Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 733 - Master Of Photography (10)

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Chapter 733: Master Of Photography (10)

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Ming Shu took the chance when Wei Xu got separated from them to drag her to the depths of the peach blossom garden and educated her with love.

1Wei Xu was in a daze for the entire session. She only regained her sense after Ming Shu ran away.

She was beaten?

She was beaten by Jiang Qiao?

She… is she crazy?

Why did she hit me for no reason!!

So painful…

After Ming Shu finished hitting people, she went to the bathroom to wash her hands. A figure suddenly appeared in the mirror. He wrapped himself up tightly and almost ran in.

This kind of person looked really suspicious.

Do you think that no one would recognize you just because you wrapped yourself up?

Ming Shu was still puzzled as to why the Harmony System would give a task when the target was so far away. It seemed like he was here too.

Ji Jin saw Ming Shu too. The eyes behind his widened.

“Ahead, he is just ahead…”

“Husband, wait for us!”

Far away in the peach blossom garden, a bunch of people was rushing over. From the numbers, they seemed a little scary.

Ji Jin seemed to be in shock. He covered his face with his hand and walked toward the bathroom.

Ming Shu said softly, “Even if you hide inside, they will dare to come in and drag you out. The headlines tomorrow might be about how a certain big shot got molested by his fans in a bathroom.”

As a celebrity who was harmed by his fans often, Ji Jin felt that there was nothing wrong with what Ming Shu was saying.

However, besides the bathroom, there was nowhere for him to hide.

Ming Shu smiled kindly. “Behind the door, there is a small section where the cleaners will place their pieces of equipment. No need to thank me.”

Ji Jin was puzzled. Would she be so kind?

“Ahhhh, husband, wait for me…”

Ji Jin heard the screams and didn’t care about whether Ming Shu was kind or not. He hurriedly entered the bathroom and pulled the door. There was really another door behind it.

Ming Shu turned off the tap. The fans had rushed to the bathroom and were looking around outside. “Strange, I saw him coming this way. Why did he disappear?”

“Did he go inside the bathroom?”

The group of them rushed into the bathroom. The tourists inside got a shock and retreated back inside.

Someone went into the female bathroom. There was no one there. The person rushed out again.

The girls didn’t dare to go into the male bathroom but surprisingly, there was a guy in the group.

The guy was sent in to take a look but no one was inside.

The bathroom was only so big. Where could he hide?

“Hey, did you see my husband going in?”

Ming Shu stood outside the bathroom so this bunch of people questioned her.

Ming Shu flicked the water off her hand. She raised her eyebrows and asked, “Who is your husband?”

“Jinjin, Ji Jin. Did you see him?”

“Ji Jin…” The fangirls looked at Ming Shu with antic.i.p.ation, hoping that she would tell them the location of their idol. Ming Shu smiled brightly. “Dead.”

The fangirls were stunned for a moment before raging collectively. “What are you saying? How dare you curse our Jinjin. What are you bulls.h.i.tting about? Apologize!”

“You must be looking for death. Apologize, apologize to our husband!”

“You must apologize!! If you don’t apologize today, don’t even think about leaving this place. Anyone that says bad things about our husband must be punished!”

The bunch of people shouted and asked Ming Shu to apologize. If she didn’t, they looked as though they might fight with her.

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows. “Do you all want to know where your husband is?”

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Her voice was not very loud but it got everyone to quiet down easily.

They scolded their idol and this was the news they got!?

Ming Shu’s smile never changed from the time Ji Jin came out till now.

Before the fangirls screamed and cried and strangled her to death, Ming Shu grabbed Ji Jin’s hand calmly and moved it away from her shoulder. “Congratulations, Mister Ji Jin, you have been dumped.”

1Ji Jin: “…”

Fangirls: “…” Should they scream or not?

When the fangirls were still in a daze, Ming Shu took the chance and ran away in a hurry.

If she didn’t run now, was she supposed to wait for them to team up and beat her?

Ming Shu ran away really quickly so no photos of her were taken. However, the news that Ji Jin had a new girlfriend swarmed the internet immediately.

A bunch of fangirls cried and lost their love together.

The comments from the onlookers were more interesting.

[Don’t you all lose your love every day? What is there to cry about?]

[Ji Jin will break up with his girlfriend after a few days anyway. I don’t understand why your reactions are so big.]

[If Ji Jin’s girlfriends held each other’s hands, they could circle the earth once.]

[I don’t even have a crush. Why can this person change his girlfriend as if he was changing clothes!]

A fangirl that knew what happened stood up.

[But our Jinjin was the one that got dumped this time!!]

This tip-off was really explosive. Those people that were looking at their screens silently could not hide anymore and joined the conversation. After adding in the ghostwriters from Ji Jin’s opponents, the entire internet was a mess.

[Karma. No one could be spared from it. Ji Jin was finally dumped.]

[Please tell me who is so amazing. I want to support this little sister.]

[Ji Jin will get dumped too? Hahaha. Last time, my girlfriend broke up with me because of this pretty boy. I was so unhappy at that time. Finally, he got dumped.]

[The brother upstairs, please share your story.]

[My sunflower seeds and chair are prepared.]

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