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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 735 - Master Of Photography (12)

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Chapter 735: Master Of Photography (12)

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Ming Shu went back to the hotel after finishing her breakfast. There were many people crowding around the main hall of the hotel. It was really lively.

Ji Jin’s manager was present too.

Wei Xu and Su Nanfeng were among them.

However, she didn’t see Ji Jin. There were too many people here so he probably didn’t dare to come out.

Ji Jin was filling in the peach blossom valley. Today was the day he was to take the publicity photos but their photographer was caught in a traffic jam and he didn’t know when he would arrive.

Once the publicity photos were done, there were no more scenes to film in the peach blossom valley for Ji Jin. There were other schedules planned out for him so they had to finish the shooting of the publicity photos this afternoon.

The production team was really anxious. They heard that there was a group of photography lovers so they came to find them. They were negotiating now.

By now, they seemed to have finished the negotiation. Su Nanfeng and Xue Hang would help to take the photos. The rest shouted that they wanted to have a look too. The little fangirls of Ji Jin shouted exceptionally loudly.

The production team had no choice. They emphasized that they could not create any trouble and brought everyone over after they agreed to it.

Ming Shu didn’t really understand this round of operations… Were they just shooting Ji Jin? What if the imagery for the rest of the characters was different? They couldn’t let Ji Jin have a different photo just because he was handsome, right?

Forget it. I am just going to be an onlooker.

Hmm… where are my snacks?

Ming Shu carried her snacks and followed behind them. The peach blossom valley had cleared a piece of land for the filming. There were many people spreading peach blossom petals on the ground. The entire ground was covered in the dreamy pink color.

Some members of the production team were preparing the props which might be used during the shoot later.

Ji Jin walked out of the makeshift dressing room. He was wearing a black costume of ancient design.

This was a Xianxia drama. By right, a big shot like Ji Jin should take on the role of the male protagonist, but he chose to become the second lead of the show, who was the ultimate villain.

Actually, it was not right to say that he was the second lead. In this drama, the number of scenes that the second lead had was almost the same as the male protagonist. It was a drama with two male leads.

However, the character profile of the second lead left a deeper impression.

“OMG, this is the new drama by my husband! It was worth my time coming here. I can actually see my husband so close up.”

“Cries. My technique is not bad, either. Why didn’t they choose me to take photos for Jinjin?”

“Unfortunately, we can’t take photos anyhow…”

“I wonder if we’ll be able to get a signature later.”

The little fangirls were in a heated discussion. Even He Ru seemed moved. Mister Zhao was wealthy, but that amount of money was nothing in their circle.

It was not easy for her to see Ji Jin, either.

“Ji Jin’s temper is not good when he is filming and he doesn’t like it when it gets too noisy. Don’t make too much noise,” Wei Xu reminded them at the side. She appeared to be helping them but in actual fact, there was a hidden meaning behind her words. She was showing off her status.

As expected, some people looked at Wei Xu with envy. Everyone became silent. Their husband didn’t like noise.

“Mister Su, Mister Xue, you two can try first.” The people from the production team brought Su Nanfeng and Xue Hang over. The rest of the people were blocked at one side.

Ming Shu looked around her and walked to the other side.

“Little sister, can I borrow your chair?”

The lady that was packing things raised her head. She saw a smiling pair of eyes. There were peach blossoms reflected in them and giving off a warm light.

The girl seemed to be engulfed in a certain aura. It made people have good feelings toward her.

“Su… sure.” The lady’s face turned red for some reason. She took one of those folding chairs and pa.s.sed it to Ming Shu.

“Thank you, little sister.”

The little sister watched Ming Shu leave. After that, she touched her face and started to feel puzzled. She never saw this pretty girl in the entertainment industry before…

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Ming Shu took the chair and sat as she ate her snacks.

Ming Shu nodded. “Yes, once I get the money, I can split it with the owner of the chair. I am sure that the owner will be very happy.”

The girl in the sunhat: “…”

The girl in the sunhat was so angry, her face turned red. On the other hand, Ming Shu smiled calmly. The girl in the sunhat wanted to tear her face off so badly when she saw that smile.

Mister Zhao put away his wallet and said to the girl in the sunhat, “I will go over there and ask. Help me take care of Ruru.”

However, the workers didn’t have a lot of chairs. They needed to keep some for their own use and the rest was for the artists. They didn’t dare to touch these chairs.

Mister Zhao came back without accomplishing anything. He Ru made a fuss and said that she wanted to have a seat. In the end, Mister Zhao got a chair from somewhere.

However, He Ru was not happy sitting on the chair. The one that she wanted was, obviously, the one that Ming Shu was sitting on.

The shoot with Xue Hang and Su Nanfeng didn’t go smoothly. The people from the production team were not happy with their photos. It wasn’t about their techniques. It was more about their style.

This was a Xianxia drama so they needed a misty and dreamy feel in the photos. Su Nanfeng and Xue Hang were not used to taking these kinds of photos.

The team asked the girls to try too, but when the girls went in, they got nervous when they saw Ji Jin and failed as well.

“That… Uncle Zhou, let me try.” Wei Xu raised her hand voluntarily.

Director Zhou looked at Wei Xu and found her a little familiar. “You are…”

Wei Xu replied softly, “Director Zhou, I am Wei Xu. My father brought me to your father’s birthday banquet last time.”

“Oh, right, right, right. Old Wei’s daughter.” Director Zhou remembered. “Why are you here? Oh right, your father said that you were studying photography.”

“Yes, I came with my senior sisters and senior brothers. However, my techniques are not as good as theirs.” Wei Xu was still humble. “Even so, I would like to try.”

She remembered that in her past life, the publicity photos were also taken here. She would be able to take the same publicity photos like the ones in her past life.

Since it could be used, it meant that Director Zhou was happy with it.

“Sure, sure, sure, come in.” Director Zhou waved his hand and let Wei Xu in. They were just experimenting now too and this was his friend’s daughter. Hence, Director Zhou seemed more lenient toward her.

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