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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 737 - Master Of Photography (14)

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Chapter 737: Master Of Photography (14)

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Half an hour later.

Wei Xu’s back was soaked with cold sweat. The cold wind blew and reached her down to her bones.

The photos that she took were saved in her camera. Director Zhou looked over the photos. He was disappointed. None of them could be compared to the ones taken for Ji Jin. Some were even unacceptable.

“Uncle Zhou, I’m sorry. I’m too nervous.” Wei Xu found an excuse for herself.

“Did you do well when you were shooting for Ji Jin?” Director Zhou sighed. However, she was his friend’s daughter so he couldn’t be too harsh on her.

Most young people’s standard was not stable.

Yu Xiaohan posed for such a long time only to be told that the photos couldn’t be used. However, she just smiled gently and followed her a.s.sistant to take a rest at the side.

Director Zhou wanted to return the camera to Wei Xu but someone s.n.a.t.c.hed it from him. The person used a slight force and the camera landed in her hand.

“Senior Sister Jiang Qiao…” Wei Xu got a shock. She wanted to take the camera back.

Ming Shu took a step back and dodged Wei Xu’s hand. She flipped through the photos quickly. “Junior Sister Wei Xu, your difference in standard is really huge.”

Wei Xu’s heart was lifted. “I… I might not have performed well today. Senior Sister Jiang Qiao, give me back my camera.”

“Is this a problem of not performing well? Ming Shu smiled. She returned the camera to her. As she walked past her, she said softly, “These are two different styles.”

Wei Xu froze on the spot. She hugged her camera tightly.

She could not have found out her secret.

She definitely would not have found out her secret…

Ming Shu didn’t bring her camera along so she asked the production team to get one for her. The production team was stunned too. Why would they have such professional cameras?

In the end, the production team borrowed Su Nanfeng’s camera.

Other people’s habits were different from hers so Ming Shu needed some time to adjust the camera. Yu Xiaohan finished resting and Ming Shu nodded her head to show that they could start.

Before they started, Ming Shu asked Director Zhou for a pile of snacks.

Director Zhou was confused but Ji Jin asked someone to prepare them.

Ming Shu slowly finished a pack of snacks before asking Yu Xiaohan to go to the location of the shoot.

Yu Xiaohan was wearing a fairy dress that looked really dreamy. She was already very pretty so with the makeup, she looked like a fairy from heaven.

Ming Shu used the lens to get a feel of the shoot. She suddenly turned and asked Director Zhou.

“Do you have dry ice?”

“Dry ice is not edible,” Director Zhou said this for some reason.

Ming Shu: “…” Did the director have a misunderstanding about her?

I know that dry ice is inedible! It is common knowledge!

The production team definitely had dry ice since it was a common prop. Ming Shu ordered them to set up the scene. The mist couldn’t be too strong. It must not cover up the peach blossoms on the ground.

Yu Xiaohan was standing in the mist. Her features were a little blurry but they could still see the outline of it. This vibe fitted the drama perfectly.

“Okay, okay, once I ask you all to fan later, turn on the fan,” Ming Shu said to the person not far away who was controlling the fan.

The crew signaled OK.

The rest of the people were still confused. They didn’t know what kind of photos Ming Shu wanted to take.

“Miss Yu, are you ready?”

Yu Xiaohan nodded her head. “Yes.”

“We aim to shoot well the first time,” Ming Shu said. “Let’s get ready.”

Yu Xiaohan turned around and walked into the distance for a while. She stopped. The mist hovered near her dress.

Ming Shu signaled Yu Xiaohan to walk forward.

The beautiful lady walked over from the mist. Her faint features started getting clearer. Her expression was pure and innocent with a hint of curiosity.

The audience couldn’t help but hold their breaths. They were afraid of disturbing her.


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The wind carried the mist and the lady’s dress. The peach blossoms on the ground started fluttering too.

Director Zhou: “…” F**k!

Ming Shu packed up her snacks and walked out with them.

Director Zhou chased after Ming Shu. “Miss Jiang Qiao, please reconsider it. We can negotiate the price.”

Ming Shu shook her head. “It’s not about the money.”

Director Zhou asked, “What is the problem then?”

Ming Shu turned and smiled. “There is no problem. I just don’t want to shoot for Ji Jin.”

What a joke, if I shoot for him, who will give me my Hatred Points!

Ming Shu purposely raised her voice so that Ji Jin could hear her.

Reject a famous person… Ji Jin is a famous person, right?!

If he is not a famous person, the Harmony System is most probably broken.

Director Zhou: “…”

He looked at Ji Jin. How did you provoke her?

Ji Jin’s expression was really bad too. He wanted to explode and find Ming Shu for trouble. His manager blocked him to prevent anything else from happening.

If you don’t stop someone like Ji Jin, he would break a hole in the sky.

“Why are you stopping me? I want to deal with her!” Ji Jin gritted his teeth.

The manager held his forehead. “How are you going to deal with her? She is not in the entertainment industry. Even if you use your influence and stop her from getting jobs, she could send in applications anonymously. Can you stop her? Are you planning to send someone to follow her every day?”

This was a good thing about being a photographer. No matter how big the compet.i.tion was, they allowed people to partic.i.p.ate anonymously. Can Ji Jin stop her from doing it?

“Why not!”

Ji Jin argued with the manager and tried to persuade his manager to let him fight with Ming Shu.

Director Zhou was holding onto the camera at the same moment. His heart was bleeding. There were only photos of the female protagonist. He couldn’t upload it like this.

The rest of the people were stunned. They were all curious about the photos that Ming Shu took. How good must they be to for Director Zhou to have this expression?

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