Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 734 - Master Of Photography (11)

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Chapter 734: Master Of Photography (11)

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The hot news that Ji Jin was dumped spread all over the internet. On the other hand, the central figure of this news was drinking peach blossom porridge in the peach blossom valley.

The peach blossom porridge was made using peach blossoms. The fragrance of the porridge mixed with the scent of the peach blossom and calmed your soul. Once you put it in your mouth, you could feel how soft and smooth it was. There was a little tinge of sweetness in it and it led a person to endless aftertastes.

I can eat this porridge until the shop closed.

There were places to stay in the peach blossom valley. They had moved from the inn over to here. However, because of the lack of rooms in this area, two people needed to share a room.

Ming Shu really drank the porridge until the shop closed. When she got back, Xue Hang had already distributed the rooms. Su Nanfeng and his batch of people had already taken they room cards and went up. Only Xue Hang and some of them were left in the main hall.

Xue Hang only remembered when he saw Ming Shu coming back. He muttered in fright, “I… I seem to have forgotten about Jiang Qiao.”

When he was distributing the rooms just now, He Ru kept quarreling with those girls. He did remember Jiang Qiao at the start, but by the time he finished distributing the cards, he had forgotten about her.

“Sorry, Jiang Qiao, let me ask the receptionist.” Xue Hang hurriedly went over and asked the boss.

The rooms were all fully booked at this time. The receptionist expressed that he couldn’t help at all.

There was only one hotel in the peach blossom valley. If you didn’t stay here, you would have to drive to town. Although it was not far away, going there and coming back would still take some time.

“Why don’t you make do with it in the car?” He Ru leaned against Mister Zhao and suggested thoughtfully. “The backseat of the car is very wide. You can sleep there.”

He Ru purposely pestered Xue Hang so that he would forget about Ming Shu.

“This…” Xue Hang was worried. How could someone sleep in the car? During this time of the year, it would be really cold at night.

“Why don’t you stay with Jiang Qiao for tonight?” Mister Zhao hesitated before saying, “How can we let a girl sleep in the car. I will go and sleep in the car.”

He Ru’s face turned dark. She grabbed Mister Zhao’s elbow. “Husband, I am scared at night. I can’t fall asleep if I don’t hug you.”

Mister Zhao: “…”

Some other guys stood up and said that they could give up their room for Ming Shu.

After all, she was a pretty lady and they were old cla.s.smates. They needed to be gentlemen when the occasion arose.

However, once they finished talking, they received a murderous look form He Ru.

Ming Shu looked at He Ru and the bunch of girls who were sn.i.g.g.e.ring at her plight. She slowly formed a smile on her face. “Sorry to disappoint you, I booked a room.”


Booked a room?

Wasn’t she the last one to arrive? When did she book a room?

Before she came, Wen Xiaqing told her that the rooms here were really hard to book. Wen Xiaqing nagged about it and was still worried about her. Hence, he asked his manager to book a room for Ming Shu.

Ming Shu walked over to the boss.

The boss took Ming Shu’s ident.i.ty card and checked her in very quickly. He gave her her room card.

Ming Shu purposely waved the room card at He Ru and walked up to the stairs.

He Ru: “…”

Everyone: “…”

He Ru pinched Mister Zhao unhappily and then glared at him fiercely. She ran out of the building.

Mister Zhao glanced at Ming Shu before chasing after He Ru. “Ruru, wait for me. It’s dark outside, you need to be more careful.”

Everyone looked at each other for a moment.

People who knew the inside story winked at each other. This show was really exciting to watch.

Since the matter of Ming Shu’s room was settled, everyone forgot about it and started discussing today’s shoot.

A calm night.

The early morning mist filled the peach blossom garden. It made the entire garden seem like heaven.

“h.e.l.lo, little girl, why are you here so early?”

The lights of dawn seeped in between the tendrils of thin morning mist and shone on a pretty figure. The boss who went to open the door got a shock.

This little girl drank a lot of porridge at his shop yesterday. He had a strong impression of her.

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“I miss your porridge.” Ming Shu looked into the shop. “Can I come in?”

Ming Shu held her bowl and replied very politely, “Not really, I just know him.”

“Oh oh, you all can continue eating then.” The boss glanced at Ji Jin twice and then went to do his work.

Once the attendant left, Ji Jin pulled down his mask. “The entire internet is laughing at me because I got dumped. My face is all gone.”

Ming Shu said, “Who asked you to say that you’re my boyfriend?”

Ji Jin controlled his urge to slam the table. “You betrayed me first!”

I knew that she was up to no good.

Ming Shu narrowed her eyes as she looked at him. “Be reasonable. I didn’t have the time to betray you. You came out before I could do anything.”

“You…” Ji Jin was speechless. He forced out a sentence after a long while. “You persuaded my fans to scold me.”

If she didn’t do it, would he say that?

“I was trying to test how much your fans love you.” Ming Shu talked nonsense while keeping a straight face.

If Ji Jin didn’t see someone coming in, he would have slammed the table and shouted at her.

However, since someone came, Jiang Qiao lowered his head. “Jiang Qiao, I am not finished with you. You just wait!”

“Coincidently, I am not done with you, either.”

She didn’t know what Ji Jin was thinking of on the other side but he suddenly sneered. “Hoh, don’t think that just because you use this method, I will take note of you more. Give up on this thought.”

Ming Shu: ???

Give up on what thought?

My Hatred Points are a must!

More and more people came in. Ji Jin altered his mask and ran off in the blink of an eye.

Ming Shu looked at the peach blossom porridge opposite her which wasn’t touched at all…

So, why did he come here?

Boss, someone is skipping the bill!!

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