he mentioned what happened, things would get out of hand.

“Director Shang, it is not right for you to ask me to submit my fingerprints without a valid reason, right?” Wei Xu scanned the people in the room. “I didn’t do anything wrong so why must I submit my fingerprints? I have the right to refuse.”

“I suspect that you deleted my photos.” Ming Shu didn’t have so much worry. She smiled. “Don’t ask me why I suspect you, I just suspect you.”

Wei Xu almost didn’t manage to catch her breath. Why are there such people in the world!!

“Why would I delete your photos? You can’t ask me to verify my fingerprints just because you suspect me. This is illogical!” Wei Xu was not convinced.

Ming Shu stood up.

Wei Xu took a step back as though she were frightened.

She was sure that she cleaned up properly. Why were there still fingerprints…

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If she was to verify her fingerprints, she was dead meat.

Wei Xu’s reaction gave everyone the answer they wanted to know.

Director Shang slammed the table with a black face. “Wei Xu, what is your intention! I didn’t expect to hire such an ungrateful person when I let you in as an intern. Do you know what you’re doing? Can you be responsible for the reputation of the company?”

Wei Xu shivered. Her throat was dry. She couldn’t say a word in front of Director Shang’s anger.

She planned to let Ming Shu make a fool of herself. After all, if the photos disappeared, Director Shang would have to find Yu Xiaohan again and he would be suspicious of Ming Shu’s abilities after that.


“All right, don’t say anything anymore. Go out first.” Director Shang interrupted Wei Xu. “Police officer, sorry to trouble you, please come…”

The police officer felt speechless after running over here, but since Director Shang was so polite, he couldn’t say anything.

Once he sent the police officer away, Director Shang immediately retrenched Wei Xu. Because she created losses for the company, her salary was deducted too.

Wei Xu was still an intern now. Once she had this written on her resume, no one would dare to hire her anymore.

Director Shang was really furious. “Jiang Qiao, I will communicate with Miss Yu and find a time to take the shoot again. This time, it was a problem created by our company so the money will still be paid to you.”

“No need, Su Nanfeng has a copy of the photos.” Ming Shu took back her camera and pa.s.sed it to her a.s.sistant who was still in a daze. “Next time, don’t let the camera leave your sight. Do you understand?”

“Yes, yes, yes…” The a.s.sistant nodded his head furiously.

If it wasn’t for his carelessness this time, all this would not have happened.

He was relieved that Ming Shu didn’t make a fuss over his mistake.

“Why does Su Nanfeng have a copy of the photos?” Director Shang regained his senses after a long time.

Since Su Nanfeng had a copy, why did she create such a big scene…

Director Shang finally understood. She was targeting Wei Xu.

But why?

What grudges does she have against her?!

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