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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 736 - Master Of Photography (13)

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Chapter 736: Master Of Photography (13)

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Wei Xu asked Ji Jin to pose according to the publicity photos in her past life and found the background for the shoot based on her memory.

Ji Jin was a little angry from all the work and didn’t have a good expression. Wei Xu had to alter his expression too. If the pictures were different from his expression, she would not know how to explain.

Once all these were done, Wei Xu started shooting.

When she saw the photos that came out of the camera, she showed slight happiness on her face. She didn’t remember it wrong.

One photo was definitely not enough. Wei Xu used all her chances and then took some photos herself too.

Once it was done, Wei Xu found those future photos and pa.s.sed them to Director Zhou.

“Not bad, not bad, there is the vibe,” Director Zhou said. “Little girl, you are not bad, not bad, this one is okay…”

Su Nanfeng and Xue Hang didn’t succeed but Wei Xu did with just one try. The people outside started to view Wei Xu a little more highly.

“Director Zhou…” A clear voice rang from a corner. “Junior Sister Wei Xu’s shots are not bad. Why don’t you ask her to shoot for the rest of the people too? It will look better if everyone has the same style.”

Wei Xu narrowed her eyes. Jiang Qiao…

The production crew said that Ji Jin was rushing for time and they would only shoot Ji Jin today. That was why she dared to come.

Director Zhou agreed with what Ming Shu said. “Yes, yes, yes, Take all the publicity photos for the rest of the artists too. You all, go to the hotel and ask Xiaohan to change clothes. We will shoot Xiaohan first.”

“Uncle Zhou…” Wei Xu’s face was a little pale and she looked really nervous.

“Don’t be scared. Shooting one person and shooting two people are the same. Your technique is not bad. Look, you shoot really well. Uncle believes in you.”

Wei Xu couldn’t refute what Director Zhou said.

Although she worked hard, how could she take the same photos as what the camera took?

She couldn’t take a photo with the same vibe.

What should she do…

Just as Wei Xu was becoming anxious, Ji Jin suddenly spoke.

“Director Zhou, ask her to shoot once for me.” He pointed at Ming Shu who was eating candies in a corner.

Director Zhou followed Ji Jin’s fingers and looked over. A girl was sitting lazily on the chair with a bag of colorful candies in her hand. She was putting them into her mouth at a steady pace.

However, as compared to the other people, she didn’t look like a photographer at all. She didn’t even bring a camera.

But she was really pretty.

Director Zhou looked at Ji Jin with a puzzled expression. “Ji Jin, stop fooling around. Aren’t you rushing for time.”

This little rascal must have taken a fancy on the girl.

“Uncle Zhou, actually, Senior Sister Jiang Qiao’s technique is better than mine. Her photos will definitely be better than mine. Why don’t you let her try?” Wei Xu added on. “Senior Sister Jiang Qiao is really famous in the photography industry.”

She needed to say this now. Her chances were already finished so she could not shoot anymore.

Director Zhou was even more puzzled. If Ji Jin liked the girl, it was still understandable. However, even Wei Xu was speaking up for her…

Ji Jin added a strong dose of medicine. “The photos from Xinyu Magazine were taken by her.”

Wei Xu was a little surprised. Did she take the shots on Xinyu Magazine? But… can she create such works now?

She remembered Jiang Qiao could only shoot pieces that shocked the world at a later time.

Did things change because of her?

Wei Xu started to feel even more anxious.

Director Zhou heard what Ji Jin said and instantly turned to look at Ming Shu. Ming Shu’s hand froze. Why are you looking so fiercely at me? Do you want to s.n.a.t.c.h my candy!

Thus, Director Zhou saw the girl grabbing her candies tightly and moving them away.

Director Zhou: “…” Why is she making it seem as though I want to s.n.a.t.c.h her candies?

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Director Zhou walked toward Ming Shu. Ming Shu held her candies even tighter.

Wei Xu: “…”

Director Zhou didn’t know what was going on, but he only wanted satisfactory publicity photos. Truthfully, those photos that Wei Xu took were already very nice so he didn’t stop them.

Wei Xu was like a duck being driven onto a perch. Everyone noticed that she was really nervous. A few girls who were closer to her consoled her and asked her to shoot like she normally did.

However, Wei Xu was clear that there was no way she could do it.

It was different!

The female protagonist, Yu Xiaohan, was brought over really quickly. She wore beautiful makeup and had a cloak around her. She came over under the protection of her a.s.sistant.

Yu Xiaohan…

Ming Shu clicked her tongue. This was the real female protagonist!

As expected, when Wei Xu saw Yu Xiaohan, her expression turned ugly.

She looked at Su Nanfeng instinctively. Su Nanfeng’s gaze was following Yu Xiaohan closely. There was a complicated emotion in his eyes. It seemed excited, it seemed angry, it even seemed sad and regretful…

Su Nanfeng knew Yu Xiaohan. They liked each other secretly but because of some reasons, before they could tell each other about their true feelings, they got separated and never saw each other after that.

A few years later, Yu Xiaohan became a rising star in the entertainment industry and Su Nanfeng became a photographer. In the story, Su Nanfeng chose photography because of Yu Xiaohan.

Yu Xiaohan walked past Su Nanfeng as though she didn’t see this person.

Su Nanfeng opened his mouth. His throat was dry. He couldn’t say anything.

“Director Zhou.” Yu Xiaohan’s voice was like a nightingale’s, beautiful and moving. “The makeup took some time. Are we shooting now?”

Director Zhou stood beside Ming Shu and nodded his head. He signaled to Wei Xu. “Let Wei Xu shoot for you.”

“Okay.” Yu Xiaohan looked at Wei Xu and said politely, “Sorry to trouble you, Miss Wei.”

She didn’t look the least displeased with Wei Xu just because this girl looked really young.

Wei Xu maintained a forced smile and followed Yu Xiaohan to the shooting location with her camera.

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