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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 731 - Master Of Photography (8)

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Chapter 731: Master Of Photography (8)

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The car stopped in front of them and a couple got out. The woman was dressed fashionably. She carried a limited edition LV bag. Her lips were bright red and she wore a pair of She looked like a modern maiden.

The guy was in a suit and he looked quite handsome.

From the two person’s clothing, you could tell they were rich.

“Ruru, your bag is so nice!” The girl in the sunhat rushed forward directly and touched her bag. Her face was filled with envy. “Is this the limited edition? It must be expensive. It feels different.”

“Still okay. It’s not expensive, my husband gave it to me.” He Ru’s voice was soft and sweet. There was a hint of flaunting in her tone.

He Ru was Yao Zhi is not snow.

The girl in the sunhat glanced at the man opposite and smiled as she greeted him. “Mister Zhao, I didn’t expect you to really marry Ruru. Your luck in love is not bad.”

Mister Zhao walked over and hugged He Ru. “I can marry her because she gives me face, right?”


“Mister Zhao inherited his family business and is now worth a few million.”

“Ruru, you are so lucky…”

The cla.s.smates all surrounded He Ru and Mister Zhao and lauded them to the skies. Ming Shu sat on her luggage and ate her food attentively. She totally ignored them.

“Okay, let’s go in.” After catching up, Xue Hang started organizing everyone.

“Ruru, can I sit in your car?” The girl in the sunhat grabbed onto He Ru’s elbow.

“Sure.” He Ru agreed readily. She looked at Jiang Qiao who was alone behind them. “Jiang Qiao, you can sit in my car too. There is still some distance to go. Let the guys walk.”

In their group now, there were only three girls. Of course, none of them dared to sit on Mister Zhao’s car.

Ming Shu jumped down from her luggage. “No need.”

Who knows if you all are eyeing my snacks!

I will not go!

Ming Shu pulled her luggage and walked into the town.

He Ru was rejected and her expression seemed bad. The girl in the sunhat said immediately, “Ruru, don’t be angry. She is always like that, so aloof. Besides her photography techniques, how can she be compared with you? Come, come, come, let’s go in the car.”

Mister Zhao’s gaze followed Ming Shu. There was a yearning in his eyes.

He Ru was pulled by the girl in the sunhat into the car and didn’t notice Mister Zhao’s strange actions.

Driving was much faster than walking. When Ming Shu and her group arrived, Mister Zhao and He Ru were already sitting in the courtyard of the inn and waiting for them.

All the hotels were called inns now. It sounded ancient and had more feel to it. Tourists that were more sentimental liked to come to inns to gain the experience of the stay.

Xue Hang was the one that booked the rooms. He went in to talk to the boss. The rest waited for him in the small courtyard.

The girl in the sunhat leaned against her luggage and chewed her bubblegum. “Jiang Qiao, where are you working now?”

Ming Shu glanced at her. “I have no job.”

“No job? How can it be? You are the most impressive person in our batch. I thought that you would go into some big company or start your own studio.”

The girl in the sunhat exclaimed in surprise.

“Then are you a freelance photographer now?” someone asked.

Ming Shu didn’t reply to the person. She just smiled and admitted it silently.

He Ru complained in a tender voice, “It’s tough to be a freelance photographer. Once I graduated, my husband didn’t allow me to work anymore. Actually, I really like photography. However, I can only take photos occasionally now. My skills have degraded a lot.”

“That’s because you married a good guy. What can we do? I really liked photography before too, but now, I can only idle my time away.” A guy beside them sighed.

“I also want to be a freelance photographer but my family…” Another guy had a long face too. The situation of his family didn’t allow him to give full rein to his low pa.s.sions.

“In our cla.s.s, the ones leading the best lives are He Ru and Mister Zhao.”

The envy in everyone’s voices made He Ru very happy.

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However, on the surface, she just smiled embarra.s.sedly. She glanced at Ming Shu. “Does that mean that you can only take odd jobs now? Photography is an expensive hobby. If you face any difficulty, you can tell me.”



[…] Is there something wrong with Guest’s brain?

Wei Xu and Su Nanfeng reached only at night.

Ming Shu was eating in the restaurant of the inn when they walked in with Xue Hang.

The girls at the table beside her started whispering at each other.

“Junior Brother Su Nanfeng is so handsome?”

“What is the use of being handsome. Are you trying to cradle rob?”

“So? As long as the face is good, everything else is okay. I really like this type. You feel good just looking at him. Also, have you not heard of the saying that if your wife is three years older than you, you will become really rich?”

“Pu… isn’t your husband Ji Jin? Are you being fickle now?”

“Are they the same? Ji Jin is a king that is high up and can’t be reached. He can only live in my dreams. Oh right, my husband’s photos recently are really d.a.m.n handsome. If I didn’t give up photography, I might be able to take such nice photos of him too…”

“If you can’t see him, you can just say it, hahahaha.”

“Ji Jin’s photos in Xinyu Magazine are really good. I wonder who took them…”

Su Nanfeng wanted to sit near the outskirts of the restaurant but he saw Ming Shu from the corners of his eyes. He told Xue Hang and then walked toward Ming Shu.

When Wei Xu saw Ming Shu, her mood turned really bad… Why is she here too?

Oh right… Wei Xu only remembered now. This batch was her batch.

“Senior sister, you’re here too?” Su Nanfeng’s voice was still so indifferent. “Can I sit here?”

Ming Shu licked her spoon and glanced at the girls behind him. “Look, do they seem like they want to kill me?”

Su Nanfeng turned his head curiously. The girls at the table hid their expressions and looked around.

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