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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 74 - Gorgeous Doctor (21)

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Chapter 74: Gorgeous Doctor (21)

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“Well, don’t worry, I can a.s.sure you that I’ll put you to death with my own hands.” The Host could become the successor of Death Valley, which suggested that she had excellent medical skills. But… for Ming Shu, she would definitely refuse to save people. Treating a disease was just a waste of time and life bar.

The girl was standing opposite him, wearing a smiling face; even her eyes were smiling at him, you just couldn’t find any hint of viciousness in this picture. But such a “sweet” girl had just said the above words, which made one want to kill her and cut her into pieces…

Qing Chen took a deep breath. “Miss Zhi Po, you are not qualified in name only, are you?”

“Well, take your chances and you’ll know.” I may not be qualified to cure diseases, but I have much experience in torturing people to death, Ming Shu thought.

“Miss, it’s not the right time to chat.” Hui Xue took the chance to stop them as she perceived the two seemed to want to have a hot debate right here and now. “The serpent is coming.”

In the ruins, the golden serpent was sliding through quickly in their direction, followed by some humans attacking it constantly. But the spirit force slamming against it was just like scratching an itch, not lethal in the least.

With a clear objective in mind, the golden serpent rushed straight toward Ming Shu.

Two little figures on the ground were reflected in its golden pupils. These two ignored me, AGAIN! Just like last time.


Being born as a dignified saint beast, the serpent had never been neglected like this by two tiny humans. This was total defiance, disrespect! It had to make them pay for what they did.

The golden serpent’s tail swept from the side. Ming Shu and Qing Chen went into action at the same time. They separated in two different directions as the golden serpent swept past from below, then they exchanged positions. The serpent’s tail did not even brush their clothes.

Qing Chen moved some small steps to keep balance, dusting his gorgeous robe and saying unhurriedly, “Miss Zhi Po, your strength is not bad.”

“Well, you too.” This man’s strength is not that good, but his ability to escape should be decent.

These two pretentious people continued to ignore the golden serpent, starting to flatter each other.

The golden serpent was totally enraged. Its tail changed direction and stabbed at Ming Shu with a fierce wind.

Ming Shu s.n.a.t.c.hed a stick out of the air and struck it toward that tail with force. The serpent thought that was just an ordinary piece of wood, so it ignored it. However, when the stick landed on its tail, unbearable pain spread from its tail to its whole body, deep into its bones.

“Hissss—” The golden serpent couldn’t help groaning in pain.

Hateful humans.

“Leave this place.” Ming Shu rushed to Hui Xue in just a few steps and pulled her to run away.

Hui Xue was stunned and wondered, Were you just bluffing the serpent, Miss?

Ming Shu had run away, leaving Qing Chen all alone in the same spot.

What’s wrong with this woman? I thought she was going to have a fight with the saint beast… Who’d have thought that she’d just give it a kick and run away? s.h.i.t… What’s the difference between this and hiding away before provoking a tiger by kicking its a.s.s? Qing Chen had a storm raging in his head.

No way, he should also run.

But Qing Chen stopped halfway. He grabbed onto the ends of his clothes tightly.No, I cannot run. I’m the master of Drunken Flower Pavilion, running away is not a thing that a master should do.

I can’t run.

The character setting is not allowed to be violated.

The result of not being able to run was that Qing Chen and the golden serpent battled each other across several streets. After destroying countless buildings, Qing Chen barely preserved his image with the a.s.sistance of his people, who arrived afterward.

Meanwhile, n.o.body had noticed where the culprit had gone.

Qing Chen was infuriated almost to the point of cursing.

The golden serpent was the “king” in the city of Xiling. Born as a powerful saint beast, people of all the big families could do nothing about it. They had heard that even Feng Cheng didn’t succeed in defeating it. The serpent was destroying the city like crazy.

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They couldn’t rest easy with that. The major families had begun to discuss countermeasures. Even if they were unable to kill the serpent, they had to drive it away.

“Then?” It was impossible for Feng Cheng to accept the deal easily as he was the male protagonist.

Hui Xue swallowed worriedly. “After the final negotiation, they only need to hand over you and Xiao Rufeng.”

The background of Qing Chen was the Drunken Flower Pavilion. The power of the entire Pavilion couldn’t be neglected by Feng Cheng.

Therefore, in the end, only her, being the “disciple”of Death Valley, and the unfavorable Xiao Rufeng of the Xiao family, became victims.

“Miss, if they knew your ident.i.ty, they would not dare to hand you over. You… come on, stop eating, Miss. They are planning to hand you over for the peace of Xiling!”

“Well, they are not the ones who make decisions.” Ming Shu protected the snacks and answered, “Do I look so easygoing as to agree with them?”

“Miss, there are a lot of powerful masters in Xiling. We cannot defeat so many people.” Xiling was equivalent to the capital of the Xuanyuan mainland, where countless masters and predecessors could be hidden.

In order to protect Xiling, it was highly possible that those people would turn to these master elders.

These old monsters were beyond tough, and they would be difficult to deal with. In that case, the Miss would be in danger.

Ming Shu tilted her head and asked, “If they are that powerful, why don’t they directly handle the golden serpent?”

Hui Xue was shocked by the question, not knowing how to answer.

“Hui Xue, do you know why?” Ming Shu stared at Hui Xue with her chin held in her palm.

Hui Xue nodded, then quickly shook her head.

“Because the weaker side is always easier to deal with. Everyone loves playing the bully.”

Ming Shu drew a circle on the table’s surface and said gently, “Sacrificing an unimportant person in exchange for more lives, they think it’s justice.”

Her fingertip stopped in the middle of an invisible circle, flowing lights flashing inside her eyes. “But not everyone will accept to be the sacrifice and serve the so-called justice. When one stands against this, other people will unhesitatingly criticize them, abuse them, and put on their head the heavy hat of ‘sinner.’ Together they will push this person into the abyss.”

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