Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 738 - Master Of Photography (15)

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Chapter 738: Master Of Photography (15)

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Ming Shu realized that Wei Xu was following her secretly. Maybe the things she said made her worried that her secret was found out.

However, she was not sure if Ming Shu really knew about it. Hence, she could only follow her and try to find a reason to put her heart at ease.

Ming Shu planned to beat Wei Xu up, but the entire path was filled with tourists. Ming Shu could only give up her plan and went to drink peach blossom porridge. Then, she went back to the hotel.

There were a lot of people in the hotel. Wei Xu didn’t dare to continue following her.

Sometime later, the production crew finished for the day and they came back to the hotel. There were a lot of people in the crew so it was no wonder the hotel was full.


Someone rang her doorbell.

Ming Shu opened the door. The person outside was in his usual attire, wrapping himself up like a rice dumpling. She raised her eyebrows. “What?”

“Let me in!” Ji Jin was afraid that he would be seen and lowered his voice.

“I am not close to you. If there is anything, let’s talk here. Do you want to be dumped again?”

“You…” Once she mentioned this, Ji Jin felt a ball of fire burning furiously in his heart.

His chest heaved twice and he glanced at the corridor. “Why don’t you want to shoot for me?”

“I just don’t want to shoot for you. There is no reason.”

“How can there be no reason?” Ji Jin didn’t believe her. “Are you trying to use such methods to attract my attention?”

Welcoming with reluctance. He saw many people doing this before.

“…” What misunderstanding does this idiot have? Why is he always adding such scenes for himself?

1“Let me tell you, I will not take your bait.” Ji Jin sneered.

“Oh, are you done? If you’re done, please go back.” My snacks are still waiting for me to pamper them. Why am I listening to this idiot talk nonsense?

Ming Shu made to close the door, but Jiang Qiao leaned his entire weight on it. “Jiang Qiao, are you going to shoot for me?”

He saw Yu Xiaohan’s and his photos just now. They were on two different levels. Yu Xiaohan’s status was not as high as his. If Director Zhou released these photos, he would lose his pride.

Most importantly…

“Didn’t you say that you would not take the bait? I’m not scared!” Ming Shu waved her hand. “If you still don’t leave, I’m going to scream.”

“How can I make you shoot for me?”

Ming Shu removed her weight and Ji Jin fell into the room.

Ming Shu took the opportunity to go out and shouted at the top of her lungs, “Isn’t this Ji Jin? Ji Jin is here. Hurry up and catch him!

It was night now so most of the tourists had come back.

Before this, there was news that Ji Jin was in the peach blossom valley. Many fangirls wanted to meet him. Ming Shu’s shout immediately attracted the attention of some girls.

Their screams were more powerful that Ming Shu.

Ji Jin’s head hurt. He glared at Ming Shu fiercely and ran away.

The moment Ji Jin appeared, the entire hotel was in an uproar. The hotel management took a long time to persuade these people to go back to their rooms, but you could still see some fangirls occasionally trying to find signs of Ji Jin.

Once fans stirred into a frenzy, they would do anything.

Ji Jin returned to his car. He didn’t even dare to go back to the hotel anymore. He should have left in the afternoon, but because of Ming Shu, he was still here now.

“I asked you to not provoke her.” His manager sighed. “That girl is not someone easily bullied.”

“I am not finished with her!”

Ji Jin was speechless for half a day before he finally managed to say something.

“…” I feel like something is going to happen.

At the restaurant in the hotel…

He Ru and some others gathered to have a meal. They discussed what happened today.

“They said that the photos of Xinyu Magazine were taken by Jiang Qiao. I wonder if that’s true? Also, the photos today. How good are the photos to make Director Zhou say such things to her?” the girl in the sunhat said in a sarcastic tone.

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“I saw the pictures from Xinyu Magazine. No matter how good Jiang Qiao is, she is not so good, right?” Someone was suspicious.

No matter what Director Zhou said, Ming Shu just told him that she could shoot for anyone but Ji Jin.

Director Zhou managed to learn of the fact that she had a good relationship with Wen Xiaqing. He contacted someone and actually managed to persuade Wen Xiaqing to talk to her.

Wen Xiaqing said it tactfully. In summary, he said that Ji Jin was a petty movie king so it was best if she didn’t provoke him. If not, no one knew what he would do.

Ming Shu didn’t agree. She was not afraid of him anyway.

However, Wen Xiaqing said that he would treat her when she was back and asked her to help him this time.

Ming Shu felt that she should not waver, but the person that was tempting her with food was not Ji Jin. It was Wen Xiaqing.

Ming Shu hesitated for a while and finally agreed.

For snacks!

Let’s give my target a chance.

The snacks in front of me are the most important.

The things that the Harmony System promised are still undergoing review.

The Harmony System which is not very harmonious needs to undergo review too…

Forget it, no point thinking too much about it.

Director Zhou heard Ming Shu’s reply and was elated. He was willing to get her snacks and anything else as long as the request was not too overboard.

Ji Jin had already left due to his other schedules so Ming Shu had to stay in the peach blossom valley for a few more days.

Xue Hang and his cla.s.smates had concluded their trip and Su Nanfeng and Wei Xu needed to go back and work on Monday. They all needed to leave.

Su Nanfeng looked for Ming Shu before he left.

He asked her if she could give him the negatives.

Ming Shu sold him the negatives for a few bowls of peach blossom porridge.

However, half an hour before they left, something happened.

Ming Shu hit He Ru.

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