Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 740 - Master Of Photography (17)

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Chapter 740: Master Of Photography (17)

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In May…

It was getting hotter. Ming Shu dragged her luggage out of the noisy airport. Those who came to pick someone up held their signs high, and the crowds were very busy.

But all this noise to her was like a s.p.a.ce apart.

She pressed on her phone to check the time. It was five in the afternoon—dinner time.

Ming Shu walked out of the crowd to the roadside. She stopped a taxi and gave the address, then began to reply to text messages.

She went to a photography exhibition, and most of the messages were asking if she had time to make appointments to take pictures, as well as several caring messages from Wen Xiaqing.

There was only one message from Ji Jin.

Ji Jin: Check Weibo.

Two clean words, sent an hour ago.

Ming Shu looked out the window and saw the advertis.e.m.e.nt on a building opposite.

The man was in dark clothes. With his cloak floating in the air, there seemed to be a fog hanging over him, thin and ethereal.

The man revealed a cold face.

He was slicing peach blossoms with a sword in the picture.

She took it in the peach blossom valley.

Ming Shu checked Weibo. The heated discussion was right about the virally reposted advertising picture.

Two times in a row, Ji Jin was shot so well, and some already began to ask who the photographer was.

Some people who were close to Ji Jin even directly @ him and asked, showing the obvious intention to invite the same photographer to shoot for them.

As Ming Shu was focusing on the screen, Wen Xiaqing called in.

“Qiaoqiao, have you gotten off the plane?”

“Yes…” Ming Shu answered.

“I have a show next Wednesday. Can you come and take pictures for me?” Wen Xiaqing didn’t beat around the bush. “You can enjoy my show just in time and I’ve saved a good spot for you.”

Ming Shu thought for a while. She wouldn’t have any engagement next Wednesday, so she agreed.

Hanging up the phone, Ming Shu looked at the handsome face on Weibo. She shook her head and then turned off the phone.

On Wednesday…

Wen Xiaqing asked his manager to pick up Ming Shu. Wen Xiaqing was a very self-disciplined model, and his manager didn’t have much to worry about other than helping him with a little diplomatic work.

So the manager was fine with being sent to pick up a person before the show started.

“Qiao-er, when will you also take a group of photos for our Xiaqing.” The manager chatted with Ming Shu.

“Doesn’t he dislike these?” Ming Shu looked at the manager.

The manager continued, “Recently I’ve been considering letting Xiaqing try the entertainment business, I think it’s a pity for him to be a model. But I’m just considering it, it’s up to Xiaqing.”

With Wen Xiaqing’s handsome face… It was indeed a waste for him to be a model.

“If he wants, he can just come to me. I’m very idle, and I’ll only ask for food.”

The manager smiled. “It is not easy to invite you now. Xiaqing is lucky to have a friend like you, and he can make money from just being a vase in the future.”

“…” Is it good for you to describe your artist like that?

“Right, Xiaqing asked me to look for an a.s.sistant for you. I’ve found several proper candidates and I’ll send their resumes to your email. If you make your decision, just tell me.”

“Okay.” She asked Wen Xiaqing to help her with this before going to the photography exhibition.

It really required a lot of energy for her to carry these things by herself.

Although Little Beastie had the s.p.a.ce, she couldn’t just take out something out of nowhere in front of these people, right?

She would be captured for medical experiments.

The manager led Ming Shu into the venue. They took the hidden pa.s.sage and soon arrived inside.

Thanks to Wen Xiaqing, Ming Shu was placed at a seat on the second row, facing the T stage right in front. Don’t even think about the first row, those were all for the big brothers’ big brothers.

Next to Ming Shu sat a strange foreigner, who turned his head to greet Ming Shu. “Hi.”

Exotic mandarin.

Ming Shu responded with a smile. “Hi.”

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The foreigner’s blue eyes were filled with curiosity and exclamation. “Are you a star?”

“Right, so next time you should turn to someone better than me.” I won’t play with you.

Ji Jin: “…”

Ji Jin immediately ceased his activities and sat there in silence. The seats next to him were also taken by some acquaintances, so Ji Jin had to greet them.

A man next to Ji Jin patted him on the shoulder. “Movie King Ji, you’re very quiet recently. Are you planning something big?”

Lately, there wasn’t any gossip about Ji Jin except for his new show.

A star who was always involved in affairs suddenly kept his head down, so the others in the s...o...b..z all felt it strange.

If he was not planning something big, he would be experiencing something different.

“I’ve been busy filming recently.” Ji Jin found himself a casual excuse.

“Come on, you used to have an affair even on planes.” The man didn’t buy it. “Tell me, are you planning to make some big news and shock all of us?”

“Even my fans won’t believe in me. What other big news can I make?” Ji Jin said.

“You can come out of the closet.” The girl’s crisp voice sounded.

The man turned his head and looked at the speaker.

His eyes lit up a bit. Such a pretty girl, which circle was she in? Wait… What did she just say?

Coming out of the closet?

With whom?

“Huddling and hugging in public, why don’t you two team up and get married?” Ming Shu’s voice was light and not loud at all in the noisy environment. But the man and Ji Jin both heard it clearly.

Ji Jin’s face darkened and he pushed the peer aside who approached to see the beauty.

The man reacted, but then pulled over Ji Jin again. “Movie King Ji, who is this beauty? Do you know her?”

“No.” Ji Jin stared at him. “Get your hands off me.”

Didn’t you hear what she just said?

Do you really want to see the headlines be XX and XX coming out of the closet together tomorrow?

This idiot. Except for being born beautiful, what else about this woman is worthy of appreciating!

Ming Shu popped her head out behind them and smiled sweetly. “What? Movie king Ji, you didn’t speak like this yesterday when you begged me to pay for your room.”

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