Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 739 - Master Of Photography (16)

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Chapter 739: Master Of Photography (16)

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Half an hour ago…

He Ru checked out of the hotel. Mister Zhao helped her carry her luggage. He Ru seemed to have left something in her room so she went up again.

However, when she came down, she went directly to Ming Shu and slapped her.

How could Ming Shu let people slap her? She dodged He Ru’s attack but He Ru seemed to have lost her mind. She wanted to hit her.

As a reasonable woman of the new era, she slapped her back.

After He Ru got slapped, the people inside came out.

n.o.body left and they were all forced to sit in the restaurant of the hotel to find out what happened.

He Ru kept crying. Ming Shu sat opposite her and folded her legs as she peeled the mangosteen. She looked at ease.

She didn’t seem to be aware that she just hit someone.

Mister Zhao consoled He Ru. However, He Ru hit him and cried, “I knew that you were still unable to forget her. I knew it… sob…”

“Ruru, what are you saying?” Mister Zhao was puzzled. “I can’t forget who?”

“Who else can it be? Jiang Qiao.” He Ru’s tears flowed faster. “Do guys only treasure what they can’t have? You liked her in the past but you still can’t forget her now?”

“Ruru, there is nothing between me and Jiang Qiao,” Mister Zhao said. “Did you hear some rumors from someone?”

“If you didn’t do anything, would other people talk about you two?” He Ru lost control of herself and suddenly shouted at Ming Shu. “Jiang Qiao, you are so shameless. You know that we are married and you still seduced him. Do you lack people to sleep with so much?”

Ming Shu’s voice was neither too loud not too soft. “Which one of your eyes did you use to see me seducing Mister Zhao? Do you have photos or do you have a witness?”

He Ru didn’t have any photos. “Why are you still denying it?”

“I didn’t do it. Why shouldn’t I deny it?” There is nothing to gain from taking this blame. I will not do it. Ming Shu looked at He Ru. She recalled what happened before this. After a while, she said, “Wei Xu told you this?”

Just now, everyone was checking out in the main hall. Only Wei Xu was not here. Then, He Ru went up and by the time she came down, she wanted to slap her.

And Wei Xu should have seen Mister Zhao talking to her at that time…

“So what if she did? People saw it already. Are you still going to deny it?” He Ru had completely forgotten that Wei Xu asked her not to tell anyone about her.

“You believe Wei Xu? What is your brain for?” Ming Shu continued peeling the mangosteen. “Isn’t it obvious that she has a grudge against me? She can’t do anything to me so she told you off about me and used you to attack me. Cla.s.smate He Ru, I wonder how you graduated?”

He Ru was stunned by what Ming Shu said, but this was not enough to clear her suspicion.

When she came, she was already guarding against Ming Shu. All the more, she was suspicious when someone sowed discord to her.

He Ru glanced at Mister Zhao. “Did you go and look for her?”

Mister Zhao wanted to deny it but Ming Shu nodded her head. “Yes, he did.”

“You…” He Ru’s tears fell down. “You two are shameless!”

“Ruru, listen to me.” Mister Zhao hurriedly explained. “I went to look for Jiang Qiao, but I only said a few words to her.”

“Yes, the one that is shameless is your husband!” Ming Shu continued nodding her head. “I am still a virgin but he wanted to enter my room. I still want my reputation even if he doesn’t want his.”

“Jiang Qiao, can you stop making the situation worse?” Mister Zhao was a little angry too. He quickly explained, “I looked for her because I want to talk about the fact that I chased her before. It is quite embarra.s.sing for me. I don’t want you to know this, but you already know about it…”

“I am not listening, I am not listening. You two teamed up to lie to me.” He Ru portrayed the unreasonable side of her character profile.


“Don’t touch me. I will not listen…” He Ru said but her body didn’t resist at all.

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Ming Shu wanted to remind her that she should act with her body too. She looked so fake now.

He Ru heard everyone’s discussion and her expression turned dark. Wei Xu did it on purpose… however, even if she accused someone, she would not apologize.

“… Let’s go.” He Ru pulled Mister Zhao and made to leave.


Mister Zhao’s voice didn’t have much force in it, but He Ru and Mister Zhao stopped at the same time

“You want to leave after accusing me?” When did I become so nice?

“You hit me already.” He Ru turned and faced Ming Shu. “I will not find you for trouble so don’t hold onto it and not let go. We are equal.”

“I hit you because you tried to hit me first.” Ming Shu sat on the sofa like a big boss. “I am protecting myself. I don’t need anything else. Just buy me some snacks to calm me down.”

He Ru: “…” Did she hear what she said?

Mister Zhao didn’t want to provoke Mister Zhao now. This woman was really strange.

Hence, Ming Shu hugged her snacks and watched as Mister Zhao’s car left. The rest of the cla.s.smates gave her a weird look and left in the hotel’s car.

If they had a gathering in the future, they would probably not invite her.

Ming Shu turned and went back to the hotel.

The elevator door opened. Wei Xu came out from inside. She met Ming Shu’s gaze and suddenly felt guilty. However, she regained her composure and walked out calmly.

Ming Shu grabbed her hand and dragged her into the elevator. She closed the door.

Ming Shu’s actions were so quick, Wei Xu had no chance of resisting at all. She watched as the door closed and finally realized what was going on. She pounced over and wanted to press the door open.

Ming Shu stopped her. Her smile was gentle. “There is not a lot of time. Let’s not waste it.”

“Jiang Qiao… ah…”

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